28 Day Water Challenge-Week 3

Hey guys!  So, did you decide to do the 28 day water challenge with me?  If so, how is it going?  It’s going okay over here.  I had a hard time last week keeping up with my 3 liters of water.  Tuesday, my little guy had surgery.  I did a pretty bad job that day keeping up but the rest of the week I did a little better.  I found myself chugging a few glasses at night to get to my 7 glass a day goal.  I have to say I don’t really feel that different.  I do have more energy so that is good.  But I think my skin is looking a little better!  That’s definitely a plus.  Now if I just didn’t get so weird when it was picture time haha.  So, without further ado, here is the awkward pic of the week!


Once again my picture magically looks Photo Shopped once I put it up here.  But, go to my Facebook page and you can see the real deal since I can’t figure out how to fix it here.  I’m still weighing 154lb.  Since it hasn’t changed at all I don’t really see it happening this week.  It’s fine though.  I did the challenge to try and help my energy levels which it is.  Losing a few pounds would have just been a fun bonus!

My goal for this week is to be better about spreading out my water during the day instead of drinking a bunch at night.  I’ll be back next Monday with another check in.  If you missed the previous posts you can go here and here for weeks 1 and 2.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to come back tomorrow to check out the newest “Summer Series” post.  We had fun with a cardboard box!  See you then!


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