Maker Feature-Candice_Jae


Happy Friday everyone!!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  Today I am so excited to share one of my friends from Instagram with you!  Her name is Candice and her house is oh my goodness gorgeous!!!  If you don’t already follow her you really should!  She’s here today with some great tips on one of my favorite things…succulents!  If you also love them you should defintiely keep on reading.  And if you have been wanting some but weren’t sure how to care for them it looks like this weekend is your time to go get some!  Here’s Candice!

Great tips for caring for succulents

Hi everyone!! I’m Candice (@candice_jae on Instagram)  Succulents are one of my favorite plants to have around the house.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had much luck keeping them alive in the past. The main reason for this is because I’d never really knew how they like to be treated. I figured they were just like any other plant I’ve had in our home.  Water every few days to keep them happy.  And that’s it. Nope, not the case with succulents.

I went on a research binge to learn how to plant and properly care for them. I visited many websites, blogs, Pinterest posts and almost all of them had a general consensus on how to keep them happy. 

Instead of keeping them in the generic pot that they usually come in, I built a couple of planter boxes to house my succulents.  To see how I built them, you can visit my website .  I typically get my succulents from our local Ikea.  They always have a variety to choose from, and they’re only $2.99 each.  If your Ikea is anything like mine, I recommend you get them as soon as they start selling them for the season.  They go fast!

Anywho…So, here’s a summary of what I learned. I’m no expert, but so far, my succulents have been very happy with me.

Planting Succulents:

Succulents survive the longest when their dirt is pretty much dry most of the time.  So when planting them in a planter box, flower pot, terrarium etc. that doesn’t have draining holes, you need to create a “draining system” at the bottom.  I planted my succulents in my planter boxes I built and a wooden lantern I had laying around the house.

Materials Needed:


•Potting Mix (preferably a mixture specifically for cacti/succulents, fast drying soil is ideal. If you can’t find any, no big deal)


•Plastic bag


•Planter box, flower pot, vase, terrarium…your choice 


Step 1-Cover the bottom of the planter with plastic.  

Doesn’t matter what kind. Especially if it won’t be visible.  I just used a piece of a Hobby Lobby bag . This step isn’t necessary, but it’s recommended if your planter’s corners in the inside are likely to leak.  I did this as a precaution because I didn’t really know if the corners in my planter boxes were 100% sealed/closed, and you wouldn’t be able to see the plastic anyway.  However I didn’t do this for my lantern because the corners were sealed.  Also the sides are glass, so you’d be able to see the plastic I was using (thank goodness because I didn’t have any clear plastic on hand).  But, if your planter’s bottoms/sides will be visible like it would be in a terrarium and the sides aren’t sealed, use clear plastic.

Great tips for caring for succulents

Step 2-Add a layer of sand either on top of the plastic, if you did step 1, or as your first layer of you didn’t do step one. I used this kind I found at The Home Depot.

Great tips for caring for succulents


Here’s a better picture of the bag (along with the potting soil I used in Step 5). Its kind of hard to see the top, but it says desert sand, so I thought it would be appropriate to use with my succulents, since they are technically desert plants.

Step 3- Add a layer of rocks on top of the sand.  (I apologize but for some reason these pictures aren’t coming through.  I will get them fixed as soon as possible!)

 I got these from Hobby Lobby in the faux flower section.



Your “draining system” is complete.  When you water your plants, this helps separate the water from the soil keeping the soil from being too moist…a no no for succulent care.  The rocks act as a “wall” and the sand absorbs the water so that it doesn’t just sit at the bottom of the planter.

Step 4-Add potting soil on top of the rocks. 

I used potting soil specifically for cacti. This is also from The Home Depot. (see two pics up in Step 2 above for the front of the bag)

Great tips for caring for succulents

Great tips for caring for succulents


Tip: If your planter is shallow, like mine, be sure not to add too much soil.  Your succulents will also have dirt attached to it, so you don’t want to add too much potting soil because you won’t be able to plant the succulent deep enough into your planter. 

Step 5- Add a layer of sand on top of the potting soil.  

This helps dry out the soil faster after you water the succulents.  Remember, they don’t like a moist environments.  Since I used potting soil specifically for cacti, I probably would have been ok without this step.  But, if you use any other type of soil, this step may be key. 

Great tips for caring for succulents
Step 6- Mix the sand with the dirt

Great tips for caring for succulents

Step 7-Plant your succulents. 

