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Hey my lovely friends!!!  If you’ve been around a while, welcome back!  If you’re new here, thank you so much for stopping by!  It’s been a long time and I’m so excited to get back at it.  I have some amazing things planned for the blog.  Make sure you keep coming back because I have a bunch of ah-ma-zing guest blog posters and tons of fantastic giveaways lined up!  Just subscribe by email, follow me on BlogLovin, and definitely be sure to follow me on Instagram!

So, when I was planning the blog relaunch I thought it would be a great idea to welcome you all back by showing you my entry in our new home!  It’s been a long time coming and two days before Christmas we closed on our second home we’ve ever owned together!  We did the majority of moving on Christmas Eve and had the best/simplest Christmas morning that we’ve ever had!  We had paper decorations on the tree thanks to some very talented 5 year olds and our furniture was just kind of placed in the living room but I’m so happy we did it!


I can’t wait to show you guys our whole house eventually but today I’m sharing our entry way.  Up until now it’s been pretty bad.  We had a very very old, cheap Walmart shoe cabinet.  And a nice big pile of shoes directly in front of it because apparently it’s to difficult to actually put the shoes inside haha.  I wanted something where we could put the shoes in and close a door and I thought somewhere to throw mail and our keys would be nice, too.  I decided to go with the secretary’s desk from Ana White’s book.  I can’t seem to find the plans on her site but just go buy the book!  There is a link to her book in the side bar though (aff. link)  I promise it’s worth it.  I modified it a little bit so let’s get into it and I can show you what I did!  First things first though, the shopping list in the book is wrong.  You will need the 1x12s OR the plywood cut down, not both.  I went with the plywood so I could use my favorite, Purebond.  You can purchase it at Home Depot and just have them cut it for you.  Like always I put it all together using my trusty Kreg Jig.  Here are some build pictures for your viewing pleasure 😉

Cut cabinet sides to length and drill pocket holes to attach legs and tops. Sides pieces for shoe cabinet

Add 1×2 trim to the outside of the side pieces using wood glue and nails.  Oh, hey there you pretty little Ryobi AirStrike!IMG_3542

Attach the bottom of the cabinet flush with the bottom of the sides and attach the bottom of the top portion.  (Confusing enough?  Haha)IMG_3545

Now attach the other side piece to this making sure to keep everything nice and square.  For some reason I don’t have pictures of this.  Blogger win!

Now you will want to cut your legs. If your saw can handle cutting through two 2x2s stacked together you can do it like I do.  Unless this is a no no….hmmmm , maybe some professionals can chime in here.  Either way, I am not responsible for any lost digits.  Cut at your own risk haha!  But back to the way I do it.  I tape my 2x2s together and cut them together to make sure they are all the same length.IMG_3548

Once again, I don’t have pictures of the next step but it’s easy peasy.  Just attach the legs using the pocket holes you drilled into the sides earlier.  Keep the top of the legs flush with the top of the sides.

Once this is all done you can either add the shelf to the cabinet or drill shelf pin holes using the Kreg Jig Shelf Pin Jig.  I  definitely recommend doing it this way.  This was my first time using it and it was so easy!  I wanted to be able to move the shelves around to accommodate different shoes.  Also, instead of putting one shelf in here I opted for two so that we have more storage.  10 feet in this house means lots of shoes, people!IMG_3554

Now you’re ready to build your top.  The original plan calls for attaching a 1×3 and a 1×2 to the 1×12 but I decided to go with just a 1×4.IMG_3555

You can now attach that bad boy using the pocket holes that you drilled into the sides.IMG_3557

Now here comes the hard part.  Instead of using a 1×12 for the top door I decided to build one using 1x2s and some 1×4″ mdf.  Measure the opening and subtract 1/4″ to leave yourself a 1/8th” gap all the way around.  I used pocket holes to attach the 1x2s to each other and then wood glue and nails to attach the mdf to the back of the frame.  For the doors you will want to measure the inside, divide it by 2, and make the doors 1/4″ smaller so you have your gap all the way around.  The hinges are where it always gets tricky for me.  Have somebody help you hold the door in place using spacers to keep your 1/8th” gap all around and attach your hinges to the door and the cabinet <——this is the part I try to do alone.  DUMB!  Get help and I’m sure you won’t hate it as much as I do haha.  Do the doors the same way.

Once you have your doors on add a back out of 1/4″ mdf or plywood and sand the crap out of the whole thing and then you can paint and seal it.  This part sucks.  At least for me it does!  If it sucks for you too try and find somebody who likes doing it and ask them as nicely as possible if they’ll do it for you!  Here she is all finished up!


I love it!!!  Now when we come home this is the view we walk into…


I’m a happy girl!  Well thank you so so much for stopping by.  I hope you keep coming back because I’ve got some great things planned this and every week.  Just subscribe by email to make sure you never miss a post and follow me on Instagram!  See you back here Wednesday!



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