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Good morning!!  I hope you’re have a great week so far!  It’s Wednesday so that means we’re back with another Maker Wednesday post and today we have some of my Instagram besties, Hazel Grey!Tutorial to DIY your own distressed jars

They are an amazing sister team that make adorable rustic signs and have a slight coffee addiction.  Of course I was going to fall in love with them haha.  Here is a bit from them…

Hi everyone! We are so excited to have a guest post on Stephanie’s awesome blog! We have been following her on Instagram for a long time and just love her! 
Just a quick intro about us. 
We are Hazel Grey. Two sisters who have very different creative outlets, yet work together magically ?. We are lovers of all DIY: upcyclying, creative lettering, woodwork etc. We live for caffeine and would probably do 25 to life without it …hahah jk ? but seriously, you won’t ever catch us without our coffee… It’s part of our outfit!!!!
Thanks again for reading our post! We hope you learn a little something about distressing mason jars. By far one of our favorites.

Step 1:

Grab some supplies!

  • Whichever paint you have (spray paint//house paint//acrylic paint)
  • Glass jar with some sort of texture, so it stands out when you’re done sanding (mason jar//spaghetti jar etc)
  • Coarse sand paper (60-80 grit is best but you can use whatever you have) or nail file (little more time consuming but no biggy)
Step 2:

Once your paint of choice has dried, grab your sand paper and sand all edges//bottom of jar and any textured areas) choose different areas of the jar (you don’t want the distressed areas to be symmetrical- symmetry isn’t fun when distressing?)

(Back to step one: I forgot to say… Painting doesn’t have to be perfect and just whatever kind of brush you have)

Step 3:

You’re done! Now go dress it up with twine/flowers/pens etc!  You can also add glitter if you want!
After doing a few jars you’ll find out which jar/paint and sanding technique you love best!!!!
Tutorial to DIY your own distressed jars
Tutorial to DIY your own distressed jars
Tutorial to DIY your own distressed jars
Aren’t they the best?!  I love taking things that aren’t super pretty (especially used jars—I may have a bit of a hoarders problem here) and making them beautiful decor!  Thank you so much for posting today!  Don’t forget to go follow them on Instagram and give them tons of love!!  Thanks for stopping by!

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