Maker Wednesdays–Hazel Grey

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Good morning!!  I hope you’re have a great week so far!  It’s Wednesday so that means we’re back with another Maker Wednesday post and today we have some of my Instagram besties, Hazel Grey!Tutorial to DIY your own distressed jars

They are an amazing sister team that make adorable rustic signs and have a slight coffee addiction.  Of course I was going to fall in love with them haha.  Here is a bit from them…

Hi everyone! We are so excited to have a guest post on Stephanie’s awesome blog! We have been following her on Instagram for a long time and just love her! 
Just a quick intro about us. 
We are Hazel Grey. Two sisters who have very different creative outlets, yet work together magically 😆. We are lovers of all DIY: upcyclying, creative lettering, woodwork etc. We live for caffeine and would probably do 25 to life without it …hahah jk 😅 but seriously, you won’t ever catch us without our coffee… It’s part of our outfit!!!!
Thanks again for reading our post! We hope you learn a little something about distressing mason jars. By far one of our favorites.

Step 1:

Grab some supplies!

  • Whichever paint you have (spray paint//house paint//acrylic paint)
  • Glass jar with some sort of texture, so it stands out when you’re done sanding (mason jar//spaghetti jar etc)
  • Coarse sand paper (60-80 grit is best but you can use whatever you have) or nail file (little more time consuming but no biggy)
Step 2:

Once your paint of choice has dried, grab your sand paper and sand all edges//bottom of jar and any textured areas) choose different areas of the jar (you don’t want the distressed areas to be symmetrical- symmetry isn’t fun when distressing😂)

(Back to step one: I forgot to say… Painting doesn’t have to be perfect and just whatever kind of brush you have)

Step 3:

You’re done! Now go dress it up with twine/flowers/pens etc!  You can also add glitter if you want!
After doing a few jars you’ll find out which jar/paint and sanding technique you love best!!!!
Tutorial to DIY your own distressed jars
Tutorial to DIY your own distressed jars
Tutorial to DIY your own distressed jars
Aren’t they the best?!  I love taking things that aren’t super pretty (especially used jars—I may have a bit of a hoarders problem here) and making them beautiful decor!  Thank you so much for posting today!  Don’t forget to go follow them on Instagram and give them tons of love!!  Thanks for stopping by!

Forage and Lace Giveaway

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Good morning my loves!  How was your week?  Well, let’s try to make it even better for one lucky reader!  It’s Friday so that means we have our second ever Simply Lovely Lumber weekly giveaway!  This week we have Lindsay from Forage and Lee.  She makes the most beautiful  macramés!  Here is Lindsay with a little bit about herself and her business…

My name is Lindsay Lee of Forage & Lace and I am a fiber artist specializing in macramé! I am 32 years old living in Vancouver, BC Canada and a first time mom to my daughter Avery Dawn born July 2015!
I first tampered with macramé about 2 years ago, made a couple things and forgot about it. I distanced myself from social media for a bit and so I lost touch with what was current or not trending. I found macramé again this year in February 2016 and decided that I would no longer sit back and be stagnant with my art. Having my daughter has really inspired me to find what I love and to be better at it. Also being on maternity leave and being away from a job that was unfulfilling has given my brain the space it needs to be inventive and creative. Since February I have been on the look out for and in contact with smaller boutiques that I hoped would house my work. I’ve been successful so far and my pieces will be in their 6th store by next week! Along with that I have been doing a few local markets and macramé workshops. Meeting other local artists and artisans has been so rewarding! Seeing other moms kick butt and getting things done has been extra motivating as well! However, teaching my craft has by far been the most fulfilling for me! I have only done a couple so far but the reward is far greater than I ever expected! I have always loved to teach and although I’m still finding ways to be better, it’s been so amazing and the response from these women (so far just the ladies have joined) has been immensely satisfying!
I hope that I can continue to grow both as a person and an artist while I do this! I’m having a blast doing it!




Ahhhh-Ma-Zing, right?!  I’m honestly so blown away with how beautiful they are!  Would you guys like to see what piece Lindsay is giving to one of my lovely readers?


