Miracle Grout Cleaner For Under $1

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Good morning friends!!  So today I have a really exciting post for you!  I’m the kind of girl who loves making her own things.  I love sewing, building, crafting, and I also love making my own cleaners.  Why do I like making everything you ask?  Well friends, I’m cheap!  Some people like to sugar coat it and say they are “frugal” but I like to keep it real.  I’m cheap!  Always have been.  Always will be.  Why does this matter?  Basically I’m just trying to build up to my new favorite cleaning product!  It’s super cheap and did an amazing job!  My big secret?  Coke.  Or Big K if you’re cheap like me haha.  For $0.84 I made my disgusting grout look gorgeous!  Okay, that may be stretching a little but it does look 100x better.

For less than a dollar you can get your grout looking great again!  No more dirty looking floors!

This all started when I was in my kitchen and noticed some grout in a corner that nobody ever goes on.  And to my horror, it was white!  This isn’t our house and when we moved in our grout was pretty dark.  I guess I just never put any thought into what color it should actually be so it had never bothered me.  But when I saw that pretty little white grout I decided I needed to get to scrubbin!  So I went to Pinterest to see what I could use.  I found a lot of stuff.  Most of it involved baking soda mixed with something.  Then I saw one Pin that said 7 things you didn’t know you can clean with Coke.  Hmmmm, I’m listening!  So I clicked it and saw that you can use it to clean grout.  Since I’m a Coke addict (not of the illegal variety people!) I went to my fridge, poured some into a squirt bottle, put it on the grout, and a few minutes later scrubbed it with a tooth brush.


At this point I may or may not have gotten way to excited about this little discovery.  I went over the whole kitchen.  I even enlisted the help of a couple four year olds.  I say put them to work while they still think cleaning is fun!  It was really simple.  Put some Coke down, scrub it after a few minutes, and wipe it up.  Once the whole floor was done I mopped it twice.  The hardest part of this is to not drink all of your cleaning product.  At least that was the hardest part for me haha.  BTW, it did bug me out a little to know that something that I drink so often is capable of making my gross grout clean.  But it didn’t bug me enough that I am going to stop drinking it…much to my husbands dismay haha.

So do you have any good homemade cleaners or tips to share?  I might do a post one day of all the DIY cleaners I have tried and if they worked for me.  But for now I need to go.  I have a kitchen full of white grout that I need to admire!  Have a great day!!


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