Summer Series–Cardboard Box “TV”

Hey friends!!  Do you follow me on Instagram?  If you do, you probably saw the picture I posted of my kiddos coloring a box last night.  The other day one of my daughters told me she wanted to be on TV and she even came up with a way to make it happen.  Smart kid, I tell ya!  She’s super creative and I pretty much always love her ideas.  So, she said, “Why don’t we get a box, color it like a tv, and pretend we are on tv?”  Well kid, I think that’s genius!  So we went to Walmart and got a moving box for $3.77.  This is the link for the one we bought.

When we got the box home we had to do a little “TV” prep work to do.  After taping up the ends, we painted the whole box white.  Ours was brown with green pictures and lettering all over it.  Once it was painted we got out a big scrapbook and traced it onto the side so we had a guide for cutting out our “screen”.  Once the screen is cut out cut a little door in the back and let the kids go crazy decorating that bad boy!


Now that it’s beautifully customized, hop in!


Now the only thing left to do is get an audience…


Since they are watching this amazing TV show at home it’s okay to have crazy swimming hair like the cute chick in the audience!

And there you have it, folks!  Thanks to a very creative little girl we now have a fun project for under $4!  It’s almost like a few projects rolled into one.  Painting-check.  Coloring-check.  Becoming a tv star at only 4 and 7 years old-check!  Now, I’m off to think of some other fun things to do with a box.

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Painted Ikea Toy Storage


Hey friends!  Do your kids have a ton of toys that never get put away?  This is definitely a problem in my house.  A few days ago I went into my son’s room and went on a cleaning spree.  He has these Ikea baskets…


We bought them to try and corral his cars, planes, trains, dirt bikes…you see were I’m going with this.  The kid has tons of small toys which equals a huge mess.  Although these are a great idea he just wasn’t using them and I wasn’t loving how they looked.  When you’re rocking a room like this you need custom baskets.


 (This technically isn’t his room anymore but everything is the same…just transplanted to a new room in a new house)

But never fear.  This little problem was nothing that some paint couldn’t fix!  I wanted them to match his room so I used left over paint from his bed.  I painted them grey and stenciled the car and plane on them with the blue.


The stencils were really easy with my Silhouette.  I just googled “free car silhouette” and “free plane silhouette” and cut them out of vinyl.  I love how they look and I’m hoping they will help him when it comes to keeping his room clean.  He works a lot in therapy and school on sorting things so they are with like objects.  He is very visual so these should help him know where to put his toys.  Well, his cars and airplanes at least haha!  Even if he doesn’t keep his stuff put away at least he has cute baskets now 🙂


BTW, are you guys wondering where the “1” basket is?  Yeah, me too!  I guess it’ll remain a mystery haha.  Do you have anything that’s functional but not all that easy on the eyes or it just doesn’t go with the rest of the room?  I say get busy painting!  I’m thinking about painting his trampoline because I hate the way it looks!  We will see if I ever decide to tackle it.  It’ll be a lot more work than these little baskets.  But baby steps!  One paint job at a time!

Well guys, thanks for stopping by!  Now get busy painting something 😉


Office Organization

Good morning!  Hope you all had a great Mother’s Day yesterday!  Things were good here.  We BBQ’d with my family and had some delicious food!  I have decided to start doing recipes on the blog so I will be sharing my first one with you this week.  We had loaded baked potato salad as part of our Mother’s Day spread.  It was delicious.  I haven’t decided what day of the week to do it but be on the look out!