 Making holes in the dirt, just enough to see the layer of rocks helped me get a deep enough space to plant.  Succulents like to be above the planter with the roots buried.  Planting them with the succulent above the planter is ideal because it keeps them from getting moist when watered. Remember, succulents are the happiest dry. So make sure you don’t plant them too deep. 

Great tips for caring for succulents

Great tips for caring for succulents

Step 8-Add more rocks, sand or whatever you’d like on the top of the dirt to give the planted succulents a finished look.  This step is also not necessary, but isn’t it cute? 

Great tips for caring for succulents
Caring for your succulents:

Here are a few key points and general rules  I found on almost all of the websites I visited about caring for succulents…

Do not water them often. Generally once every week and a half, or wait until the soil is completely dry before you adding more water.  Their leaves retain water, so they can go longer between watering than the average plant.

•When you do water them, be generous.

•When watering, try to avoid putting water directly onto the plant.  

•Preferably water just the soil.  That’s why it’s recommended when planting them, plant the “leaves” above the soil so that the leaves aren’t exposed to moist conditions for long periods of time. 

•Give them lots of indirect sunlight.  

•Succulents like to be hot in the day and cooler at night. So don’t worry about temperature changes if you keep them outside.

And that’s it!!! Hope this helps you make and keep your succulents happy!

Let me know if you’d like me to add or modify anything.  Or if you have questions or something didn’t translate well through email.   Thank again, so much for allowing me to guest post!! Hope to collaborate again, soon!! 
-Candice Briggs
Thank you so much Candice for posting on the blog!  I really appreciate it and I hope you guys got some great pointers!  Don’t forget to go follow Candice on Instagram!  Hope you all have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!

Maker Feature-Sawdust Chicks

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Good morning!  So, I’m sorry about being a little MIA around here lately.  Things have been a little crazy in these parts but I think they’re slowing down and everything should be back on track!  The good news is I do have a feature today and it is amazing!  Today Laura from Sawdust Chicks is here to share her Herringbone Entry table.  Let’s get into it, shall we?

This gorgeous table is a DIY!!  This post has full instructions for making it!

Hi friends!  This is Laura from Sawdust Chicks and I’m so excited and honored to be guest blogging today.  I started my woodworking, DIY projects less than a year ago and it’s been quite the journey.  I’m learning so much, building some incredible things (and some not-so-incredible things!), making mistakes and enjoying every step of the process. I always tell people “if I can do it, anyone can!”

While walking through my neighborhood Ace Hardware I noticed a bundle of rough hardwood driveway stakes in the corner. I immediately scooped these up and took them home, not really sure what I wanted to do with them. I needed an entry table and I love the rustic industrial pieces I had been seeing on Instagram so I decided that these stakes would be perfect for a unique herringbone tabletop. Add some steel hairpin legs and I had my own cool, rustic, industrial piece.

This gorgeous table is a DIY!!  This post has full instructions for making it!

Alright…Are you ready to tackle this one?!?

I first took a 1×12 common whiteboard and cut it to about 30″. I made sure the board was as straight as possible because I would be attaching the legs to them and no one wants a wobbly table!  I drew a line length-wise down the middle of the board. I used this line as a guide when attaching my herringbone pattern to ensure that the pattern remained straight.
This gorgeous table is a DIY!!  This post has full instructions for making it!

Next, I took the driveway stakes and cut them to two lengths: 9-1/4″ and 8-1/16″ – perhaps you can cut them the same size but I couldn’t figure it out!  Geometry was never my strong subject!   I then cut the ends at a 45° angle.   I wanted them to fit as perfectly as possible on my base board and, since I don’t have a table saw to easily trim them once they are on, this seemed like the easiest way to do it.  I did have to cut some stakes smaller for the two ends.  Cutting each piece made the process a little more tedious but saved me a huge headache in the end.

This gorgeous table is a DIY!!  This post has full instructions for making it!

So now it was time to work on my herringbone pattern.  Since my stakes were rough I laid them out on the base board for a trial run to ensure that they fit well together.  Once I was confident with my pattern I set about gluing them and using my Ryobi Brad Nailer to affix them.  I nailed them from the top on this one. It was faster, easier and I didn’t mind seeing the nail holes but I have also glued, clamped and nailed from the bottom up. It’s all personal preference.

This gorgeous table is a DIY!!  This post has full instructions for making it!

This gorgeous table is a DIY!!  This post has full instructions for making it!

