Wall Doll House

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Hey guys!  Thanks for stopping by!  Today I have the sweetest little project that I made for my girls for their room!  They are pretty adorable.  Want to see?


See what I mean?  Adorbs!  Now, if you have a little girl there is a pretty good chance you are familiar with Shopkins.  Adorable little groceries that really serve absolutely no purpose other than being cute haha.  Well, these babes have a pretty wicked Shopkins collection going on and needed somewhere to display them all.  Not only did it need to serve it’s purpose but it also had to be almost as cute as my little monsters!  Enter this adorable wall doll house!



Hold the phone!  That’s got the be the cutest little house!  Well, I’m here to tell you how to make one for the little munchkins in your life!  Here is what you need to do:

Cut List:

1-1×4 cut to 22.5″   Bottom

2-1×4 cut to 11″       Sides (Cut at a 30°.  11″ is to the longest point)

1-1×4 cut to 21″      Top

2-1×4 cut to 14.5″  Eaves (Cut at a 30°.  14.5″ is the the longest point)

1-1×4 cut to 10.25  Horizontal Divider

1-1×4 cut to 6″       Vertical Divider

1-1×3 cut to 14.25″Vertical Divider

1-1×2 cut to 21″      Brace

Okay, now that we’ve got the cut list let me show you the steps.  Also, I always recommend cutting as you go just in case anything gets a little bit off.  You want to make sure everything fits nice and snug.

Step 1:IMG_3763IMG_3765Cut the bottom and side pieces. To cut the angles you need to put your saw like this.  Glue and nail through the bottom into the sides making sure the longest parts are facing in.

Step 2:IMG_3766Attach the top using glue and nails through the sides.  You want the top of the top to be flush with the top of the sides.  Glue and nail the back support (1×2) through the sides and also through the top shelf.  I kind of went crazy with the glue and nails here because this is how I am going to attach it to the wall.

Step 3:IMG_3768Using a jigsaw, notch out the horizontal divider.  To do this I just take scrap 1×2 (because we’re notching it out to fit around the back support which is made out of a 1×2) and trace around it so I know how big to make the notch.

Step 4:IMG_3770Before nailing the horizontal divider in you will want to attach the 2 vertical dividers which will be the shelves.  I had no real plans for this.  I just cut a 6″ piece to be the shelf on the right and a 1×3 to be the shelf on the left.  I did it this way just to change it up from all being the same size.  You will want to glue and nail the shelves onto the divider before putting it in the house.  Just put them anywhere.  I chose my height for the small shelf just because I had a scrap piece of wood (pictured above) and decided to use it as a spacer while I got it all put together.


Step 5:IMG_3774Now Just put the shelves inside the house.  Make sure to glue and nail it all together from the outside.  Notice how it all sits in there nicely?  That’s because we cut the notch to go around the back shelf.  Easy and adorable!  Now you can paint it, hang, and best of all…play with it!!  I used 3″ screws through the back support straight into studs to hang it up.



Isn’t it the best?  It would be great for boys, too!  Maybe a fire house theme?  Or even to display family heirlooms and pictures in the living room?  I really love it and best of all so do my girls!  I will be working on their room all month and sharing projects along the way.  I will be sharing the whole room reveal at the end of the month so stick around!  And if you love copper and candles make sure you come back tomorrow for my first weekly giveaway!  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll leave you with one more shot before we go!








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