Arrow Pallet Art


Hey guys!  So, in case you guys didn’t know, I love me some pallet wood!  I also love arrows.  Today I’m here to show you a quick project I did involving, you guessed it, pallet wood and arrows!  A while back I went to Ace and asked if they had any pallets.  Well as luck would have it, they did!  Woot woot!  Happy dance!  Before I went out back to have them help me put the pallets in my vehicle I decided to check out the scrap bin and found some plywood scraps for a quarter each.  I snatched both of them up without any real idea of what I was going to do with them.  After I took apart the pallets I was sitting in my garage trying to brainstorm.  I had a bunch of scrap 1×3 pieces from when I build my girls beds.  I decided I would nail them to the scrap plywood to make a frame and then put a few pieces of the pallet wood in the center.  There is no right or wrong way to do this.  Just see what sizes you have and go from there.


Once that was done I found some adorable free arrow graphics at We Lived Happily Ever After.  BTW, have you visited her blog?  If not, you definitely need to!  The girl is amazing people!  Seriously, go check her out.  You can find the arrows right here.  I decided which one I wanted to use and used my Sihouette to cut out a stencil.  For my stencils I always use the clear sticky contact paper from Walmart.  It’s about $5 for a roll I think but it’s pretty big and lasts me a while!  When the stencil was ready I laid out my pallet wood and put the stencil in place.


This is the part when you pretend you can actually see that the stencil is cut out.  I know it’s really hard to see.  I spray painted the frame and the arrows and once it was all dry I glued and nailed the pallet boards in place.  That’s it!  Now I have some really cute art and it only cost me a quarter :).  I’ll take it!



Aren’t those arrows adorable?!  I love them!  You should definitely go get some pallet wood and get to work.  And if you need another idea make sure to check out my Pallet Stands I made with some more of the same pallet!  Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to go check out Hannah at We Lived Happily Ever After and show her some love!


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