Today though, I am sharing a little progress in my office.  In bad blogger form, I don’t have a before picture.  I know, I know!  The reason is that one day I just got fed up with it and started going through it all.  Since I don’t have pictures, let me paint you a little mental image.  This cabinet is where I would keep everything that didn’t have somewhere else to go AND all our paperwork.  I have a special needs son.  If any of you have a special needs child you may understand how much paperwork comes with them.  For those of you who don’t let me break it down for you!  When we go to a new specialist it usually comes with a big packet of paperwork to fill out.  I keep copies of all of that.  I have copies from all his regular appts.  We get copies of what our insurance pays every time he does therapy.  Which is a few times a week.  We get progress reports from all his therapies.  Then there is the school paperwork.  We get an IEP (that’s an education plan written to meet his needs) every quarter.  That’s about 10-15 pages.  Now times all of this by 3 because we have had to start over with doctors, specialists, therapists, and schools each time we’ve moved.  And add all the normal paperwork a household acquires and you may see why I was going soooo crazy!  I was risking being crushed by a mountain of paperwork every time I opened the cabinet door haha.

But no more I tell ya!  Now it is beautiful and organized!  Excuse me while I do the happy dance.  Here’s a little tour of what I’ve got going on in there now.


Here she is in all her beautiful glory!  So let’s start at the top.  On the top left are magazine files that I covered in different pieces of scrapbook paper a few years ago.  I keep all of my magazines in those.  Wood magazine, anyone?  On the right side are some storage boxes I picked up at Ikea a few years ago.  I keep our normal household stuff in those.  Things like bills, stuff that’s been paid, and owners manuals.  On top of them is a pretty box that keeps my Silhouette tools and some vinyl.  Now moving into the cabinet.  On the left is all my son’s paperwork put into binders and on the right is things like coloring books, crayons, and puzzles.  Now I’ll show you my favorite part!


I got this basket from Target about 7 years ago.  It’s perfect for holding all my craft paint.


I built these boxes a couple of years ago and now they keep my painting supplies in check.  I keep mason jars in them for things like pens, paint brushes, and paint markers.  I have been thinking about painting them to cute them up a bit!  I’ll let you know if it actually happens.  For now I’m just happy that it is no longer a safety hazard and instead of coming in here and getting stressed out anytime I need to find a piece of paper, I get to see this!


Now let’s hope this organization kick keeps on going.  Everyone once in a while I browse my Cleaning/Organization board on Pinterest hoping it’ll motivate me to de-clutter something.  Sometimes it actually works!  Have you guy’s done any organizing lately?  Hopefully this helps motivate you a little bit!  Hope you all have a great day!


Dream Big

Hey friends!!  So I have an adorable little project that I LOOOOVE!  So I’m a sucker for color…and grey.  So this project was perfect.  It’s quick and easy and would look so cute in a kiddo’s room or even out in the living room.  And the best part of DIY?  Change it up to whatever colors you love!

So I had some scrap lumber in my garage that I didn’t know what to do with so I decided to make some signs.  For this one I started by painting it white.


Once the white was dry I raided my paint boxes.  I used 7 different colors of paint for this part.  It’s a good way to use some of the paints that you buy because they are pretty with no particular project in mind!  I started by doing all of the reds/pinks/purples.  I didn’t care if these ones blended together.


When that was all dry I went back in with the blues and greens.  This takes no skill at all people!  Just do random swipes here and there until you think it’s pretty.  Then you are done haha.  I actually think I love it just like this but I went a step further.


I cut out “dream big” on vinyl with my Silhouette.  I put it down on my sign then went over it with a pretty grey.  I distressed it a little when it was all dry but I got a little crazy so I just went back and put some more grey on and called it good!


What do you guy’s think?  I also think it would look awesome in an office or craft room.  And this little beauty, along with 5 other signs, are up for auction over on my Facebook page right now!  If you don’t follow me please go do it!  If you don’t feel like doing this yourself you have a chance to snag it there!  Yay!!

Thanks for stopping by guys and remember I love pins 😉 and please go visit me on Facebook!


Painting a Dresser

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Hey there, lovelies!!  So, do y’all love a good before and after as much as I do?  Cause if you do you came to the right place today!!  I’m so excited to show you my latest project.    Today we are turning an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan!  Okay, actually we are only turning an ugly dresser into a beautiful dresser but that just doesn’t sound as impressive.  But enough words…let’s get on with this!

