Closet for an American Girl Doll

Hey folks!  I’m back tonight to show you guys how I built the cute American Girl closet I showed you the other day!


Eeeek, it looks so cute all filled up!  And it was pretty easy to build.  You can find the plans here on Ana White but I have a few pictures of my build to share with you peeps.  First, get your two sides, top, and bottom cut.  Before I put mine together I used my Kreg Jig to put the toe kick on the bottom.  Just use a piece of scrap wood to line it up.

DSC02508 DSC02509

Now you are ready to put your closet together.  When you are putting it together be sure you are staying perfectly square.  If you aren’t square your doors aren’t going to line up right.  Once that’s done add your shelf.  I used a piece of scrap again as a spacer.


Now we’re ready for doors people!  I didn’t take any pictures.  I was doing it alone and it’s a little tricky to line up.  I’m sure there is an easier way to do it.  Maybe I should look into this?  Anyways, when you get your doors on add your handles and your hardware for your closet rod.  I cut cardboard to make templates for my handles and for the closet rod holder.


It’s all finished up!  Now fill that sucker up with adorable things!  Here is an overload of pictures of the one I made.  I may have had to much fun with this.

DSC02565 DSC02567 DSC02570

And one more of the bed and closet together just for fun


Thanks for checking these out.  I hope the little girl who gets them loves them as much as I loved making them!  Now go make some of your own!


Bedding Tutorial for Doll Bed

Hey!  Just like I promised I’m back to tell you guys how I made the rest of the bedding for this gorgeous little doll bed!


Did you guys run right out to the store and get one built today?  I don’t know what you’re waiting for if you didn’t!  Do it, people!  You know you wanna 😉  If you did, now you need some bedding.  First things first, run out to your local Hob Lob, Joann, or where ever you get your fabric and find something adorable!  Now wash, dry, and iron.  This is the worst part!

Once your fabric is ready it’s time to get down to business.  So like I told you yesterday, today I am going to show you the canopy, sheet, and kind of the pillow.  It doesn’t need much instruction but I did take a close up pic cause that’s what any good blogger would do!

Let’s talk about the canopy first.  I decided to make it like I make fitted sheets minus the elastic.  It’s so simple.  First you need to figure out the size and how far you want it to hang down.  My bed measured 21.25″x12.50″.  I wanted the canopy to hang down 3.5″ with a 1/2″ hem.  Now just multiply the 3.5″+1.2″x2 and add it to your first measurements.  Confused yet?  I am!  So let me try to break it down a little better.

3.5″——the drop on one side
.50″—–hem on one side
3.5″——the drop on the other side
+ .50″——hem on other side

3.5″——the drop on one side
.50″—–hem on one side
3.5″——the drop on the other side
+ .50″——hem on other side 20.25″

So now that you have the measurements figured out cut a piece of fabric to those dimensions.  I cut mine to 29.25″20.25″.  Now fold it in half and you are going to cut squares out of the corners.  You will cut the square to what size you want your drop.  I just fold it over so I can cut two corners at a time.  Mine had 3.5″ squares cut out on each corner.


When I make sheets I skip this part because I’m a little lazy!  But since this was for somebody else AND since it wasn’t going to be hidden I hemmed all of the edges.  I use a piece of cardboard with a line drawn on it to use as a guide.  I know, I’m pretty high tech.  Fold over a 1/4 of an inch and then fold that over, iron it, and sew it down.

DSC02536 DSC02537

Once all of your edges are hemmed you are going to take each corner and fold it right sides together and stitch all the way down.


This is what each corner of the canopy should look like when you are done.  I sewed mine at 3/8″.  Trim the bottom corner diagonally and fold it over and you are all done!  It’s simple but I’m sure I made it seem much harder than it is haha.  Once you have this down you can use the same technique to make sheets for your kiddos!  Maybe matching sheets for your little one and her doll??   What little girl wouldn’t love that?!  Okay, let’s move on!

Next up, we are going to tackle the blanket.  I wanted mine to hang all the way down to the floor on each side and I didn’t want it to go up all the way.  Here’s a refresher.


