Summer Series–Pretend Birthday Party!


Hey guys!  So I suck and I missed the past two weeks in the Summer Series.  My bad.  Please still love me!  Today we did something really fun though to make up for it!  We threw a surprise birthday party!  The best part?  It wasn’t anybody’s birthday.  So, we decided to pretend it was everybody’s haha.  Yep, that’s right.  Today we had a 7 person birthday party.  My kids loved it!  They called Grandma up this morning and asked her if she could pick up their cousins and come to our house for a surprise.  They had no idea what we were planning.  We had a box of cupcake mix and frosting in the cabinet that we whipped up and then we raided our craft/party supply baskets and got to work decorating.  The best part about this party was it cost us nothing!  Woohoo!  I wish every party was so cheap!  We kept it completely “No Fuss–100% Fun”.  We used up some party streamers and balloons from our baskets and then went to trusty ol’ Pinterest to find some cute printables to use as decorations.  We stuck them up on the walls using a few different cute Washi tapes.  To personalize it we printed out the striped signs and added everybody’s name onto them.  They were supposed to be adorable candle cards but I cut them down because we were running out of time before everybody came over.  I wish I would have gotten a better picture of them but here is a blurry close up haha.


I just added one name under each Happy Birthday.  We even had a pretty great party hat for one of the birthday girls!


Okay, so it was just an empty fruit snack box but I think she really pulled it off!  And here is a group photo of all (except me because me=photographer) of the birthday folks complete with a blurry boy!


After they got here we had a dance party.  What’s a party without dancing, riiiiiight?  Then, it was time for some of our delicious Funfetti cupcakes.  I think it’s safe to say my kiddos approved.


This picture cracks me up!!  We probably should have cut her off.  It looks like she had a pretty good sugar rush going on haha.


And now, just because no birthday party is complete without some singing, here are the “birthday” peeps signing Happy Birthday!

Well guys that’s the end of the Summer Series!  This is the last week of summer break in our house and I think this was the perfect way to end the series!  Thank you so much for stopping by and if you ever decide to throw a pretend birthday party you should definitely show off your pictures over on my Facebook page!  If you missed any of the other posts in the series you can go check them out by clicking the “Kid’s Projects” tab at the top of the page.  And if you loved all of the adorable printables as much as I did you can go and check them out and download them yourselves using the links below.  Thanks for stopping in!!

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Summer Series–$5 Tree Art


Hey guys!  Guess what??  I’m back to share the newest Summer Series post with you!  This one is cheap and messy.  Fun stuff!  This actually cost us nothing because we had everything on hand but if you don’t have it on hand all you need is a canvas and some craft paint.  We buy the $.50 a bottle stuff.  And I found some 16×20 canvases online at Hobby Lobby that came in a pack of two for $7.99.  Use one of their weekly 40% off coupons and it comes out to $2.40 for one canvas.  Someone pinch me!  I love buying anything that cheap haha.  Now I’m going to break this project down for you guys in just a few steps.

Step 1: Paint a funky tree trunk with some branches.



Now, remember that you have never claimed to be an artist so it’s perfectly acceptable that it looks like an infant painted the trunk.  You may proceed to the next step!

Step 2: Grab some kids, paint, and paint brushes and brush those cute tiny hands!



Step 3: Take control and put their hands were you want them to go.  You may feel free to skip this step if you are not a control freak.




Step 4: This one is also optional!  Grab a paint brush and get a tiny bit of paint on it to smooth out the tree if you heart so desires.  Mine did!  This is what it looked like when we were all done.



Now go wash those tiny hands and sit back and look at your happy little tree.  Yeah, that’s right, I just went all Bob Ross on you guys.  My dad would be so proud of me!  He used to record Bob Ross on our VCR and play it back while recreating the paintings.  Good stuff!

This project may or may not be done.  I think it would look really cute with 5 birds perched up on a branch and maybe our last name across the bottom but I haven’t really decided how I want it to look so for now she will stay like this!  It’s pretty cute just the way it is!

Well, thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to check out the previous Summer Series posts!  You can check them all out at the top of the blog under the “Kid’s Projects” tab.  Hope you come back soon!


