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Happy hump day!  Guys, have I got a good one for you today!  One of my favorite and most beeeeautiful friends, Loren Miller, is here with us today to share a great inexpensive DIY.  If you don’t know her already (GASP!!!) please please head over to her Instagram and start stalking, I mean following, her!  She is so amazing!  Now that I’ve gone on and on about her lets get onto the post so I can prove my point about how awesome and gorgeous she is haha.

Loren Miller – DIY Potted Moss Trees
I’m a wifey of 8 years to my handsome hubby, and a momma to our three kiddos. I am an esthetician and makeup artist who took up DIY-ing/home decor after switching careers to a full time stay at home mom. I had to get creative due to an expensive taste and money conservative husband. 🙂 I am also a writer for Society Letters, Contributor to Everything Home Magazine, and I have my own Etsy shop: Mydearlittlethings
Loren Miller-1
I was so excited when Steph asked me to be a guest blogger for her. Although I must admit I was feeling rather stumped. It was just another Monday and I was just consuming my 5th pot, er cup of coffee. I had just finished getting myself and my three young kids ready, and for all you mamas out there, you know what an accomplishment that is! We live in the city and we are a one car family. Mondays are my days for the car, so I plan my week accordingly. I go to grab the keys and they aren’t there. I don’t freak out too much because they are probably just hanging by the other door. Strike two. My phone buzzes and it’s my hubby – he took the car keys instead of his office keys. I may or may not have had a moment of silence for what would have been my glorious Monday. I had this idea of strolling through Marshall’s and Target picking out new kitchen decor. But my husband doesn’t need to know that!
Alas, my broken heart needed to figure out a plan B. So I decided to make the most out of my day, and DIY my own moss trees. I love shopping at home, and though it isn’t quite the same, sometimes it’s even better! I grabbed whatever I could find, and the beauty of this DIY is that I finished it in under 30 minutes. Most of these things can be found at the dollar store, or even outside.  
Let’s get to it!
• Twigs, or sticks – whatever you prefer 
• Styrofoam balls, or decor balls 
• Moss ( I got mine from the dollar store )
• Glue gun and glue 
• Pots 
 Loren Miller-2
Step 1:
Take your ball form, put glue all over it. I used a lower heat for my glue so it wouldn’t burn my fingers. Moss tends to be messy anyway so I poured it on the counter, and rolled the glue covered ball around in the moss. Do this until it is covered. 
Loren Miller-3
Step 2: 
Put your twig and or stuck inside the ball. 
Loren Miller-4
Step 3: 
Secure your twig and ball into your pot. 
I used moss and glue as well as Buckeyes. You could use rocks, more styrofoam etc. whatever you have on hand. 
 Step 4:
Step back and enjoy! 
Loren Miller-5
Loren Miller-6Loren Miller-7Loren Miller-8
 I made three of these, but I can totally see myself making more of these in different sizes in the future. I think a moss tree forest sounds magical don’t you? There are many ways this could be adapted, and I hope you have fun with whatever way you go about making yours! They are a perfect spring accent with just the right touch of green. 
See?!?!  I told you she was cool!  I think I will be making some of the moss trees very soon!  Thanks so much, Lo!!  Remember to go follow Loren on Instagram and myself and subscribe so you never miss any of the goodness happening around here!  Come back tomorrow another great DIY and as always we have an amazing giveaway that I will be announcing on Friday.  Thanks for stopping by!

Summer Series–Cardboard Box “TV”

Hey friends!!  Do you follow me on Instagram?  If you do, you probably saw the picture I posted of my kiddos coloring a box last night.  The other day one of my daughters told me she wanted to be on TV and she even came up with a way to make it happen.  Smart kid, I tell ya!  She’s super creative and I pretty much always love her ideas.  So, she said, “Why don’t we get a box, color it like a tv, and pretend we are on tv?”  Well kid, I think that’s genius!  So we went to Walmart and got a moving box for $3.77.  This is the link for the one we bought.

When we got the box home we had to do a little “TV” prep work to do.  After taping up the ends, we painted the whole box white.  Ours was brown with green pictures and lettering all over it.  Once it was painted we got out a big scrapbook and traced it onto the side so we had a guide for cutting out our “screen”.  Once the screen is cut out cut a little door in the back and let the kids go crazy decorating that bad boy!


Now that it’s beautifully customized, hop in!


Now the only thing left to do is get an audience…


Since they are watching this amazing TV show at home it’s okay to have crazy swimming hair like the cute chick in the audience!

And there you have it, folks!  Thanks to a very creative little girl we now have a fun project for under $4!  It’s almost like a few projects rolled into one.  Painting-check.  Coloring-check.  Becoming a tv star at only 4 and 7 years old-check!  Now, I’m off to think of some other fun things to do with a box.

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Easy Console Table

So, who wants to see a bunch of pictures showing you how to build this cute little console table??  Well sorry folks!  I actually started this table before I had committed to myself to start the blog so there are no pics.  But have no fear, you will see pics in the next few weeks because I’m building another one!  The reason?  I had originally built this to fit in front of my window.  I love the table but it’s just to small for the space.  But luckily it fits perfectly on a wall in my hallway upstairs so as soon as I build a bigger version for the front window, this little guy will be moving upstairs.  But in the meantime, I will tells you guys how I did it and give you all the measurements.  Fair enough??  Okay good.  Let’s get started then!

This is the cut list.

If you have never built anything I think this is a pretty easy project to start off.  I put this whole table together using pocket hole screws but you don’t need to do it like this.  You can countersink holes and fill them in with wood filler.   If you plan on building though I definitely recommend getting yourself a Kreg Jig.  It’s my best friend in tool world.  It makes everything so much easier.  I will show you some pics so you can see what the pocket holes look like.  I’ve got this kit here.  Definitely worth the money!

Here are the steps I took to build the table.
1-Build two sides by attaching side aprons to legs (be sure to do this step first because you won’t be able to fit your drill in if you do the front and backs first).  I lay the apron on 3/8″ small board while I attach it to the legs to inset it.  If you keep the apron flush with the 2×2 legs you can crack your wood.  At least I always do haha.  You can put the shelf up as high or low as you want.  Just make sure you are putting the shelf aprons on all at the exact same height.
2-Attach top and shelf back and front aprons to legs again using the 3/8″ board to help you out.
3-Flip table upside down and attach bottom shelf flush with the top of the aprons.  The bottom will not be flush since the aprons are 2x’s and the shelf is a 1x.
4-Lay table top on the ground with the bottom facing up and put the table on top of it upside down.  I used pocket holes so I just screwed through the pocket holes in the apron to attach the top.

Here are a few pics of the top to show you how I attached it all.
This is the underside of the shelf.  I didn’t bother painting the bottom of the shelf since I’m keeping it and nobody will ever see underneath anyways.
And a few more pics just because I’m in love!  I told you my little pots needed a place to live!  I love all the bright happy colors.  It almost makes me not notice the 6ish inches of snow we got yesterday.  In March.  Did I tell you guys how much I miss AZ?
 That’s pretty much it guys.  Like I said I will be posting another post in a few weeks once I get the bigger table built.  I will be sure to take some in progress pictures so you can see what all I’m talking about.  I will be back on Wednesday with another quickie project for you guys but do any of you think you will be tackling this?  Or any furniture?  I would love to see everyone elses pics!