I then took 1×2’s and framed the table top.  I cut two at 30″ and two at 14″.  I made sure the 1x2s were level with the top of the tabletop.  The bottom hung below slightly which covered the base of the legs once they were attached.  Again, I glued and nailed the pieces on.  I used wood filler to fill in any gaps between the stakes as well as gaps between the tabletop and 1×2 frame.

This is always the part that gets most excited!  Seeing the build almost complete and the fruition of your idea and hard work almost done…and then I remember that it’s sanding time.  Total buzz kill!!! 

So I started sanding.  This did require quite a bit of elbow since the stakes were rough and I wanted the tabletop to be smooth for little fingers and to be easily dusted.  I started with 80 grit and finished with 220 grit. 

This gorgeous table is a DIY!!  This post has full instructions for making it!

(Sorry about the upside down picture.  It has a mind of it’s own and keeps flipping over ;))


Once that was done, I vacuumed it and wiped it down with a damp cloth.  I then stained the whole thing with Minwax Early American.  I just love how the stakes took to the stain. Each one is slightly different so it makes the pattern pop out even more! 

Once the stain was completed I finished it with three coats of polyurethane, lightly sanding in between each coat.

This gorgeous table is a DIY!!  This post has full instructions for making it!

This gorgeous table is a DIY!!  This post has full instructions for making it!

So, I’m sure you’re wondering about the industrial hairpin legs…you can find these on Amazon or Etsy in pretty much any height you want (an entry bench?  Yes, please!).  I actually found a great Etsy maker  – Modern Urban Metals,- just 15 minutes from my home!  I love it when I can shop local and shop small!

So once you screw these legs in to the baseboard, flip it over and enjoy!  This project is one that I’m so proud of.  It is definitely a showpiece in my home and one of the most favorited items in my own Etsy shop.

This gorgeous table is a DIY!!  This post has full instructions for making it!

I really love this table!  Thank you so much Laura for sharing it with us!  It came out great!  Don’t forget to follow the Sawdust Chicks on Instagram for loads of inspiration!  And if you are interested in being featured I would love to hear from you!  Email me at or message me on Instagram!  Thanks for stopping by guys!





Unpolished and Pretty Giveaway-Winner

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Hey guys!!  Guess what time it is??  It’s time to let you know the winner of the gorgeous mason jar that the sweet Savanah is giving away to one of you babes!!

Isn’t it great?  I had to buy one for myself so whoever our winner is is officially my twin!

So, enough with the chit chat!  Our winner is @artisticflow05!  Please send me your shipping information on Instagram and I will get it out to you. And thank you to everyone who entered!!  Thanks for stopping by!


Unpolished and Pretty-Giveaway

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Hey, hey, hey!!  Thanks for stopping by the blog today!  It’s Friday so you know what that means!  Giveaway time…whoop whoop!!  And I’ve got a beautiful one for you today, my friends!!  So way back in April while I was still planning the blog launch I decided to ask somebody who is intimidatingly talented if she would be willing to do a giveaway with me for all of my lovely readers and by golly, she said yes!!  And yes, I did just say by golly!  I let me nerd flag fly, people!  Anyways, back to the point.  Who is this talented woman you ask?  Well, that would be Savanah from Unpolished and Pretty!  I started following her on her Instagram page a long time ago and am honestly blown away with everything she comes up with!  I’m so excited that she is going to give one of you one of her beautiful mason jars.  This jar to be exact…


Drool!!  Here is a little bit about Savanah and some of her other work.

My name is Savanah and I make handmade home and party decor.  I am a stay at home mom that wanted to find a way to contribute while being home with my son.

Art has always been a big part of who I am.  From photography to wood working to painting!  I am very passionate about my products and I would love the chance to make any space more beautiful!








Savanah                                                                                                                                                                   Owner + Creator                                                                                                                                                    Unpolished & Pretty LLC                                                                                      

I told you her work is amazing!  Make sure you check out her website to snag some of these goodies for yourself and hopefully you’ll be the lucky one to win this gorgeous mason jar!  Now on to the giveaway deets!  As always you will need to enter the giveaway over on my Instagram page.  Like my page and Savanah’s page, tag 3 friends under the giveaway post on MY page, and share the picture with all of your Instagram besties for 5 extra entries.  The giveaway will run from June 10th, 9am AZ time-June 12th, 8pm AZ time.  The winner will be announced back on the blog on Monday, June 13tg at 7pm AZ time.  Now go and enter and good luck!!