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Summer Series–Cardboard Box “TV”

Hey friends!!  Do you follow me on Instagram?  If you do, you probably saw the picture I posted of my kiddos coloring a box last night.  The other day one of my daughters told me she wanted to be on TV and she even came up with a way to make it happen.  Smart kid, I tell ya!  She’s super creative and I pretty much always love her ideas.  So, she said, “Why don’t we get a box, color it like a tv, and pretend we are on tv?”  Well kid, I think that’s genius!  So we went to Walmart and got a moving box for $3.77.  This is the link for the one we bought.

When we got the box home we had to do a little “TV” prep work to do.  After taping up the ends, we painted the whole box white.  Ours was brown with green pictures and lettering all over it.  Once it was painted we got out a big scrapbook and traced it onto the side so we had a guide for cutting out our “screen”.  Once the screen is cut out cut a little door in the back and let the kids go crazy decorating that bad boy!


Now that it’s beautifully customized, hop in!


Now the only thing left to do is get an audience…


Since they are watching this amazing TV show at home it’s okay to have crazy swimming hair like the cute chick in the audience!

And there you have it, folks!  Thanks to a very creative little girl we now have a fun project for under $4!  It’s almost like a few projects rolled into one.  Painting-check.  Coloring-check.  Becoming a tv star at only 4 and 7 years old-check!  Now, I’m off to think of some other fun things to do with a box.

Before I go, don’t forget to check out our preview Summer Series posts!
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Bows, Bows, and More Bows

Happy Thursday friends!  Just checking in to let you guys see what my girls and I did yesterday afternoon to pass some time.  They constantly ask me if we can do projects.  So we went through our craft stash yesterday and decided to make some hair bows.  Well, technically, I guess they are more hair flowers than bows but who cares.  All I know is they are adorable!  We had a package of hair clips that we had bought from Hobby Lobby a while ago and some flowers from Pick Your Plum.  The clips came in a pack of 12 for $3.99 but just google “Hobby Lobby coupon” on your phone to get your 40% off coupon and show the cashier.  Now you get 12 clips for $2.40.  Woot woot!  And now back to the flowers.  Like I said I got them from Pick Your Plum a long time ago so I don’t remember how much they were.  But I’m sure they were cheap!  If you don’t already shop them you should definitely consider it.  They sell really great things for even better prices!  If you want to try them out you can click the link in the sidebar and get shopping 😉

So onto the bows.  They are really simple.  I cut little strips of felt to kind of sandwich the clip.  We put the felt under the metal part of the clip, put hot glue onto the metal and then put the flower on.  It doesn’t get any more simple!

And now we have a plethora of different hair bows/flowers!




Now that we had all of these beauties we needed somewhere to keep them.  Let me let you in on a little secret.  Sometimes I buy picture frames and hang them but never get around to putting in a photo.  Yes, I’m that girl.  We display beautiful photos of people we will never in our lives meet!  So I had bought a frame at Target a while back for a few bucks.  I hung it up and never took out the picture of that came in.  That baby was pretty cute, btw.  So I figured that would be perfect for these.  I grabbed the frame,hit the craft stash and found some ribbon, and got some heavy duty tape.  All I did was tape the ribbon onto the back of the picture frame mat and put it all back together, minus the glass of course.  Now we have a way to store the hair clips and I love that it doubles as wall art.  I’ve never been very fond of the bow holders I’ve seen around the world wide.  I guess I just don’t like how big they are and how spaced out the bows go.  This is nice and small and they all fit in their nice and tight.  I’m a fan!



And now, just because I think they are so stinkin’ cute, here are some pictures of my little models!




Apparently these new bows make her so happy she could kiss her sister!!  All in all not a bad project.  We used our craft supplies, had fun, got a bunch of new hair accessories, and the baby we don’t know is no longer being represented in their room haha.  Now it’s off the prepare for the next project!


Summer Series–“Frozen” Glitter Gak

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Hey guys!  Thanks for stopping by!  Every Tuesday this summer I will be sharing a project to do with your kids.  This is my attempt to keep my sanity by keeping my kids happy!  I’m sure all of the posts will be things we find off of Pinterest so be sure to go to the links I provide to check out the genius behind all of these fun projects!