Wanna see what I started with?  Here she is…


She even came with some awesome dust containers…


Not very pretty but nothing a good wash and paint couldn’t solve!  To start I scrubbed this baby down with some warm soapy water.  Then I went over the whole thing looking for places that needed some wood filler and filled to my little heart’s content. Once the wood filler was dry I sanded it smooth. Then came the “new to me” part.  My dresser was ridiculously shiny and I’m ridiculously lazy so I ran to the store and bought some liquid deglosser.  This one to be exact.  This is the first time I’ve used it.  It’s supposed to take the shine off of your project so your paint can adhere to it.  When I used it there was still a little shine left  but like I said, I’m lazy, so I proceeded anyways!  So far it seems okay but we will see how it stands up to 3 kidlets.  I’ll do an update in a few months to let you know if I recommend it or not!  Next up was primer!  I used my favorite Zinsser primer that I used on the chalkboard, this dresser, this bed, all the playroom furniture, this toddler bed, and every other painted piece of furniture I have done.  You guys get the point, right?  I swear by this stuff!  Once it was all dry I painted it with Behr paint from Home Depot.  The color is called Pooh’s Favorite Things and it is beautiful!!


I used the same handles that were on the dresser.  I just took them out back and gave them a few light coats of white spray paint.


Once everything dried I put it all back together and admired my work!


I really love it!  I think it’s looks so beautiful in my girls room.  I really love how it makes the flames on their wall POP!!!  Okay, so maybe I’m not a fan of the flames but I need to decide if I am going to paint over them with the same color or change the color of their walls all together.  If this were our home the decision would be simple.  The color would definitely be changed.  The color now doesn’t really match their dresser but since this paint job better last longer than the 1-2 years we plan on living here I went with the dresser color I liked.  And even if the color doesn’t really match it sure does make this little corner of their room a lot more beautiful.  Now when I walk into their room this is the view I’m greeted with…

DSC02432 DSC02433

Pretty, huh?  I’ve been working on some projects that will be hung above their dresser this week.  I will show you everything I made and how I did them in case you want to give them a try!  And see that white basket holding all their friends?  I’ll be back this week with his story!  Hopefully I’ll also have a lamp redo for you soon.  I know the bright pink shade isn’t really working with everything else that I have made but for now my mind is blank on what to do with it.  Until then here is a side by side, or top and bottom, of the dresser.  It looks so much more impressive when you see them right next to each other haha

Find out how to refinish a dresser without sanding!  This site has tons of great DIY tips!

Hope you all have a great day!!


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A Home For All My Spring Goodies

Easy Console Table

So, who wants to see a bunch of pictures showing you how to build this cute little console table??  Well sorry folks!  I actually started this table before I had committed to myself to start the blog so there are no pics.  But have no fear, you will see pics in the next few weeks because I’m building another one!  The reason?  I had originally built this to fit in front of my window.  I love the table but it’s just to small for the space.  But luckily it fits perfectly on a wall in my hallway upstairs so as soon as I build a bigger version for the front window, this little guy will be moving upstairs.  But in the meantime, I will tells you guys how I did it and give you all the measurements.  Fair enough??  Okay good.  Let’s get started then!

This is the cut list.

If you have never built anything I think this is a pretty easy project to start off.  I put this whole table together using pocket hole screws but you don’t need to do it like this.  You can countersink holes and fill them in with wood filler.   If you plan on building though I definitely recommend getting yourself a Kreg Jig.  It’s my best friend in tool world.  It makes everything so much easier.  I will show you some pics so you can see what the pocket holes look like.  I’ve got this kit here.  Definitely worth the money!

Here are the steps I took to build the table.
1-Build two sides by attaching side aprons to legs (be sure to do this step first because you won’t be able to fit your drill in if you do the front and backs first).  I lay the apron on 3/8″ small board while I attach it to the legs to inset it.  If you keep the apron flush with the 2×2 legs you can crack your wood.  At least I always do haha.  You can put the shelf up as high or low as you want.  Just make sure you are putting the shelf aprons on all at the exact same height.
2-Attach top and shelf back and front aprons to legs again using the 3/8″ board to help you out.
3-Flip table upside down and attach bottom shelf flush with the top of the aprons.  The bottom will not be flush since the aprons are 2x’s and the shelf is a 1x.
4-Lay table top on the ground with the bottom facing up and put the table on top of it upside down.  I used pocket holes so I just screwed through the pocket holes in the apron to attach the top.