Maker Wednesdays-SimplyJenna

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Good morning folks!  We are well into our summer here (119° the other day!!) and are always looking for great ideas to keep us busy inside the AC!  Today one of my favorite friends that I’ve made on Instagram (who is also melting away in the AZ heat) is here today with an awesome tutorial for you guys!  Jenna, known as @_SimplyJenna, has THE. MOST. GORGEOUS. house!!  I’m so excited that she is here today showing us how to do those awesome huge prints and she has a really cute way to hang it too!

Here’s Jenna to show you how to do it.

Make a big statement on a very small budget with the large prints!

DIY Hanging Engineer Print
Hi everyone! This is Jenna from @_simplyjenna. I was so excited when Steph asked me to be one of her features, because I’ve been wanting to share this super quick, cheap, and easy project for a while now. I spend a lot of time looking for great décor for my kids’ rooms, and usually end up trying to make what I can on my own. My older daughter had a big empty space above her dresser that needed some attention. I’ve seen different versions of this Engineer Print idea on Instagram, and had to make one for her! It was SO easy you guys. I can’t wait to make a few more for around my house. I went to Staples online, and ordered one of their black and white engineering prints, in the largest size (36”x48”). It was just under $8.00, and ready for me to pick up the next morning.  Just FYI, these prints aren’t recommended for photos, because they’re specifically for blueprints.  It says this right on their website. But, I ignored it and ordered one anyways, because I was on a  mission. The photo IS super pixilated, but it serves its purpose, and from far away it looks just  fine.
So, let’s get your supplies together. You’ll need:
  • 1 engineer print – I ordered the 36”x48” size
  • 2 pieces of 1×4 – You can use any width, as long as it’s wider than the border around your print.
  • Small eye hooks
  • Decorative hook of choice
  • Rope or ribbon
  • Foam core or poster board (optional)

Make a big statement on a very small budget with the large prints!

First, measure your 1×4 to be a bit longer than your print. Both of my pieces are cut at 49” so there’s a half inch overhang on each end.
Make a big statement on a very small budget with the large prints!
Paint or stain the front side and all edges of the wood. While this dries, go eat some Cheerios or drink that 5th cup of coffee. Seriously, be productive while you’re wasting time.
Make a big statement on a very small budget with the large prints!
Next, screw the eyehooks into the top side of one wood piece – one on each end.
Make a big statement on a very small budget with the large prints!
Flip both pieces over. Unroll your print and line it up with the wood. I used hot glue to attach the top and bottom of my print to the back of each piece. Be careful here so your print doesn’t rip or bend too much.
*If you want a sturdier result that won’t tear easily, use a spray adhesive to attach the print to a piece of foam core board. Then, use a staple gun to attach the ends of the board to the back of the wood pieces. I highly recommend adding this extra reinforcement, and will definitely do it for my next one.

Make a big statement on a very small budget with the large prints!

Now, push your rope or ribbon through the eyehooks and tie knots in each end.  Be sure to tie them tight to avoid unraveling when you hang it up.Make a big statement on a very small budget with the large prints!

Hang your hook or screw on the wall, add your print, and enjoy!  So simple, yet it makes such a big statement.Make a big statement on a very small budget with the large prints!

What I love about these prints, other than how insanely inexpensive they are, is how versatile they can be.  You have quite a few size options, and some places can even print them in color for you.  Build a full frame around one, pin it up as is for a backdrop to a party, or even laminate some big art prints and hang it in a playroom.  I hope you all try this and love your new piece of handmade decor!

Thanks so much Jenna for sharing this with us today!  I can’t wait to make some of my own!  And, if you make this or any of the other projects on the blog be sure to use the #simplylovelylumber on social media so I can see it!  Thanks so much for stopping by today!



Embroidery Hoop Wall Art

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Hey guys!!  Do you have a wall that needs a little sprucing up but don’t have a big budget for it?  Well, for about $2.50 a piece you can have these!


Aren’t they cute?  And they are so fast to make!  You can get these hoops at Hobby Lobby for $1.69.  The paper is usually about $0.59 but I actually got my paper from Walmart.  It was in a pack of 50 sheets for $5.  So here is how to do it.


  • 3-10″ Embroidery Hoops
  • 3-12×12″ sheets of scrapbook paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

Step 1:

Lay the hoop on a piece of scrapbook paper and trace around it.


Step 2:

Cut out a circle a little bit bigger than the one you traced.


Step 3:

Cut slits around the edge of the circle.  Cut up to the line that you traced.


