Summer Series–Pretend Birthday Party!


Hey guys!  So I suck and I missed the past two weeks in the Summer Series.  My bad.  Please still love me!  Today we did something really fun though to make up for it!  We threw a surprise birthday party!  The best part?  It wasn’t anybody’s birthday.  So, we decided to pretend it was everybody’s haha.  Yep, that’s right.  Today we had a 7 person birthday party.  My kids loved it!  They called Grandma up this morning and asked her if she could pick up their cousins and come to our house for a surprise.  They had no idea what we were planning.  We had a box of cupcake mix and frosting in the cabinet that we whipped up and then we raided our craft/party supply baskets and got to work decorating.  The best part about this party was it cost us nothing!  Woohoo!  I wish every party was so cheap!  We kept it completely “No Fuss–100% Fun”.  We used up some party streamers and balloons from our baskets and then went to trusty ol’ Pinterest to find some cute printables to use as decorations.  We stuck them up on the walls using a few different cute Washi tapes.  To personalize it we printed out the striped signs and added everybody’s name onto them.  They were supposed to be adorable candle cards but I cut them down because we were running out of time before everybody came over.  I wish I would have gotten a better picture of them but here is a blurry close up haha.


I just added one name under each Happy Birthday.  We even had a pretty great party hat for one of the birthday girls!


Okay, so it was just an empty fruit snack box but I think she really pulled it off!  And here is a group photo of all (except me because me=photographer) of the birthday folks complete with a blurry boy!


After they got here we had a dance party.  What’s a party without dancing, riiiiiight?  Then, it was time for some of our delicious Funfetti cupcakes.  I think it’s safe to say my kiddos approved.


This picture cracks me up!!  We probably should have cut her off.  It looks like she had a pretty good sugar rush going on haha.


And now, just because no birthday party is complete without some singing, here are the “birthday” peeps signing Happy Birthday!

Well guys that’s the end of the Summer Series!  This is the last week of summer break in our house and I think this was the perfect way to end the series!  Thank you so much for stopping by and if you ever decide to throw a pretend birthday party you should definitely show off your pictures over on my Facebook page!  If you missed any of the other posts in the series you can go check them out by clicking the “Kid’s Projects” tab at the top of the page.  And if you loved all of the adorable printables as much as I did you can go and check them out and download them yourselves using the links below.  Thanks for stopping in!!

Happy Birthday to You–The Wood Connection

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