DIY Big Girl Beds…Finally

That’s right folks!  We have big girl beds…finally!


The days of my little chicks sleeping on mattresses on the floor are over.  I don’t know who is more excited.  Me or them?  It’s a toss up.  All I do know is I am so happy that the “no bed days” are over.  When we left Nebraska we got rid of their toddler beds because they weren’t in great shape.  We took the mattresses and figured we would just make some new beds when we got a house in AZ.  Well, we got a house.  Then twin mattresses.  Then wood for beds.  And that’s where it stopped.  For months.  Then last week I somehow got this energy and motivation and took my butt to the garage and got to work.  And you know what?  Five hours later I had two cute little beds.  Yes, you read that right.  Five hours!  What the crap took me so long to get out there and do it??  I have no idea but it doesn’t matter.  All that matters is we had beds!  I spend the next 2 days sanding, wood filling, sanding, wood filling, sanding…you get the point.  Friday I got them painted and Saturday got them all set up.  The kids were so excited they decided to have a sleep over Saturday night.


So I snapped some pictures along the way to share with you peeps but for the full instructions go visit Ana White.  I followed her instructions almost exactly.  The only thing I switched up was the height of the headboards and footboards.  I made them a little bit shorter so I could get all 4 pieces out of one sheet of plywood.  Have the store cut down your plywood and things will go really fast!  Start by cutting your headers to size.  One on board you want to draw your curve.  I used a skim board to get my curve.  Just play around with different stuff until you have a shape you want.


I did half of the board and then traced it onto a piece of cardboard to use as a template for the other half of the board.  Once you have the whole thing cut out you can use it to trace the shape for the other header, or in my case the other 3.


Once I had all 4 cut out, I calmped them together and sanded them all together to try and get the shapes as close as possible.


Once this step is done the rest of the build will fly by.  Use glue and a nail gun to put the bottom 1×6 trim onto your plywood.


On Ana’s directions it has pocket hole screws going from the plywood and the headers into the legs.  I decided to first attach the header to my plywood and then attach them to the legs.


This is what you should have once you are done with the headboard and footboard.


For some reason I don’t have pictures of the next couple of steps.  So, you are just going to attach the 1×6 siderails flush to the bottom of the pieces you already have built.  Once you have that done attach your legs to the bottom.  This is when I painted it.  I sanded them down and filled the pocket holes on the footboards and any other places that needed to be filled with wood filler and then sanded again.  Just repeat this process over and over until it’s to your liking.  A few coats of primer and paint later they were ready to move inside.  Once they were in their room I added the 2×2 cleats.


I put five screws on each side.  Just screw your slats onto your cleats and you’re all done.


I love them so much!  It finally looks like a sweet little girl room in there.  Now I need to get rid of those horrible flames but that probably won’t be until spring or summer.  I decided to go with white bedding and beds because they are so young.  The things they like are constantly changing so I think it will be fun to just switch out decor and maybe some pillows to keep up with their interests.  And I love how the beds look with their dresser. I have a few projects in mind to help bring some of the blue of the dresser over to that side of their room to tie it all together.  But for now we just hung some sweet heart garland for a little touch of color.  We found the garland over at MayDesigns.  I’ll be back tomorrow with some more pictures of the garland but until then stop on over to their blog to print off your own garland.


Here are a few more pictures that I just can’t get enough of!  I can’t wait to get that room painted and get a few more projects done.  Luckily, I’ve felt really motivated lately so they might actually happen haha.

DSC_01671 DSC_0190

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Big Girl Art

Hey guys!!  Wanna know a secret?  Okay, so it’s really not a secret but it is exciting!  I have joined the Silhouette world!  That’s right…I finally got my hands on a Silhouette and I am IN LOVE!!  If you don’t have one go get one right now.  I’ll wait!

Okay, are you  back?  Good.  Now let’s put that bad boy to use and make some adorable little girl art.  You guys know I have been working on a big girl room.  I repainted this beautiful dresser, hung up some pretty sheer white curtains, bought the bedding, and their mattresses will be here in a few days.  Still on my to do list is build the beds, paint the walls, and get up some art.  Well I got a nice little start on their art in the last couple of weeks.  I would like to do a few more things but I’m not sure what yet.  But, in the mean time I think it’s looking pretty cute!


And no, I haven’t painted yet.  The awesome flames are still there.  I just edited them out so I could see what it will look like once they’re gone haha.

I love how all of these came out and the best part is that it was ridiculously inexpensive!  I mostly used things I already had.  This was a plain wooden picture frame that I got from a hobby store years ago and decoupaged some pretty scrapbook paper onto.  Look at those little dolls!  Aren’t they just the cutest?!

The alphabet was made using PicMonkey.  I just started with a cute background and used the “backspacer” font to type out the ABC’s.  I made the letters gray and then changed the A to purple and the I to pink so my girls initials were both done in their favorite color.  I just printed it onto white card stock.  And I didn’t do some weird photo shop trickery to the frame.  It’s just really warped haha


The butterflies were made with the Silhouette.   I found a butterfly I liked in the Silhouette store then duplicated it and made the duplicate a little larger.  Then I cut them out on two different kinds of paper and glued them together.  Once they were finished I glued them onto the gray chevron paper and stuck some little brads through for decoration.  Then you just fold out the wings to make it 3 dimensional.  So easy!

DSC02443 DSC02444

The last one is my favorite!  I did this with the Silhouette as well.  I found some cute dress shapes I liked and bought them from the Silhouette store.  I cut out the same dress on 3 different pieces of paper.  The next part was ridiculously easy, and probably free if you’re a coffee drinker!  I took a coffee filter and cut it into quarters.  I used my glue pen and glued one quarter of a coffee filter onto each dress.

