Pallet Board Christmas Trees

Hey guys!  Thanks for stopping by!  Today I am going to share with you another quick, easy, and free pallet project.  Christmas is only two weeks away and I am NOT ready!  We don’t have a tree up, we have barely any decorations out, and guess how many presents I have purchased.  Zero!  Big fat goose egg, folks.  I seriously need to get my rear into gear.  Buuuut, I do have these adorable pallet trees on display and I’m loving them!  I also love that they were free and crazy easy to make.  Aren’t they adorable?


I didn’t even use a measuring tape.  I’ll give you guys the measurements of my finished trees but really you can just do whatever you like.  I cut my tops of my trees and then decided on the size of the middle board from that.  Followed by the bottom.  The short sides of the middle and bottom boards are pretty close to the length of the long side on the board above.  Pretty confusing, huh?  Let’s try to simplifiy haha.  The long side of the top=the short side of the middle.  The long side of the middle=the short side of the bottom.  Here are the sizes of mine.  All the measurements are the long side and they are cut at a 45° angle.

Large Tree                                                      Small Tree

Top-6.5″                                                         Top-4.75″

Middle-14″                                                    Middle-11″

Bottom-21″                                                   Bottom-16.5″

Back Board-14.5″                                        Back-11.25″

Once I had my boards cut I sanded them very lightly.  To put them together I just used glue and my nail gun.



All finished up!  These are so easy and look great!  I made 4 in about 30 minutes.  If you have some pallets laying around you should definitely whip some of these up.  They would even make a cute gift for someone!  And if you are looking for some other ideas for pallets check out my other pallet projects.

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