Step 4:

Loosen the screw on the outer ring of the hoop to separate the two pieces.  Lay your circle of paper on the inner circle.  You can brush glue on the top of the hoop and the sides to get your paper to stick down but it’s not necessary.



Step 5:

Put the outer ring back on.  This takes a little bit of messing with it to get it to go around the paper and hold it down nice and flat.  Just be gentle so you don’t rip your paper but if you do, oh well!  Remember it only cost $0.59 😉  Once you have it on tighten the screw back up and voila!!  You have yourself some new wall eye candy!

Cute wall art made from Embroidery Hoops!

Isn’t it cute?!  The only problem is the one in the center.  I will end up fixing it so that the pattern lines up with the screw.  It’s breaking my little OCD heart the way it is now!  I really love my little work area now.  I love neutrals but pretty colors really get my creativity rolling!


And if you love my teepee sign as much as I do you can purchase it here in my Etsy shop!  Please come back tomorrow because I have a really great guest poster that I’m super excited about but for now, thanks for stopping by!!






House of Hays Giveaway-Winner

Hey guys!  I hope you all had an amazing 3 day weekend!  And I hope that you took some time out to remember those who gave their lives so we can live in such a great nation!  We spent our time BBQing and swimming!  And for one of you, your 3 day weekend is about to get a little bit better!

The sweet Vicky from House of Hays was on the blog this weekend giving one of you the opportunity to win a $20 credit to her Etsy shop!  Just to remind you, she has the cutest printables!  I ordered the cutest stickers from her this weekend to use on packages for my Etsy shop!



Aren’t they the best?!  Well, enough chit chat.  Let’s get on to why you are here.  The winner for this week’s giveaway is @Chelseyrwillis!  Go ahead and send House of Hays your info and she will let you know how to claim your prize.  Thanks so much to everyone who entered!  Thanks for stopping by!




House of Hays-Giveaway

Good morning!!! It’s giveaway day!!  Woohoo!  And this is a fun one if you’re anything like me!  Today we have Vicky, the owner of the fun Etsy shop House of Hays.  She offers the cutest custom printables and will be giving one of you a $20 shop credit!!!  Here’s a little bit about Vicky and a few of the goodies she has to offer in her shop.

I live in Chicago, married my childhood sweetheart and I’m a mommy of a 3 year old. My shop started out as a hobby to help bring in a little extra income when I cut down my hours as a hairstylist. I started making digital art children’s invitations and wall decor. It has now grown into a full time job, creating custom stationery For other etsy sellers and mommies 🙂 I love and welcome custom orders of any kind.

Simply Lovely Lumber Weekly Giveaway Featuring-House of Hays

Simply Lovely Lumber Weekly Giveaway Featuring-House of Hays

Simply Lovely Lumber Weekly Giveaway Featuring-House of Hays

She also offers a really great variety of supplies for other Etsy sellers.  I really hope you will go and check out her page!!

So now for the deets!  Giveaway runs Friday, May 27th 9am AZ time-Sunday, May 29th 8pm AZ time.  Like Simply Lovely Lumber and The House of Hays on Instagram and tag 3 friends on the post on my page.  For an extra 10 entries share my post making sure to tag me and use the #simplylovelylumbergiveaway so I see it!  Winner will be posted back here on the blog Monday evening!  Good luck to everyone and thank you so much Vicky!!  Thanks for stopping by!



Upcycling a Crib Spring

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Hey guys!!  I’m here today with a really fun and easy project for you!  It’s the last piece for my girls’ reading corner in their room.

Upcycle a crib spring into a fun photo display!!

Isn’t she pretty?!  It started last year (Yep, I said last YEAR!!) when I was helping one of my brothers and his wife move.  My nephew was transitioning out of his crib into his big boy bed and my brother was going to throw the crib spring out.  Have no worries though, because I came to the rescue haha.  Trash picking is kind of my thing so I saw potential where nobody else did.  I originally planned to paint it a cream color and hang it in my kitchen.  I partially painted it and then it sat.  And sat.  And sat.  Did I mention it just sat?  And that brings us to the present day.  Enter spray paint and a beautiful morning.

Upcycle a crib spring into a fun photo display!!

Upcycle a crib spring into a fun photo display!!

It’s really easy.  Just remember that when you spray paint you want to do several light coats as opposed to one very thick coat.  That will prevent you from having paint runs.  Paint it really well on the front and the back.  Once it’s all dry you can hang that bad boy up!  I used 3″ screws into studs and just laid it on the screws.  This is probably not the most secure way to do it so if you have little ones that will be pulling on it you will probably want to hang it up a different way.  My kids know that I am the only one allowed to put pictures on or off and in the few weeks that it’s been in their room they haven’t messed with it at all.