DSC02369 DSC02371 DSC02372 DSC02373

I used some pretty scrapbook paper, glued some twine onto it, glued some really cute clothespins onto that, and then hung the dresses.  I love it and so do my girls!  The best part was I had all of this stuff already so it was free to me but even if you had to buy everything it would still be really inexpensive!


Here’s a picture from a different angle so you can see how the dresses fluff up


So far I’m very happy with the progress!  Don’t forget to follow me and if you like any of this I have added a handy little Pin feature so you can pin things straight from the picture!  You know you wanna 😉

Do you have a Silhouette?  If you had made any Silhouette project lately I would love to see them!!  Hope y’all have a great day!


Painting a Dresser

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Hey there, lovelies!!  So, do y’all love a good before and after as much as I do?  Cause if you do you came to the right place today!!  I’m so excited to show you my latest project.    Today we are turning an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan!  Okay, actually we are only turning an ugly dresser into a beautiful dresser but that just doesn’t sound as impressive.  But enough words…let’s get on with this!

Wanna see what I started with?  Here she is…


She even came with some awesome dust containers…


Not very pretty but nothing a good wash and paint couldn’t solve!  To start I scrubbed this baby down with some warm soapy water.  Then I went over the whole thing looking for places that needed some wood filler and filled to my little heart’s content. Once the wood filler was dry I sanded it smooth. Then came the “new to me” part.  My dresser was ridiculously shiny and I’m ridiculously lazy so I ran to the store and bought some liquid deglosser.  This one to be exact.  This is the first time I’ve used it.  It’s supposed to take the shine off of your project so your paint can adhere to it.  When I used it there was still a little shine left  but like I said, I’m lazy, so I proceeded anyways!  So far it seems okay but we will see how it stands up to 3 kidlets.  I’ll do an update in a few months to let you know if I recommend it or not!  Next up was primer!  I used my favorite Zinsser primer that I used on the chalkboard, this dresser, this bed, all the playroom furniture, this toddler bed, and every other painted piece of furniture I have done.  You guys get the point, right?  I swear by this stuff!  Once it was all dry I painted it with Behr paint from Home Depot.  The color is called Pooh’s Favorite Things and it is beautiful!!


I used the same handles that were on the dresser.  I just took them out back and gave them a few light coats of white spray paint.


Once everything dried I put it all back together and admired my work!


I really love it!  I think it’s looks so beautiful in my girls room.  I really love how it makes the flames on their wall POP!!!  Okay, so maybe I’m not a fan of the flames but I need to decide if I am going to paint over them with the same color or change the color of their walls all together.  If this were our home the decision would be simple.  The color would definitely be changed.  The color now doesn’t really match their dresser but since this paint job better last longer than the 1-2 years we plan on living here I went with the dresser color I liked.  And even if the color doesn’t really match it sure does make this little corner of their room a lot more beautiful.  Now when I walk into their room this is the view I’m greeted with…

DSC02432 DSC02433

Pretty, huh?  I’ve been working on some projects that will be hung above their dresser this week.  I will show you everything I made and how I did them in case you want to give them a try!  And see that white basket holding all their friends?  I’ll be back this week with his story!  Hopefully I’ll also have a lamp redo for you soon.  I know the bright pink shade isn’t really working with everything else that I have made but for now my mind is blank on what to do with it.  Until then here is a side by side, or top and bottom, of the dresser.  It looks so much more impressive when you see them right next to each other haha

Find out how to refinish a dresser without sanding!  This site has tons of great DIY tips!

Hope you all have a great day!!


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Quick and Easy Toddler Bed

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Hey friends!  I’m back today sharing a quick, easy, AND inexpensive toddler bed before spending the weekend outside enjoying the beautiful weather we are finally getting here in NE!  If you have a little one who is ready to get out of their crib this is a great project.  It really could not be any easier.  Just some lumber and a few hours and you can have this…

Such a good idea to transition out of a crib.  This low platform toddler bed keeps kiddos close to the ground and is a simple DIY.  The step by step instructions are on the blog!

I got my inspiration for this from this bed that Shanty 2 Chic and Ana White teamed up on.  I decided to not put the platform on because I figured my girls would probably figure out a way to hurt themselves with it…perhaps use it as a diving board or something.  They’re creative like that 🙂  I think I will eventually make some type of headboards to go with them but first I need to build one more.  I decided to only do one to make sure I liked it before spending the money on another.

So to build the bed I built a box out of 2x6s using my Kreg Jig.  Next, I put 2x2s running the length of the bed on each side just screwed through the 2×2 into the 2x6s.  After that, just screw some 1x3s slats into the 2x2s to lay your mattress on.  The best thing to do would be to measure you mattress and figure out your measurements from there.

DSC01764-001 DSC01765-0011 DSC01766-001

Once this is all done just add your bun feet onto the bottom.  Aren’t they adorable?!

Such a good idea to transition out of a crib.  This low platform toddler bed keeps kiddos close to the ground and is a simple DIY.  The step by step instructions are on the blog! Such a good idea to transition out of a crib.  This low platform toddler bed keeps kiddos close to the ground and is a simple DIY.  The step by step instructions are on the blog!

Now just prime and paint and you’re done!  I’m really loving the color.  I chose it because I found some amazing fabric at JoAnn that I am going to make new bedding with.  I’ll definitely show you guys when it’s all finished up but for now I’m really happy with how it looks.  And the best part is, my girlies love it!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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