Crib Mattress Sectional Sofa

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DIY Kids Crib Mattress Sectional Sofa

Hey guys!!  Long time no see!  Unfortunately it’s because I haven’t been doing much in the garage.  I go through phases were I’m just to dang lazy to go out and work!  Luckily, it looks like that phase is over…at least until next time haha.  So, I’m so excited to show you guys my latest build!  I actually started it…wait for it…4 months ago!  It was a Christmas present for my little buddy.  Can we say huge momma fail?  Yep, I failed him big time!  Luckily he got tons of other presents so he didn’t even care!  But now it’s done and him (and his sisters) love it!  And guess what?  You can easily make one too!  Like always, it’s an Ana White plan that you can find here and you can see more photos over here at That’s My Letter!  I took pictures of building the frame but for some reason didn’t take pictures while building the arms.  Whoops.  You can easily get the step by step from Ana’s plans though.  So, now that you have the back story let’s get to building this little cutie, shall we?

To start, you are going to build the legs.  This is easy when you use a Kreg Jig.  I have this one!  To make it easy to line everything up I laid the front legs on top of the back legs and drew a line so I know exactly where to put the side apron.



Couch Legs

Now that you have your legs together you will put them together using the front and back aprons.  This part goes much easier if you have the Kreg Right Angle Clamp but of course you can make do without if you don’t have one!



Yay!!  now you have a couch frame!


You can either do it just like this or build two of them if you want a sectional.  I built two.  If you do two you will need to build at least one of the arm assemblies.  Sorry,  like I said I don’t have any pictures of that but they’re really easy to do following the plans.  I decided to do another arm assembly for one side of the couch.  Since it’s for my son’s room I thought it would look better and not take up as much room if there was only an arm on one side.

Now is time for finishing it!  Give it a good sanding.  I used my Ryobi Corner Cat Sander.  I really need to get the battery option!  Once it’s nice and smooth you can either paint or stain it.  Now just add 2×2 cleats to the front and back aprons of each couch.  You will want them to be 3/4″ down from the tops because you will add 1x3s cut down as the supports.  You can get a better idea of what I’m talking about by checking out this post that I made when I built a toddler bed.  All done!  Now just style that baby up and hang out with your kiddos!!



All smiles!!  This is why I build, you guys!  I love to make those little faces smile!  Thanks so much for stopping by and if you build one of your own please share it with me!!




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