So, are your kids on summer vacation yet?  My kiddo has been on vacation for about two weeks now but they have been a crappy two weeks so we are just now getting into a good groove.  The flu decided to weasel it’s way into our happy little home and it refused to leave for two weeks.  So glad that’s over!  But now we are in vacation mode, which means, fight mode!  With 3 kids in the house it is so important to keep them busy so we make it to the end of the summer with the same number of kidlets!!  I’m pretty sure if I didn’t keep my girls occupied my son would want to pack up and run away haha.  But never fear!  With the powers of Pinterest it is so easy to keep them busy and not break the bank.  One project we love to make is Gak.  We found a pin a few years ago from Lil Luna and tried it out and it has been our go to recipe ever since.  You can go view her post by clicking here.  Apparently she is in AZ, too, trying to beat the heat.  Maybe we should be pals.  Lil Luna, if you are reading this can we our kids have a play date?  Now, let’s move on from me being an internet creep and get into some Gak, shall we?

 Keep the kids entertained this summer with inexpensive kid friendly projects.  Check out the blog for even more ideas!

So recently we decided to see what all the fuss with Frozen was about.  I must say, it’s so adorable!  I’m almost tempted to move back to freezing North Dakota just so I can have my own Olaf.  Almost!  Instead of going back to freeze in North Dakota, we decided to make our Gak Frozen themed.  With the help of some purple food coloring and lots of glitter we ended up with this!


If you’ve never made this stuff you are missing out.  It’s super cheap, super easy, fun to play with, and keeps the kids busy for hours!  My girls were literally playing with this for 2 hours.  And we will be able to play with it some more because it keeps really well in a Ziploc bag.  Just squeeze the air out.  I’m not sure how long because we usually end up tossing ours after playing with it a few times.  But here is how you can make your own.

Pour two bottles of Elmer’s glue into a bowl.  Fill the empty bottles with water, shake them up, and pour them into the bowl with the glue.


Stir that up and then add your food coloring and glitter if you are using it.  Mix it up well.


Now is the fun part when it turns from colored, watered down glue into Gak.  You will mix half of a cup of warm water with a teaspoon of borax.  Mix that into the mixture and it will pretty much immediately turn into Gak.  Stir it as much as you can and then get in there with your hands!  The more you squish it and play with it the better it will get.


This is the point of the process were we pretty much lose my son.  He came back to touch it once.  It went something like this.  Ewwwww, that’s gross.  And then he was gone.


But that’s okay.  He still has a lot of fun pouring in glue and stirring it and my girls love playing with it so in the end I have 3 happy kids.  I have fun with it too!  This stuff is so fun and I love how it sort of “melts” when it sits.  These started as little balls that were lined up.


And look how fun it is when you stretch it.


The only thing I am bummed about was the glitter.  We used a crap ton (yes, this is an actual measurement) of glitter but it really didn’t sparkle like we had hoped.  It was still a ton of fun though.  For just a couple of dollars you can have fun with your kids and give them something to do for hours.  We love playing around with different colors.  Word on the streets is next time we make Gak we are making green, purple, and pink.  What can I say?  These people know what they want!  Well I hope you guys get busy making something fun.  I would love to hear some other ideas!  Come back to visit soon!!


Step Right Up…

Hey guys!  Just wanted to check in with you guys so you know I’m still alive and kickin haha.  I wish I was able to post more but life keeps getting in the way.  I have gotten a few projects done though and I wanted to share one with you.  It’s this cute little step stool that I made for someone.


Isn’t it adorable?  I love the bright cheery color that I was able to pick up for only $0.50!  Woot!!  Yay for mistint paint!  I was so lucky that I happened to find exactly what I needed.  And don’t you just love my baby palm tree?  It has no reason to be in the pictures but I’m a little obsessed with it so there it is.  We are actively trying to think of a name for him so suggestions are welcome haha.  The stool went together pretty fast.  The worst part was the jigsaw but I’m getting better at it.  I snapped a few pictures while I was putting it together but, as always, you can stop over at Ana White and get the plans so you can make one yourself.

The directions were really easy to follow.  I started off by clamping my two sides together and cutting them at the same time so I was sure they matched up perfectly.    You can follow Ana’s measurementsso you know where to make all of your cuts.

Look at those cuts.  Ooo-la-la!  Someone has some mad jigsaw skills!!  Once the bottom was cut I turned them over and did the top.


Next I cut out my 1×2 supports.  I assembled the whole thing using my Kreg Jig so figure out where you need to drill your pocket holes and get all of those made.  Now you can assemble it.  Don’t forget your glue!


Here is the way I did it:

1.  Bottom step onto both sides.
2.  Supports under bottom step.
3.  Top step.
4.  Supports under top step.
5.  Back support (Face the pocket holes out so you can access them easier, same with back/top support.)

