X Base End Tables

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Hello friends!  I’m so excited about today’s post!  You guys know how I love Ana White, right?  Well guess who got to work with her?  Yep, this girl!  Is it weird that I feel like my cool points just went up a little?  Luckily for me I don’t care if I’m a little weird haha.  I think it makes me charming.  Yeah, we will go with that!  Now, enough of this fan girl business!  Let’s get on to the project, shall we?



We have been needing end tables forever and a day.  Yes, it’s really been that long!  The problem was I could not decide on what I wanted so we kept on living without them.  Enter Ana White.  Imagine my joy, when one day, I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a post saying she was looking for bloggers to team up with!  She was asking for 3 projects for the bloggers to send her and she would pick something to write plans for.  It was just the motivation I needed to get my rear end in gear and start making some decisions.  I went online and started pinning some things that I liked.  One of the projects I sent her were these end tables and I’m so glad that’s what she picked!  The inspiration was $130 a piece.  Not bad but I definitely wasn’t about to pay that!  I strongly believe that homemade is better!  These tables are built to the exact size I wanted and I was able to finish them in the colors I wanted.  Plus, I decided to go with Purebond plywood.  If you haven’t heard of them before their wood is formaldehyde free.  It is perfect for a project like this.  And did I mention it’s beautiful?  For two end tables I used a half a sheet of the plywood.  I will probably use the other half for a dresser for the boy.  Someday haha.

You can go to Ana’s site to download the plans for the tables but I took some pictures of the process to share with you guys!  They are very simple.  First, you will build your sides.  I used my Kreg Jig (You can get yours here– Aff Link)  and put the pocket holes on the bottom of the bottom pieces and the top of the top pieces.  That way you won’t be able to see them when everything is all finished up.


Once you have two of these built you will get your side pieces and attach them.


At this point I measured the inside of the bottoms and cut my plywood.  I cut it after to make sure I was cutting the shelves to fit perfectly into the tables.  The bottom shelves are attached using pocket holes.


They’re almost finished up now!  This is the part I was a little nervous about.  I’ll let you in on a little secret…building things so that they are square is kind of my building kryptonite.  I really don’t know what my problem is!  So I cut my 1×2’s to Ana’s measurements and trimmed them down to fit perfectly into my less than perfect tables.  Once I had that done I went about and marked where I would need to put my notches to be able to fit the boards together.


If you’ve never made notches here is a quick little lesson.  Mark where you need your notches to be and then go in there with a saw and make little slices.  For bigger projects like my table I used my circular saw for this part.  For this though I just used my jigsaw.


Once you have all your little slices you can just use a little chisel to knock the pieces out.  These were so thin that I just wiggled the pieces back and forth with my thumb and then went back in with the jigsaw to clean it up.  Now just put your X’s together and glue them in place.  I used my nail gun through the top and bottom to nail them in place just to be sure they won’t be going anywhere.  To attach the tops I flipped the tables over and screwed through the top 2×2’s into the top piece and then finished the tops with edge binding.

This is the point in the project when I always start to lose steam.  Maybe it’s because now is the point that everything needs to be sanded.  Ugh!  Or maybe it’s because I have a pretty good idea of what the project looks like so the thrill is gone.  Whatever it is, this is the point that I really have to push myself to finish it all up.  Don’t worry guys!  I rallied and pushed myself and got them done!  For the bases I went and had the cans from my pallet project color matched at Ace.  I really love this color!  For the tops I wanted them to look like the pallet boards.  I used an Oak stain and then went over it with Kona.  I just used a tiny bit of the Kona and wiped it off immediately.  It’s not exact but it does look pretty good!




Well, thanks for stopping by guys!  I need to go now so I can admire my beautiful tables but don’t forget to go over to Ana’s site to check out some more pictures and to download the plans so you can make some for yourself!  And I would love for you to Pin the tables and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!

Have a great day!



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