For your chance to win this beauty you will need to head over to Instagram and like Simply Lovely Lumber and Forage and Lace and tag 3 friends in seperate comments on the giveaway picture on MY page.  If you want an extra 10 entries repost the photo, tag me, and use the #simplylovelylumbergiveaway so I can find it!  Giveaway runs from Friday May 13th, 9am AZ time-Sunday May 15th, 8pm AZ time.  The winner will be announced back here on the blog Monday evening at 7pm.  Good luck!!



$5 Picture Ledges

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Hey guys!  Hope your week is going great!  I’m back today with a really inexpensive and easy project for your weekend!  If you are new to building this is the perfect place to start.  I actually posted about these Ana White picture ledges a few years ago but I’ve made so many over the years that I thought they deserved a new updated post.  So they are actually picture ledges but I’m using these ones for books and can you believe they cost me $5 for all 3 combined!!!  Insane!  Wanna see them?

This simple DIY was only $5 for all 3 shelves!!  Find out how to make them on the blog.

They’re super versatile.  You can use them for books like I did with these, pictures, even storage.  I have a few in my garage.  I keep all my screws in mason jars on a picture ledge over my work bench and I have a few more that hold all of my spray paint.  You definitely NEEEEEEEEED some of these in your life haha.  So let’s get on to making them.


  • 1x4x8-1
  • 1x3x8-1
  • 1x2x8-1
  • 2″ screws
  • Brad nailer and 2″ brad nails
  • Glue
  • Countersink Bit

Step 1:

Cut all of your wood.  I wanted my shelves to be 30″ across.  Each shelf is made from 30″ of 1×4, 1×3, and 1×2.


Step 2:

Figure out what part of the wood will look the best.  I tend to just hide the uglier sides of the boards.  You will need to use a countersink bit here because you don’t want the screws sticking out against your wall.  That’s this guy…



Step 3:

Screw through the bottom of the 1×4 into the 1×3 using glue and 2″ screws.


Step 4:

At this point I like to sand everything down.  It gets a little tricky once you put the front on.  You’re almost done.  Now just use your brad nailer and glue to attach the front 1×2.  If all you have is a drill, no problem!  You can always attach the front the same way you did the back.  Just use some wood filler when you’re done and nobody will be the wiser!


Now all that’s left to do is paint or stain it and hang it up!  I use 4″ screws through the back making sure I’m going right into studs to hang them up.  Once you fill them with whatever you choose nobody will ever even see the screws.


I love them so much!  I hung them low enough that my girls can reach the bottom two shelves on their own.  And I spy a little bit of the Wall Mount Doll House!


You can switch these up so many ways to accommodate what you want them for.  You can leave the front off, use the 1×3 as the back and the 1×4 as the shelf to you can fit something a little deeper, maybe use a 1×5 (Home Depot has them now, woohoo!) as the shelf although I’ve never done one that wide.  There are tons of uses!  I hope you try some for yourselves and like I said they are a great first project!  If you make this or any of my other projects I would love to see so just tag me and use the #simplylovelylumber on social media!  Thanks for stopping by and come back tomorrow for our second Simply Lovely Lumber Weekly Giveaway!




Maker Wednesdays–Metals And Magnolias

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Hey hey hey!  Thanks for stopping by to check out this week’s Maker Wednesday!  Today we have one of my favorite friends from Instagram!  Her name is Kellie and she is the lady behind Metals and Magnolias!  She posts the prettiest things and she is one of the hosts for a fun hashtag called #SweetTeaNJunk.  Today she is here showing us how she made this gorgeous desk!

This gorgeous industrial desk is DIY!!!  Go to the blog to get the step by step instructions to build your own.


Isn’t it awesome?  And that picture frame hanging above it gives me heart eyes, people!  She is going to be giving us the step by step instructions on how you can make one of your own but first here is a little bit about her and some of the other pretty things she has posted over on her Instagram account.


My name is Kellie Block…known on Instagram as @MetalsAndMagnolias.  I have 20 plus years of design experience.  I have designed everything from tall buildings, homes, megaYachts (Ft Lauderdale), salons, and Crate and Barrel Furniture stores.  I am a true southern girl born and raised in Texas.





