Coffee Mug Holder


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Hey guys!!  Hope y’all have been well!  This week my kids schools are celebrating Teacher Appreciation week and we LOVE their teachers so we get super excited about it!  When this week rolls around I like to think about what I can give their teachers that is different than everything else they are getting.  Now I know it’s a little late to use this idea for a teacher appreciation gift but honestly, it’s great for any coffee lover (or yourself, duh) in your life!  And it’s a perfect way to clean up that scrap wood pile in the garage!  So, let’s get to it!

I have been eyeing the mug holder that Shanty 2 Chic posted since forever!  I’ve been wanting to make one for myself so I decided to make two. Of course they have great step by step instructions on their site that you should check out but I took some photos along the way anyways!

Step 1:


Cut your base pieces. My 1×8 measured 7.25″ so I did the bottom piece 7.25×7.25 and the other piece 6.25×6.25. Also, I wanted mine a bit taller so I cut my 2x2s to 12.5″


Step 2:

Before I put these together I sanded the crap out of them!  Once they are all nice and smooth, clean them and then it’s time to assemble!  Take the smaller piece and glue it to the bigger piece.  I used a bunch of glue on this step and then added some weight to them while they dried.  Once those are dry glue the bottom of the 2×2 and set it there for a little while to dry.  I just centered it by looking at it.



Step 3:

Flip the whole thing upside down and add a screw to hold it all together.  I used a 3″ screw.


Now it’s all done being built!  Finish it however you would like and add the hooks.  I went with Special Walnut for the stain and I love how it came out.  I got the oil rubbed bronze hooks from Walmart.  They were about $6 for a pack of 6.


I’m really in love with the way it came out!  And check out that canvas sign!  I will be posting about how I made that soon!  Here it all is put together for their teacher.


She loved it!!  So, tell you like to make gifts or would you rather purchase them?  And would you rather get a handmade gift or something that somebody bought?  I’m definitely all about the making!

Thanks so much for stopping by and please come back to get the deets on that cute canvas coffee sign!



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