First you need to measure.  I suck so I don’t remember exactly how long my fabric was.  I think it was 24″ to reach the floor on both sides.  I do know the short side was 17″.  So once you have the pieces cut you want to put them right sides together and stitch around 3 sides.  Make sure you start with a long side, then short, then the other long side.  Now stop!  Flip it right side out and iron all of your seems.  I wanted mine to look sort of like a sheet so my next step was to take the last long side and fold it down a quarter of an inch and then 2″.  I then stitched all the way across and I was all finished up.  Here’s a picture so you can get an idea of what mine looks like.


Last up is the pillow.  I cut two rectangles to the size I wanted and with right sides together stitched almost all the way around.  Flip it so it is right side out and stuff it with some batting.  I folded in the edges that weren’t all ready sewn and stitched all the way across the bottom of the pillow.  If you have skills you can just hand sew it so it looks the same all the way around.  I do not possess said skills!  Here’s a picture of her


Isn’t the fabric adorable?  She wanted black and white but when I saw this fabric sitting next to the others I couldn’t resist.  Love!

Now you’re all finished so put it all together and sit back thinking about how awesome you are!  I can’t wait to try different fabrics and paint colors.  I really hope you give this a shot if you have a little girlie on your Christmas list this year.  This is a homemade gift any girl would love to get!  And remember, I’ll be back tomorrow with the closet.  Every girl needs a place to store her clothes, shoes, and accessories!  Hope you come back and check it out…have a great night!!


“18 Doll Bed

Hey boys and girls!!  Are you guys ready for Christmas?  I can tell you who’s not…it’s this girl!!  But today a family friend got to check a few things off of her Christmas list.  It was these two crazy cute pieces of doll furniture made by yours truly.


I know I’m a little biased but aren’t they adorable?!  And a little shout out to my niece Morgan for letting me borrow her dolls and accessories.  You are the best Bo Bo Muffin!!  It’s not weird at all when a 30 year old woman calls her niece to see if she can play with her dolls haha.

So, back to the furniture.  I had so much fun making these.  Especially sewing the bedding.  This is the first time I’ve had any quality time with my sewing machine since moving back to AZ.  Unacceptable, I tell ya!  I took a billion pictures so I’m going to break this into 3 posts.  Today I’m sharing some pictures of the bed with you and my little tutorial on the mattress.  Not many pictures there but it’s easy.  Tomorrow I’ll be back showing you how I did the canopy, blanket, and pillow.  And Thursday I’ll be back with the closet.  But now let’s get back to that gorg little bed.


You know this is an Ana White plan already.  Like I even need to tell you guys that!  But here is a link to the plan.  I didn’t take any pictures of the build because her plan is easy to follow.  The only two tips I have are to make your head board and foot board flush with the inside of the legs so you can screw the frame into them and add an extra support.  Here is a picture of the bed without anything on it.  Boring!  Haha


Now onto the mattress.  It says you can either use cardboard or a piece of plywood.  I choose to use cardboard, foam, and fabric and do it sort of like upholstering something.  So I cut a piece of sturdy cardboard to fit.  I had some foam left over from when a friend and I made a headboard for her little girl.  It worked perfect for this project.  Put your cardboard onto your foam and trace it out then cut it.


I used permanent spray glue to attach it to the cardboard.  Now put your ironed fabric face down and put the “mattress” on top of it.  I used spray glue again to hold it in place.  Now very neatly wrap the fabric around.  I used spray glue and hot glue to keep it in place.


All finished!  Flip it over and this is what it should look like…


If you did it correctly it should fit nice and snug into the bed.  Surprisingly, I did it right the first time!  I know guys.  I’m shocked!!  Doing things right the first time is usually not my thing.

DSC02546 DSC02547

Doesn’t it look good?  I must say, I loved doing this!  It was so much fun and I can’t wait to do it again.  I have two special girls in mind who will be getting some of these beds for Christmas!  I hope you will try them out, too!  And remember I will be back tomorrow showing you how I did the rest of the bedding and the canopy.  Come back and check it out!  I’ll leave you with one more picture for the night 😉