I absolutely love her style!  All the chippy rustic goodness is dreamy!  Let’s get back to that desk though…

Industrial Desk

Supplies needed…

  • reclaimed wood
  • rustoleum…weathered gray stain
  • min-wax…special walnut
  • 3/4 galvanized pipe
  • (4) flange
  • (6) 6″ threaded pipe
  • (2) 8″ threaded pipe
  • (4) 24″ threaded pipe cut to 22″ and re-threaded 
  • (1) 36″ threaded pipe
  • (6) T Connector
  • (4) caps
  • acetone

Step 1:

Cut wood to desired size…picture shown wood cut to 48″.  Lay out boards horizontally.  Measure and cut 3 boards to vertical dimension.  Using coarse wood screws attach the horizontal boards to the vertical boards to build the top of the desk. (You will see the vertical board on the bottom of the desk top in Step 3)MAM

Step 2:

Clean all pipes and fittings with acetone.  Assemble base and clean with acetone again.  You will see how it all goes together in the picture below.MAM 2

Step 3:

Attach base to reclaimed wood top.  Screw through the flanges into the underside of the top.MAM 1

TaDaaaaah!!  Tha’ts it…place your new desk in your favorite spot! 


Thanks so much Kellie for the post.  If you have any questions please just ask here and I will relay the message to her or better yet, go follow her on Instagram and you can ask yourself and get lots of great inspiration while you’re there!

Come back tomorrow because I will be doing a tutorial for picture ledges that I’m actually using as book shelves for my daughters.  They’re so versatile I even use them in the garage for spray paint storage!  Hope you’ll come and check them out.  Thanks for stopping by!!


Pallet Wood Planter

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Good morning and welcome!  I hope you all had an amazing day spoiling your moms and getting spoiled!  We had a great day with family but the weekend went by way to quickly.  If you entered in Friday’s giveaway be sure to check last night’s post for the winner and I hope you will all enter for another great giveaway this week!  I have some good stuff planned for the week but today we’re talking about this pallet wood planter that I built for free!!


Isn’t she pretty?  It all started when an old neighbor asked if I would be interested in helping him with a project.  A woman he knows has cancer and her friends wanted to surprise her with a pallet coffee table because she had been wanting one for a long time.  He asked if I would help and of course I jumped right on it!  Want to see the table?


We loved how it turned out and luckily so did she!  When we were done there was a lot of pallet wood still left over so I took it home because I knew I could do something with it.  I wanted a planter box in front of my window so I decided why not use the free pallet wood?  I’ll show you how I did it so you can make one of your own!

So, before we get started you need to know something.  If you’ve never worked with pallets, you will soon figure out that the wood is not straight and you have all different sizes.  I’ll give you the measurements I used but really you will probably need to play with it all as you go along.

Step 1:


Cut 4 2×4’s to 10″ and build the front and back.  I found 6 boards that were the same size and cut them all down to 39″.  Then I glued and nailed them to the 2×4’s.

Step 2:


Once your front and back are built you will attach the sides.  I again found 6 boards that were the same size and cut them down to 13.5″  I glued/nailed the top board and bottom board and then just kind of put the center board in and eyeballed the spacing before gluing and nailing it it.  These boards aren’t as wide and the front and back board so there is about a 1″ space between the boards.

Step 3:


Cut 2 2×4’s to fit inside the bottom of the planter.  You are going to nail slats on to these in the next step.  Mine were 32″ and nailed them in through the bottom front and back boards.

Step 4:


Measure the space and cut slats to nail into the bottom of the planter.  Mine are 11.5″

Now you are all done building!  You will want to get some landscape screen and staple it into the inside of the planter and then trim it down so you don’t see it in the top of the planter.  A little moment of honest here…you can see some of mine peeking through the top haha


That’s okay though.  Now you have a beautiful and best of all free planter!  This is a pretty quick project so it’s great for the weekends when you want to get something done but don’t have tons of time.  I think it took me about 2 hours.  If you make it I would love to see yours!  You can tag me on Instagram or Facebook!  Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you back Wednesday because there will be plans up for a gorgeous industrial style desk that you won’t want to miss!


WildLust Wicks Giveaway-Winner

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Good evening and happy Mother’s Day, sweet friends!  Hope you all had a great weekend and got in some good family time!  One of your weekends are about to get a little bit better because we have a winner for the WildLust Wicks giveaway!  Thank you so much to all who entered!  Need a reminder of what you’re winning?



The winner is @reneemarinchek!  Congrats!  Head on over to Instagram and send WildLustWicks a DM with your shipping information and your new candle will be headed to you!

