Office Organization

Good morning!  Hope you all had a great Mother’s Day yesterday!  Things were good here.  We BBQ’d with my family and had some delicious food!  I have decided to start doing recipes on the blog so I will be sharing my first one with you this week.  We had loaded baked potato salad as part of our Mother’s Day spread.  It was delicious.  I haven’t decided what day of the week to do it but be on the look out!


Today though, I am sharing a little progress in my office.  In bad blogger form, I don’t have a before picture.  I know, I know!  The reason is that one day I just got fed up with it and started going through it all.  Since I don’t have pictures, let me paint you a little mental image.  This cabinet is where I would keep everything that didn’t have somewhere else to go AND all our paperwork.  I have a special needs son.  If any of you have a special needs child you may understand how much paperwork comes with them.  For those of you who don’t let me break it down for you!  When we go to a new specialist it usually comes with a big packet of paperwork to fill out.  I keep copies of all of that.  I have copies from all his regular appts.  We get copies of what our insurance pays every time he does therapy.  Which is a few times a week.  We get progress reports from all his therapies.  Then there is the school paperwork.  We get an IEP (that’s an education plan written to meet his needs) every quarter.  That’s about 10-15 pages.  Now times all of this by 3 because we have had to start over with doctors, specialists, therapists, and schools each time we’ve moved.  And add all the normal paperwork a household acquires and you may see why I was going soooo crazy!  I was risking being crushed by a mountain of paperwork every time I opened the cabinet door haha.

But no more I tell ya!  Now it is beautiful and organized!  Excuse me while I do the happy dance.  Here’s a little tour of what I’ve got going on in there now.


Here she is in all her beautiful glory!  So let’s start at the top.  On the top left are magazine files that I covered in different pieces of scrapbook paper a few years ago.  I keep all of my magazines in those.  Wood magazine, anyone?  On the right side are some storage boxes I picked up at Ikea a few years ago.  I keep our normal household stuff in those.  Things like bills, stuff that’s been paid, and owners manuals.  On top of them is a pretty box that keeps my Silhouette tools and some vinyl.  Now moving into the cabinet.  On the left is all my son’s paperwork put into binders and on the right is things like coloring books, crayons, and puzzles.  Now I’ll show you my favorite part!


I got this basket from Target about 7 years ago.  It’s perfect for holding all my craft paint.


I built these boxes a couple of years ago and now they keep my painting supplies in check.  I keep mason jars in them for things like pens, paint brushes, and paint markers.  I have been thinking about painting them to cute them up a bit!  I’ll let you know if it actually happens.  For now I’m just happy that it is no longer a safety hazard and instead of coming in here and getting stressed out anytime I need to find a piece of paper, I get to see this!


Now let’s hope this organization kick keeps on going.  Everyone once in a while I browse my Cleaning/Organization board on Pinterest hoping it’ll motivate me to de-clutter something.  Sometimes it actually works!  Have you guy’s done any organizing lately?  Hopefully this helps motivate you a little bit!  Hope you all have a great day!


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