Maker Wednesdays–Metals And Magnolias

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Hey hey hey!  Thanks for stopping by to check out this week’s Maker Wednesday!  Today we have one of my favorite friends from Instagram!  Her name is Kellie and she is the lady behind Metals and Magnolias!  She posts the prettiest things and she is one of the hosts for a fun hashtag called #SweetTeaNJunk.  Today she is here showing us how she made this gorgeous desk!

This gorgeous industrial desk is DIY!!!  Go to the blog to get the step by step instructions to build your own.


Isn’t it awesome?  And that picture frame hanging above it gives me heart eyes, people!  She is going to be giving us the step by step instructions on how you can make one of your own but first here is a little bit about her and some of the other pretty things she has posted over on her Instagram account.


My name is Kellie Block…known on Instagram as @MetalsAndMagnolias.  I have 20 plus years of design experience.  I have designed everything from tall buildings, homes, megaYachts (Ft Lauderdale), salons, and Crate and Barrel Furniture stores.  I am a true southern girl born and raised in Texas.





I absolutely love her style!  All the chippy rustic goodness is dreamy!  Let’s get back to that desk though…

Industrial Desk

Supplies needed…

  • reclaimed wood
  • rustoleum…weathered gray stain
  • min-wax…special walnut
  • 3/4 galvanized pipe
  • (4) flange
  • (6) 6″ threaded pipe
  • (2) 8″ threaded pipe
  • (4) 24″ threaded pipe cut to 22″ and re-threaded 
  • (1) 36″ threaded pipe
  • (6) T Connector
  • (4) caps
  • acetone

Step 1:

Cut wood to desired size…picture shown wood cut to 48″.  Lay out boards horizontally.  Measure and cut 3 boards to vertical dimension.  Using coarse wood screws attach the horizontal boards to the vertical boards to build the top of the desk. (You will see the vertical board on the bottom of the desk top in Step 3)MAM

Step 2:

Clean all pipes and fittings with acetone.  Assemble base and clean with acetone again.  You will see how it all goes together in the picture below.MAM 2

Step 3:

Attach base to reclaimed wood top.  Screw through the flanges into the underside of the top.MAM 1

TaDaaaaah!!  Tha’ts it…place your new desk in your favorite spot! 


Thanks so much Kellie for the post.  If you have any questions please just ask here and I will relay the message to her or better yet, go follow her on Instagram and you can ask yourself and get lots of great inspiration while you’re there!

Come back tomorrow because I will be doing a tutorial for picture ledges that I’m actually using as book shelves for my daughters.  They’re so versatile I even use them in the garage for spray paint storage!  Hope you’ll come and check them out.  Thanks for stopping by!!


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