Thanks again and don’t forget to give them a follow!  Also, be sure you’re following along here to see what I have lined up for the week!  There are some great posts coming up including a tutorial for building a gorgeous desk by the talented MetalsandMagnolias and we have another giveaway that will be announced!  Just put in your email to subscribe or follow me on BlogLovin to make sure you don’t miss any of it!  And be sure you’re following along on Instagram!  Have a great night!


WildLust Wicks Giveaway

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IT’S FRIDAY!!  We’ve just about made it through the week and I think that deserves some great news!!  We are officially kicking off Simply Lovely Lumber weekly giveaways today!  Woohoo!  And we have an amazing one to help kick us off, guys!  Seriously, I’m obsessed!  I tried my first Moscow Mule a few months back and was in love with the copper cup that it was served in and I’ve been seeing tons of copper in the stores lately.  I’ve definitely jumped on that bandwagon and I’m proud of it, I tell ya!  Because it looks great.  And that is exactly what makes me so excited about this week’s giveaway!  Let me introduce you to the lovely ladies behind the brand and show you what you’re trying to win.


CHRISTA KNIGHT | OWNER                                                                                                                                 Meet Christa, owner of WildLust Wicks. Her obsession with candles and all things copper were the inspiration behind launching the company. Christa has a wonderful and supportive husband of 5 years who pours a mean copper candle. Her son (the WildLust Wicks mascot), Noah, keeps her busy most days with impromptu dance parties and running wild. Christa does design, marketing, pours candles, and manages shipping. She enjoys rearranging her home on the regular, jogging and exploring the great outdoors with her family and two dogs. Oh and let’s not forget drinking a fine glass of wine (or three)!  

NICOLE GRIMM | MARKETING STRATEGIST + DOG MOM                                                                  Nicole’s mad marketing, social media, client acquisition, and wine drinking skills are a huge asset to WildLust Wicks. Fun fact: Nicole also happens to be Christa’s cousin! They’ve always dreamed of running their own business so when Christa decided to start this journey, Nicole was thrilled to be involved. When she’s not busy smelling, whoops we mean selling, these candles *bad joke* you can find her conducting a photo shoot with her dog, hiking, pretending she knows how to surf or turning their house into a mess with her DIY projects!

“About the company”:
 Founded in March of this year, we believe a candle should do three things:

1.  Be a statement piece amongst your decor                 

2.  Smell amazing with natural, safe ingredients             

3.  Have a reusable vessel for continued enjoyment
“About our product”:
WildLust Wicks candles are hand-poured in small batches using natural soy wax. Our fragrances are infused with essential oils, and each 16 oz candle burns approx 80-85 hours. The pure copper vessels are reusable and provide continued enjoyment. Every candle is poured with love a dash of humor. Our 4 scents include: 1. Encourage-Mint 2. FIGalicious 3. I’m Mossy 4. Rekindling Old Flames
We are constantly pushing the envelope to perfect our craft and bring our customers a quality product!



Aren’t they dreamy?  You can have one of your very own!  Right now all giveaways will be done through Instagram so if you don’t have one go get one!  It’s really endless inspiration and entertainment so what are you waiting for?  To enter this, and all, giveaways you simply need to go and like both myself and WildLust Wicks and tag 3 friends on the giveaway post on MY page.  Want 10 extra entries?  Share the giveaway post on your page making sure to tag me and use the hashtag #simplylovelylumbergiveaway!  The giveaway will run from now (Friday May 6th, 9am AZ time through Sunday May 8th, 12pm AZ time) and the winner will be posted back here on the blog on Sunday night at 7pm AZ time.  Thanks for stopping by and best of luck to all of you!  Remember to subscribe by email and follow me on Instagram and BlogLovin so you never miss a post!  Have a great weekend and see you back here Sunday night!


Wall Doll House

Come and see how to build this inexpensive and quick wall mounted doll house!***Never Miss A Post- Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and BlogLovin***

Hey guys!  Thanks for stopping by!  Today I have the sweetest little project that I made for my girls for their room!  They are pretty adorable.  Want to see?


See what I mean?  Adorbs!  Now, if you have a little girl there is a pretty good chance you are familiar with Shopkins.  Adorable little groceries that really serve absolutely no purpose other than being cute haha.  Well, these babes have a pretty wicked Shopkins collection going on and needed somewhere to display them all.  Not only did it need to serve it’s purpose but it also had to be almost as cute as my little monsters!  Enter this adorable wall doll house!



