Painted Ikea Toy Storage


Hey friends!  Do your kids have a ton of toys that never get put away?  This is definitely a problem in my house.  A few days ago I went into my son’s room and went on a cleaning spree.  He has these Ikea baskets…


We bought them to try and corral his cars, planes, trains, dirt bikes…you see were I’m going with this.  The kid has tons of small toys which equals a huge mess.  Although these are a great idea he just wasn’t using them and I wasn’t loving how they looked.  When you’re rocking a room like this you need custom baskets.


 (This technically isn’t his room anymore but everything is the same…just transplanted to a new room in a new house)

But never fear.  This little problem was nothing that some paint couldn’t fix!  I wanted them to match his room so I used left over paint from his bed.  I painted them grey and stenciled the car and plane on them with the blue.


The stencils were really easy with my Silhouette.  I just googled “free car silhouette” and “free plane silhouette” and cut them out of vinyl.  I love how they look and I’m hoping they will help him when it comes to keeping his room clean.  He works a lot in therapy and school on sorting things so they are with like objects.  He is very visual so these should help him know where to put his toys.  Well, his cars and airplanes at least haha!  Even if he doesn’t keep his stuff put away at least he has cute baskets now 🙂


BTW, are you guys wondering where the “1” basket is?  Yeah, me too!  I guess it’ll remain a mystery haha.  Do you have anything that’s functional but not all that easy on the eyes or it just doesn’t go with the rest of the room?  I say get busy painting!  I’m thinking about painting his trampoline because I hate the way it looks!  We will see if I ever decide to tackle it.  It’ll be a lot more work than these little baskets.  But baby steps!  One paint job at a time!

Well guys, thanks for stopping by!  Now get busy painting something 😉



  1. Rachel says:

    I love this idea! They are so great! I am wondering if there is a specific kind of paint that you reccomrnd using that is flexible since the material on the baskets is mesh. Thanks so much!

    • says:

      Thanks so much! I just used latex paint. It’s actually the same paint I used for his bed. I haven’t noticed any cracking or anything but I did have to go over it a few times to cover the mesh.

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