Summer Series–Refrigerator Race Track w/ Silhouette File

Hello!  I have another fun kiddo project for you guys today!  I must say I’m loving this Summer Series.  It’s been a lot of fun getting my little ones involved.  They’re even starting to ask me when we do things if we’re going to put it on the blog haha.  Cuties!
So, summer tends to be very busy for us.  My little guy sees a lot of specialists and has a few tests to monitor different things that usually lead to a lot of appointments.  We try to schedule all of this stuff while he is out of school so our summers feel like one appointment after another.  Luckily, we have Grandma and Grandpa around now so our girls can have sleepovers when we have stuff to take care of.  Today was one of those times that it was just me and the boy so we decided to do a special project just for him.  He loooooves cars.  He is always watching racing with his dad on YouTube!  The kid is obsessed so I thought something race themed would be fun.
I had some Printable Magnet paper stuffed away that I decided we should use up.  I went onto the Silhouette Studio and made a road to use as the racetrack.  You can download the road file by clicking the link at the bottom of the post.  After that was ready I went to Google and looked for free Cars coloring pages.  I saved the ones I wanted and then opened them up in the Silhouette Studio.  When you open your picture you will need to use the Trace feature to get rid of the white background.  I will do a separate post on this soon but here are the cliff notes for now.
Open your photo–>Click Trace menu–>Select Trace Area–>Highlight picture–>Unclick High Pass Filter–>Set threshold to 100%–>Trace and Detach–>Click on picture and remove from white background–>Delete Background
Once that’s done you are ready to print.  Use the Print and Cut feature.  Be sure to turn on your registration marks so the Silhouette knows where to cut once your picture is printed.  Once you get a hang of the different features it’s really easy.  If you don’t have a Silhouette or some other cutter you can definitely do this with scissors!  I actually did this one with scissors.
Once it was all cut out I let him color his cars and then it was time for racing!  Lightning McQueen is super fast as a yellow car, in case you were wondering 😉  I would definitely call this one a success.  He loved it!  It would also be a lot of fun to do this with paper dolls!   We will have to do this again.  Maybe make some cute little princesses to drive the cars??  We shall see!
Thanks for stopping by and checking our newest project out!  I’ve been working on moving the blog so next time I post we will have a new blog home!  Very exciting stuff, guys!!  I’ll be sure to share the new link with you guys soon and I’ll try to get some better tutorials (even videos, maybe??) of some of the different Silhouette features I use.  In the mean time feel free to ask me any questions you have.  And in case you have missed any of the Summer Series here are the links…


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