Hold the phone!  That’s got the be the cutest little house!  Well, I’m here to tell you how to make one for the little munchkins in your life!  Here is what you need to do:

Cut List:

1-1×4 cut to 22.5″   Bottom

2-1×4 cut to 11″       Sides (Cut at a 30°.  11″ is to the longest point)

1-1×4 cut to 21″      Top

2-1×4 cut to 14.5″  Eaves (Cut at a 30°.  14.5″ is the the longest point)

1-1×4 cut to 10.25  Horizontal Divider

1-1×4 cut to 6″       Vertical Divider

1-1×3 cut to 14.25″Vertical Divider

1-1×2 cut to 21″      Brace

Okay, now that we’ve got the cut list let me show you the steps.  Also, I always recommend cutting as you go just in case anything gets a little bit off.  You want to make sure everything fits nice and snug.

Step 1:IMG_3763IMG_3765Cut the bottom and side pieces. To cut the angles you need to put your saw like this.  Glue and nail through the bottom into the sides making sure the longest parts are facing in.

Step 2:IMG_3766Attach the top using glue and nails through the sides.  You want the top of the top to be flush with the top of the sides.  Glue and nail the back support (1×2) through the sides and also through the top shelf.  I kind of went crazy with the glue and nails here because this is how I am going to attach it to the wall.

Step 3:IMG_3768Using a jigsaw, notch out the horizontal divider.  To do this I just take scrap 1×2 (because we’re notching it out to fit around the back support which is made out of a 1×2) and trace around it so I know how big to make the notch.

Step 4:IMG_3770Before nailing the horizontal divider in you will want to attach the 2 vertical dividers which will be the shelves.  I had no real plans for this.  I just cut a 6″ piece to be the shelf on the right and a 1×3 to be the shelf on the left.  I did it this way just to change it up from all being the same size.  You will want to glue and nail the shelves onto the divider before putting it in the house.  Just put them anywhere.  I chose my height for the small shelf just because I had a scrap piece of wood (pictured above) and decided to use it as a spacer while I got it all put together.


Step 5:IMG_3774Now Just put the shelves inside the house.  Make sure to glue and nail it all together from the outside.  Notice how it all sits in there nicely?  That’s because we cut the notch to go around the back shelf.  Easy and adorable!  Now you can paint it, hang, and best of all…play with it!!  I used 3″ screws through the back support straight into studs to hang it up.



Isn’t it the best?  It would be great for boys, too!  Maybe a fire house theme?  Or even to display family heirlooms and pictures in the living room?  I really love it and best of all so do my girls!  I will be working on their room all month and sharing projects along the way.  I will be sharing the whole room reveal at the end of the month so stick around!  And if you love copper and candles make sure you come back tomorrow for my first weekly giveaway!  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll leave you with one more shot before we go!








Maker Wednesdays–Teal Driftwood

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Hello and welcome back!  I hope you’ve all been having a great week so far.  We’ve officially made it to hump day, woot woot!!  Today is an exciting day for me because I am kicking off my new series “Maker Wednesdays”!  Each Wednesday an amazingly talented maker will be here sharing awesome DIY tips and tutorials!  I hope you will come back every Wednesday (just subscribe so you get a notification for every new post and come back and see everything happening over here ;)) and meet some talented DIYers and learn some new tricks and get inspired!

Kicking us off is a husband and wife duo that I became friends with on Instagram.  Make sure to follow me here and follow them here.  They are here today to talk to us about something they love and I love…upcycling.  Let’s get into it!

Teal DriftwoodWe were so excited when Stephanie asked us to guest blog about our upcycling experience. We realized our passion for bringing older furniture to life when we bought our first home. You can read more about how we got into the DIY scene on our website. We get a lot of questions about finding furniture pieces with potential and how we pick our next project, so we’ve put together our top three tips and one of our favorite projects in this guest blog.

