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Hey guys!  Today I have a really quick, like 10 minutes quick, project to help bring a little sanity to your life.  And did I mention it was free?  Sweeeet!  Well, it was free for me at least and it will be for you as well if you have a scrap pile laying around in your garage.  Even if you don’t it will only be a few dollars so I would still say either way it’s awesome.


So, this all started the other day when I was trying to get something out of my junk drawer and I wanted to rip it out and throw it on the floor in a fit of rage.  Again.  For about the 1,000th time.  I actually feel like this every time I try to get anything in or out of there.  It’s such a mess.  But not anymore folks!  You see, instead of throwing a tantrum I grabbed everything out of there and started to go through it.  This was the longest part of the project.  When I say 10 minutes I mean 10 minutes of actual building time.  It takes a little longer to sort and plan out this little baby.  I went through and tossed anything we don’t use.  Then I made piles of things so I could start to measure it all out.

This project is really easy to figure out.  Nothing here is science.  Just see what you need to keep in your drawer and measure accordingly.  Don’t forget though to add 3/4″ for each board you put in there.  I used a few 1×3 scraps I had.  Once I figured out the measurements I needed I cut one of the boards that ran the width of the drawer.  I took it in and made sure it fit before I started everything else.  Good thing I did because it was a tad to long.  I just took a tiny bit off the end and went back to try it out again.  Success!  Now begin with the rest of it.  When you put it together be sure to use glue and I just used 1″ brad nails.  Make sure you plan it out though to make sure you are able to nail everything.  Here is the order that I attached mine…


I went back every once in a while to make sure everything was still going to fit.  And this is not attached to the drawer at all but it’s fine because it fits in there nice and snug.  Now I feel twice as relieved because I made my scrap pile a little bit smaller and I can go into my drawer without wanting to go full on toddler who’s just been told they can’t have candy haha.  Well guys, thanks for stopping by and remember I love Pins, comments, and most of all new followers ;).  Have a great day!


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