Upcycle a crib spring into a fun photo display!!

I got some cute clothes pins from the Target Dollar Spot, woot woot, and used those to hang up our pictures.  That cute wood sign is from Hobby Lobby and was on sale for like 3 bucks!  Yay, for a great deal!  I am absolutely in love with how my girls room is coming together!  I really wanted a gallery wall which I love a ton!

Easy DIY magnetic picture frames!  This is a great project to let the kids help!!

But this corner is by far my favorite!  Between the book display, wall mount doll house, tissue paper pom poms (target), the crib spring picture display, and that sweet In The Morning Jesus sign from my Etsy shop, I could stare at this space all day!!

Upcycle a crib spring into a fun photo display!!

I have one more spot in their room that I will be sharing with you guys next week!  I hope you come back to see it and please come back tomorrow because I have another really great giveaway happening!!  Thanks for stopping by!





Maker Wednesdays–Loren Miller

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Happy hump day!  Guys, have I got a good one for you today!  One of my favorite and most beeeeautiful friends, Loren Miller, is here with us today to share a great inexpensive DIY.  If you don’t know her already (GASP!!!) please please head over to her Instagram and start stalking, I mean following, her!  She is so amazing!  Now that I’ve gone on and on about her lets get onto the post so I can prove my point about how awesome and gorgeous she is haha.

Loren Miller – DIY Potted Moss Trees
I’m a wifey of 8 years to my handsome hubby, and a momma to our three kiddos. I am an esthetician and makeup artist who took up DIY-ing/home decor after switching careers to a full time stay at home mom. I had to get creative due to an expensive taste and money conservative husband. 🙂 I am also a writer for Society Letters, Contributor to Everything Home Magazine, and I have my own Etsy shop: Mydearlittlethings
Loren Miller-1
I was so excited when Steph asked me to be a guest blogger for her. Although I must admit I was feeling rather stumped. It was just another Monday and I was just consuming my 5th pot, er cup of coffee. I had just finished getting myself and my three young kids ready, and for all you mamas out there, you know what an accomplishment that is! We live in the city and we are a one car family. Mondays are my days for the car, so I plan my week accordingly. I go to grab the keys and they aren’t there. I don’t freak out too much because they are probably just hanging by the other door. Strike two. My phone buzzes and it’s my hubby – he took the car keys instead of his office keys. I may or may not have had a moment of silence for what would have been my glorious Monday. I had this idea of strolling through Marshall’s and Target picking out new kitchen decor. But my husband doesn’t need to know that!
Alas, my broken heart needed to figure out a plan B. So I decided to make the most out of my day, and DIY my own moss trees. I love shopping at home, and though it isn’t quite the same, sometimes it’s even better! I grabbed whatever I could find, and the beauty of this DIY is that I finished it in under 30 minutes. Most of these things can be found at the dollar store, or even outside.  
Let’s get to it!
• Twigs, or sticks – whatever you prefer 
• Styrofoam balls, or decor balls 
• Moss ( I got mine from the dollar store )
• Glue gun and glue 
• Pots 
 Loren Miller-2
Step 1:
Take your ball form, put glue all over it. I used a lower heat for my glue so it wouldn’t burn my fingers. Moss tends to be messy anyway so I poured it on the counter, and rolled the glue covered ball around in the moss. Do this until it is covered. 
Loren Miller-3
Step 2: 
Put your twig and or stuck inside the ball. 
Loren Miller-4
Step 3: 
Secure your twig and ball into your pot. 
I used moss and glue as well as Buckeyes. You could use rocks, more styrofoam etc. whatever you have on hand. 
 Step 4:
Step back and enjoy! 
Loren Miller-5
Loren Miller-6Loren Miller-7Loren Miller-8
 I made three of these, but I can totally see myself making more of these in different sizes in the future. I think a moss tree forest sounds magical don’t you? There are many ways this could be adapted, and I hope you have fun with whatever way you go about making yours! They are a perfect spring accent with just the right touch of green. 
See?!?!  I told you she was cool!  I think I will be making some of the moss trees very soon!  Thanks so much, Lo!!  Remember to go follow Loren on Instagram and myself and subscribe so you never miss any of the goodness happening around here!  Come back tomorrow another great DIY and as always we have an amazing giveaway that I will be announcing on Friday.  Thanks for stopping by!