Now you’re finished up.  Fill all of the visible pocket holes with wood filler and sand.  A little tip for filling pocket holes…get the tube of wood filler so you can squeeze it right into the hole or put filler into a ziplock bag and clip off the corner and make it sort of like a pastry bag.  It makes it really easy to make sure you are filling the whole hole.  And when you are filling something as big as a pocket hole you will need to repeat the process 2 or 3 times making sure it is completely dry between fillings.  Also, I added silicone onto the bottom of the stool so it wouldn’t slide around.  Just squeeze it out of the tube onto the bottom and run your finger over to smooth it out.  I put on 3 coats.  Now sit back and enjoy your handy work!

With two 4 year olds who have a hand washing obsession like their momma, we could definitely use a few of these around our house.  We will see if I ever get the time!  But hopefully you all get the time to make one or some!  And if you do I would love to see them.  And please show me some love and Pin away and follow me on BlogLovin’, my new favorite way to follow blogs.  Thanks for stopping by!


Toddler Chair and Stools

Hey guys!  A while back someone contacted me about a few little projects she was looking to have built for her kiddos and I’m here tonight to show them to you all!  She was looking for a little seat and a few stools and I think they came out so cute!!  I’m beginning to realize I really need practice in the “Taking pictures as I go” category of blogging so I apologize but I did snap a few pictures and the rest is really easy to figure out.  Here are the finished pictures though because everyone loves to see afters!

DSC01970 DSC01975

Aren’t they cute!  I had my 3 year olds test them out and they are the perfect size.  Unfortunately one of my daughter’s favorite color is purple so she just doesn’t understand that the purple stool is not for her.  Guess my list of things that I need to make my kiddos just got a little longer.

I made these out of 1×12 whitewood from Lowe’s.  The trickiest part for me is cutting out the shapes.  For some reason me and the jigsaw just cannot seem to get along but that is something we will just need to work out on our own.  Maybe counseling will help us.  Or I guess if I get desperate I can just spend a few hours cutting out different shapes to help get more practice!  But enough about me and the jigsaw.

To start I cut the 1×12’s down to size.  For the chair I cut 2 pieces @ 14″ and for each stool I cut 2 pieces @ 7.75″.  Next I traced the shapes onto one board from each project.  Here’s is the drawing for the chair.


The stools I just used my yogurt lid and traced a few half circles were I thought they would look good.  Next step is to cut these puppies out.  I think the best way to do it is to clamp both sides down and cut them out together.  This way you are sure they match up.  This is the chair after I cut them out.  It looks pretty rough but I got in there with the sander and a dremel and smoothed it all out again doing it while they were clamped together.


Here is what the stool pieces looked like.


After this point I sucked and didn’t take any pictures.  I know…bad blogger!  But it is really easy to figure out.  For the stool I first attached the back rest to the leg pieces.  I used a 1×6 cut @ 13″.   Just remember…use glue, countersink your holes, and make sure it is even on both sides.  My back rest hangs over each side by about 1/4 of an inch.  Next step is to add the seat.  I used a 1×10 cut @ 13″.  Just screw through the seat making sure you are going into the legs.  Last step is the support on the bottom.  I used a 1×2 cut @ 11″.  I attached it with glue and 1 1/4″ screws through the outside of the legs.

The stools were assembled pretty much the same way.  First top and then the bottom support.  For the stool tops I used a 1×12 cut @ 13″ and a 1×2 @ 10″ for the support.  Now all you need to do is fill the screw holes with wood filler and sand everything down when it’s all dry.  To finish these I used Zissner 1-2-3 primer and a few coats of ColorPlace paint from Walmart.  Once they were all done I sprayed them with Design Master Dresden Clear Glaze to protect the finish.  Here are a few more shots of the finished product.


DSC01969-001 DSC01974 DSC01977
So what do you think?  I am really happy with all 3 pieces but I am really loving the stools!  Hopefully one day I get around to making some for my house.  I think I will have 3 happy kiddos if I do!  Unfortunately my to do list is usually about 40 pages long so for now I’ve got a few other projects in the works.  I’m also working on re-doing my girls’ bedroom so I will share everything with you guys.  I have a bed built that I just need to finish painting.  I will share some pictures of it with you later this week and the list of what needs to be done!  Until then I hope you all have a great week and I hope you are able to get a little DIY-ing done!


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