Know Where the Deals Are
Salvation Army and Goodwill seem like obvious choices, but it helps to know how they price their sales. Like any other retailers, they’ve got to turn over their inventory. Salvation Army is very transparent about knocking their prices down when it has been in the store too long. So if you’re eyeing a piece of furniture that you want to make sure you get a deal on, check the tag to see how long it has been in inventory and ask a store associate when the price will be reduced.
Goodwill has a policy to put different types of inventory – like furniture – on a 50% sale one day a week. Make sure you know which day is furniture day, because paying half price gives you a much better deal and a larger budget to spend on the refinish.
A progressively more popular option to find upcycling projects is Facebook Yard Sale Groups. Just about every city and/or county has one and if you’re in a highly populated area there might be a group specifically for furniture near you. One of the most underutilized functions on these sites is the ISO (in search of…) post. If you know what you’re looking for, tell people you’re in search of it and let them bring the deals to you!

Teal Driftwood-3Teal Driftwood-4

Set a Budget for Your Project
When determining the price you are willing to pay for a piece, make sure you factor in the materials it’ll take to upcycle it. Think through whether you are going to paint it, stain it, make any structural changes, or other cosmetic changes like new hardware, glass panels, etc. Finishing a piece within budget is much more rewarding than underestimating the time and money it’ll take to finish.
While you shouldn’t look to rip others off, you should always look to negotiate with a seller, especially when buying from yard sales or online individual sellers. Others expect this and often list or offer pieces at a higher price than they are willing to accept. When you find an item you like, determine the price you are willing to pay for it and offer a little less than that. This way, if they counteroffer or you can meet in the middle you are comfortable with the final price.

Understand the Imperfections
Determine whether the project is worth taking on by analyzing what it will take to get it done. Do you have access to the right tools? Is the project the right style for the room you are envisioning? The hardest thing to change about a furniture piece is the size and style. You may be able to cosmetically change the style, but structural changes are costly and time consuming.
Some of our most successful projects have been ones that required little more than sanding and a new paint or stain color, along with new hardware. These seemingly simple ideas add a whole new life to a piece.

Our Teal Hutch Makeover

Teal Driftwood-1

Teal Driftwood-5

When we bought our house, we knew right away that we wanted to have a china cabinet/hutch and we had the perfect inset area for it on our main floor. We had a vision on what we wanted it to look like and include and we weren’t willing to compromise. We went to Salvation Army and Goodwill several times and scanned the Facebook yard sales for weeks looking for what we wanted to refinish. You have to be quick with the Facebook yard sales, so there were a few times that we missed out on the item because someone else bought it. Other times, the price was not in our range. Finally, we found the one with all the potential we wanted and we offered the sellers slightly lower than what they were asking. It was ours!

Once we finally got the piece, we could bring our vision to life! We wanted to modernize the piece by adding a bright color, new hardware, and wine rack. At the time, we had no miter saw so every piece of the wine rack was cut with a hand saw. The paint selection was easy (teal of course!) and we chose a dark hardware in order for it to pop on the teal paint.
Make sure to let people know what you are working on. Once you start doing refinishing projects, it seems like the furniture finds you. Several times we’ve had friends and neighbors just give us furniture that they no longer had any use for because they knew we would do something with it.
We always say if we do what we say we’re going to do, it’ll be great. So make a commitment and do something great!

-Teal Driftwood
Jason & Rachel

Thank you so very much to Teal Driftwood for guest posting on the blog today!  This will be an ongoing series so if you are a maker/DIYer and would like to be featured please shoot me a message!  Also, please come back tomorrow because I will be sharing a tutorial on a sweet wall mounted doll house and on Friday I will announce our very first weekly giveaway and I promise you won’t want to miss it!  And just a reminder one last time, please go and like Teal Driftwood on IG for boat loads of inspiration!!  Thanks for stopping by!



Entry Way Shoe Cabinet

See how to build this beautiful entry way shoe storage.***Never Miss A Post- Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and BlogLovin***

Hey my lovely friends!!!  If you’ve been around a while, welcome back!  If you’re new here, thank you so much for stopping by!  It’s been a long time and I’m so excited to get back at it.  I have some amazing things planned for the blog.  Make sure you keep coming back because I have a bunch of ah-ma-zing guest blog posters and tons of fantastic giveaways lined up!  Just subscribe by email, follow me on BlogLovin, and definitely be sure to follow me on Instagram!