Here are a few pics of the top to show you how I attached it all.
This is the underside of the shelf.  I didn’t bother painting the bottom of the shelf since I’m keeping it and nobody will ever see underneath anyways.
And a few more pics just because I’m in love!  I told you my little pots needed a place to live!  I love all the bright happy colors.  It almost makes me not notice the 6ish inches of snow we got yesterday.  In March.  Did I tell you guys how much I miss AZ?
 That’s pretty much it guys.  Like I said I will be posting another post in a few weeks once I get the bigger table built.  I will be sure to take some in progress pictures so you can see what all I’m talking about.  I will be back on Wednesday with another quickie project for you guys but do any of you think you will be tackling this?  Or any furniture?  I would love to see everyone elses pics!

Some Easter Fun!

Hey guys!  I’m back tonight with my first post…woot woot!  You are as excited as I am, right??  Okay good.  Now let’s get into it!

I did a quick little Spring/Easter project that I want to share with you guys.  Isn’t is so colorful and springy??  The cheery colors are helping me kick my winter blues haha.  I already have an idea for what I am going to replace the adorable bunnies with after Easter but you’re just gonna have to wait!  But for now let’s get into a little bit of spring, shall we?


So this is what we started off with:


Don’t be scare of the Vaseline, it’s not weird.  Although rubber gloves were also involved haha.  This part of the project only cost about $6 (includes pink ribbon that is not pictured)  but I had the paints and Vaseline on hand already.

So to start it off I painted the pots brown.  Don’t worry about doing this perfectly.  As you can see I don’t paint the inside completely.  You just want to be sure that when you have your flowers in your pots you don’t see any of the original pot color.


The next part is where the Vaseline comes into play.  I learned this technique over at Shanty 2 Chic.  You can read their post about it here The Vaseline helps to get a distressed look.  Anywhere you want the base color to peak through just rub a bit of Vaseline.  But I recommend wearing gloves because it feels gross!  Trust me on this people…just wear the gloves.  And just use a little Vaseline.  You don’t need much.


After that just put your top color on!  Once I had the blue on I decided I didn’t really want the distressed look so I didn’t try to sand it down at all.  If I did I would have tried a 220 sand paper and sanded it very lightly to get some of the brown to show through.  BTW, this blue is THE BEST color ever!  I think if you continue to read my blog you will see that I have a slight obsession with it!  It’s Americana “Indian Turquoise”.  You can buy it at Michael’s.  That’s it for the pots!  For the tiny wreath’s I planned on painting them with a brush but it didn’t work out so I just took them out to the garage and gave them a few coats of gloss white spray paint.  Just remember to do a few light coats.  The best part is those little cuties only cost $.49/ea at Michael’s.  I think I should stock up and find other uses for them because they are almost the cutest thing ever!  I just put some ribbon around them and taped the ribbon to the inside of the pot.  Easy peasy!  The flowers and rabbit were all from Hobby Lobby.  I think they have a much better flower selection but remember your coupon.  The cute little bunnies were $3.99 on sale for 50% off…go snatch some up before they are gone!

And that’s it!  We officially got through our first post together…was it as awesome as you had imagined?  haha.  If you have a Pinterest (of course you do, who doesn’t) you should definitely pin this!  And just because I didn’t show you what you can really do with the awesome distressing technique from the Shanty 2 Chic girls I wanted to show you a picture frame I did so you can see what you can do with it.  And yes, it is Indian Turquoise.  I told you it’s an obsession people…don’t judge!


Well hope you all have a good weekend and I will be back Monday night to show you guys my newest furniture build.  And don’t forget…get Pinning 🙂