All Moved Over!

Hey guys!!  Today while working on finishing up getting this move done I made myself a little reminder to help keep me focused on my goals for my blog.  And I’m pretty confident you can find areas of your life that it applies to as well!


So, if you’ve been a fan of Simply Lovely Lumber, you may notice some big changes around here!  I had announced last week that I would be switching my blog off of Blogger.  No problems with Blogger, it’s been great.  I was just ready to get more official…check out the new website name!  No more .blogspot…pretty official, huh?  I’ve been so fortunate that this little love of mine has been growing steadily lately.  I recently hit 50k hits with 10k of those happening in the last month!!  Craziness I tell ya.  I now have some affiliate links on my side bar (feel free to check them out ;)) and I also received a little present in the mail recently to try out and review!  I can’t believe this.  I have big goals for this blog so it was just time to own my own domain and pay for hosting.  I’ve heard some horror stories about blogs being deleted off Blogger.  I would probably cry for a week!  I have everything pretty much finished up the way I want it but you may notice a few tweaks here and there for a little while.  Anyways, if you are new here please feel free to snoop around!  And I love love love followers so please follow me and Pin the crap out of my stuff!

Thanks so much for stopping by!



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  1. Denaya says:

    Hey there,
    First let me say I love your stuff and congrats on your success! I just started a blog on blogger & I’m thinking about making the move over to WordPress too. From what I hear and read, that’s where you want to be if you you wanna get serious. Since my blog is brand new, do you think sooner is better than later? Do you wish you had done it earlier on & was it hard to switch it over?

    • says:

      Hey so sorry I’m just seeing this. It unfortunately got lost in spam 🙁 But I would definitely recommend switching sooner rather than later. I was doing pretty well on Blogger. About 10k hits a month and I feel like I’m starting over now. Most of my traffic was from Pinterest and so almost all of my traffic still goes to my Blogger blog. If you want to continue I would recommend the switch. It wasn’t hard at all but it took me a while to actually do it because I was worried about losing everything. I would happily answer any questions you have if I can! And good luck!

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