Summer Series–Cardboard Box “TV”

Hey friends!!  Do you follow me on Instagram?  If you do, you probably saw the picture I posted of my kiddos coloring a box last night.  The other day one of my daughters told me she wanted to be on TV and she even came up with a way to make it happen.  Smart kid, I tell ya!  She’s super creative and I pretty much always love her ideas.  So, she said, “Why don’t we get a box, color it like a tv, and pretend we are on tv?”  Well kid, I think that’s genius!  So we went to Walmart and got a moving box for $3.77.  This is the link for the one we bought.

When we got the box home we had to do a little “TV” prep work to do.  After taping up the ends, we painted the whole box white.  Ours was brown with green pictures and lettering all over it.  Once it was painted we got out a big scrapbook and traced it onto the side so we had a guide for cutting out our “screen”.  Once the screen is cut out cut a little door in the back and let the kids go crazy decorating that bad boy!


Now that it’s beautifully customized, hop in!


Now the only thing left to do is get an audience…


Since they are watching this amazing TV show at home it’s okay to have crazy swimming hair like the cute chick in the audience!

And there you have it, folks!  Thanks to a very creative little girl we now have a fun project for under $4!  It’s almost like a few projects rolled into one.  Painting-check.  Coloring-check.  Becoming a tv star at only 4 and 7 years old-check!  Now, I’m off to think of some other fun things to do with a box.

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Bows, Bows, and More Bows

Happy Thursday friends!  Just checking in to let you guys see what my girls and I did yesterday afternoon to pass some time.  They constantly ask me if we can do projects.  So we went through our craft stash yesterday and decided to make some hair bows.  Well, technically, I guess they are more hair flowers than bows but who cares.  All I know is they are adorable!  We had a package of hair clips that we had bought from Hobby Lobby a while ago and some flowers from Pick Your Plum.  The clips came in a pack of 12 for $3.99 but just google “Hobby Lobby coupon” on your phone to get your 40% off coupon and show the cashier.  Now you get 12 clips for $2.40.  Woot woot!  And now back to the flowers.  Like I said I got them from Pick Your Plum a long time ago so I don’t remember how much they were.  But I’m sure they were cheap!  If you don’t already shop them you should definitely consider it.  They sell really great things for even better prices!  If you want to try them out you can click the link in the sidebar and get shopping 😉

So onto the bows.  They are really simple.  I cut little strips of felt to kind of sandwich the clip.  We put the felt under the metal part of the clip, put hot glue onto the metal and then put the flower on.  It doesn’t get any more simple!

And now we have a plethora of different hair bows/flowers!




Now that we had all of these beauties we needed somewhere to keep them.  Let me let you in on a little secret.  Sometimes I buy picture frames and hang them but never get around to putting in a photo.  Yes, I’m that girl.  We display beautiful photos of people we will never in our lives meet!  So I had bought a frame at Target a while back for a few bucks.  I hung it up and never took out the picture of that came in.  That baby was pretty cute, btw.  So I figured that would be perfect for these.  I grabbed the frame,hit the craft stash and found some ribbon, and got some heavy duty tape.  All I did was tape the ribbon onto the back of the picture frame mat and put it all back together, minus the glass of course.  Now we have a way to store the hair clips and I love that it doubles as wall art.  I’ve never been very fond of the bow holders I’ve seen around the world wide.  I guess I just don’t like how big they are and how spaced out the bows go.  This is nice and small and they all fit in their nice and tight.  I’m a fan!



And now, just because I think they are so stinkin’ cute, here are some pictures of my little models!




Apparently these new bows make her so happy she could kiss her sister!!  All in all not a bad project.  We used our craft supplies, had fun, got a bunch of new hair accessories, and the baby we don’t know is no longer being represented in their room haha.  Now it’s off the prepare for the next project!