Pallet Wood Planter

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Good morning and welcome!  I hope you all had an amazing day spoiling your moms and getting spoiled!  We had a great day with family but the weekend went by way to quickly.  If you entered in Friday’s giveaway be sure to check last night’s post for the winner and I hope you will all enter for another great giveaway this week!  I have some good stuff planned for the week but today we’re talking about this pallet wood planter that I built for free!!


Isn’t she pretty?  It all started when an old neighbor asked if I would be interested in helping him with a project.  A woman he knows has cancer and her friends wanted to surprise her with a pallet coffee table because she had been wanting one for a long time.  He asked if I would help and of course I jumped right on it!  Want to see the table?


We loved how it turned out and luckily so did she!  When we were done there was a lot of pallet wood still left over so I took it home because I knew I could do something with it.  I wanted a planter box in front of my window so I decided why not use the free pallet wood?  I’ll show you how I did it so you can make one of your own!

So, before we get started you need to know something.  If you’ve never worked with pallets, you will soon figure out that the wood is not straight and you have all different sizes.  I’ll give you the measurements I used but really you will probably need to play with it all as you go along.

Step 1:


Cut 4 2×4’s to 10″ and build the front and back.  I found 6 boards that were the same size and cut them all down to 39″.  Then I glued and nailed them to the 2×4’s.

Step 2:


Once your front and back are built you will attach the sides.  I again found 6 boards that were the same size and cut them down to 13.5″  I glued/nailed the top board and bottom board and then just kind of put the center board in and eyeballed the spacing before gluing and nailing it it.  These boards aren’t as wide and the front and back board so there is about a 1″ space between the boards.

Step 3:


Cut 2 2×4’s to fit inside the bottom of the planter.  You are going to nail slats on to these in the next step.  Mine were 32″ and nailed them in through the bottom front and back boards.

Step 4:


Measure the space and cut slats to nail into the bottom of the planter.  Mine are 11.5″

Now you are all done building!  You will want to get some landscape screen and staple it into the inside of the planter and then trim it down so you don’t see it in the top of the planter.  A little moment of honest here…you can see some of mine peeking through the top haha


That’s okay though.  Now you have a beautiful and best of all free planter!  This is a pretty quick project so it’s great for the weekends when you want to get something done but don’t have tons of time.  I think it took me about 2 hours.  If you make it I would love to see yours!  You can tag me on Instagram or Facebook!  Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you back Wednesday because there will be plans up for a gorgeous industrial style desk that you won’t want to miss!


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