So, when I was planning the blog relaunch I thought it would be a great idea to welcome you all back by showing you my entry in our new home!  It’s been a long time coming and two days before Christmas we closed on our second home we’ve ever owned together!  We did the majority of moving on Christmas Eve and had the best/simplest Christmas morning that we’ve ever had!  We had paper decorations on the tree thanks to some very talented 5 year olds and our furniture was just kind of placed in the living room but I’m so happy we did it!


I can’t wait to show you guys our whole house eventually but today I’m sharing our entry way.  Up until now it’s been pretty bad.  We had a very very old, cheap Walmart shoe cabinet.  And a nice big pile of shoes directly in front of it because apparently it’s to difficult to actually put the shoes inside haha.  I wanted something where we could put the shoes in and close a door and I thought somewhere to throw mail and our keys would be nice, too.  I decided to go with the secretary’s desk from Ana White’s book.  I can’t seem to find the plans on her site but just go buy the book!  There is a link to her book in the side bar though (aff. link)  I promise it’s worth it.  I modified it a little bit so let’s get into it and I can show you what I did!  First things first though, the shopping list in the book is wrong.  You will need the 1x12s OR the plywood cut down, not both.  I went with the plywood so I could use my favorite, Purebond.  You can purchase it at Home Depot and just have them cut it for you.  Like always I put it all together using my trusty Kreg Jig.  Here are some build pictures for your viewing pleasure 😉

Cut cabinet sides to length and drill pocket holes to attach legs and tops. Sides pieces for shoe cabinet

Add 1×2 trim to the outside of the side pieces using wood glue and nails.  Oh, hey there you pretty little Ryobi AirStrike!IMG_3542

Attach the bottom of the cabinet flush with the bottom of the sides and attach the bottom of the top portion.  (Confusing enough?  Haha)IMG_3545

Now attach the other side piece to this making sure to keep everything nice and square.  For some reason I don’t have pictures of this.  Blogger win!

Now you will want to cut your legs. If your saw can handle cutting through two 2x2s stacked together you can do it like I do.  Unless this is a no no….hmmmm , maybe some professionals can chime in here.  Either way, I am not responsible for any lost digits.  Cut at your own risk haha!  But back to the way I do it.  I tape my 2x2s together and cut them together to make sure they are all the same length.IMG_3548

Once again, I don’t have pictures of the next step but it’s easy peasy.  Just attach the legs using the pocket holes you drilled into the sides earlier.  Keep the top of the legs flush with the top of the sides.

Once this is all done you can either add the shelf to the cabinet or drill shelf pin holes using the Kreg Jig Shelf Pin Jig.  I  definitely recommend doing it this way.  This was my first time using it and it was so easy!  I wanted to be able to move the shelves around to accommodate different shoes.  Also, instead of putting one shelf in here I opted for two so that we have more storage.  10 feet in this house means lots of shoes, people!IMG_3554

Now you’re ready to build your top.  The original plan calls for attaching a 1×3 and a 1×2 to the 1×12 but I decided to go with just a 1×4.IMG_3555

You can now attach that bad boy using the pocket holes that you drilled into the sides.IMG_3557

Now here comes the hard part.  Instead of using a 1×12 for the top door I decided to build one using 1x2s and some 1×4″ mdf.  Measure the opening and subtract 1/4″ to leave yourself a 1/8th” gap all the way around.  I used pocket holes to attach the 1x2s to each other and then wood glue and nails to attach the mdf to the back of the frame.  For the doors you will want to measure the inside, divide it by 2, and make the doors 1/4″ smaller so you have your gap all the way around.  The hinges are where it always gets tricky for me.  Have somebody help you hold the door in place using spacers to keep your 1/8th” gap all around and attach your hinges to the door and the cabinet <——this is the part I try to do alone.  DUMB!  Get help and I’m sure you won’t hate it as much as I do haha.  Do the doors the same way.

Once you have your doors on add a back out of 1/4″ mdf or plywood and sand the crap out of the whole thing and then you can paint and seal it.  This part sucks.  At least for me it does!  If it sucks for you too try and find somebody who likes doing it and ask them as nicely as possible if they’ll do it for you!  Here she is all finished up!


I love it!!!  Now when we come home this is the view we walk into…


I’m a happy girl!  Well thank you so so much for stopping by.  I hope you keep coming back because I’ve got some great things planned this and every week.  Just subscribe by email to make sure you never miss a post and follow me on Instagram!  See you back here Wednesday!



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