Heart Garland

Hey guys!  Yesterday when I showed you our awesome new big girl beds I told you I would be back today to tell you a little more about the heart garland we added to the headboards.  I planned on posting earlier in the day but I was just having to much fun with my kiddos to come sit on the computer.  We got to do a little pool side painting and a fun little Valentine’s Day craft.  The painting was definitely the best part of the day.  It’s been gorgeous here lately.  70’s and sunny is my kind of January!  If you don’t live in Arizona already you really should consider it!  But now let’s get back on track.

So, yesterday morning I needed to go take pictures of the new beds for the blog but I was being a bit lazy.  What’s a girl to do when she’s being lazy?  Pinterest, of course!  I have been loving all the Valentine’s stuff I’ve been seeing so when I saw this heart garland I was in love!  But then I got the great idea that it would look cute on the beds.  See, who says procrastinating isn’t a good thing? I decided it would be a great way to add a little bit of color to the white on white color scheme we’ve got going on.  It’s so easy and the girls loved helping.


First just print off whatever garland you like.  We took a few from each set.  My printer was running out of ink so there are some that are a little whacky but I actually kind of liked it!  These are supposed to be the same exact pattern.


Kinda cool, right?  I think in all we ended up doing a little over 50 hearts.  I hand cut them so it sucked haha.


Once you get them all cut out get some yarn and figure out what size you want your garland.  And make sure you grab some helpers too.  The more wild the hair the better.


You’ll probably want a princess to help out too.


Now just line up a bunch of hearts and figured out what you want where.  I didn’t want any kind of a pattern so I just made sure that two of the same hearts weren’t right next to each other. Apparently it gets a little tough here so you will want a few more helpers.


Now that you have your layout how you like it flip them all over and put your yarn over the back of them.  The first row we did, we used a hot glue gun but ran out of glue.  We just taped the rest and it worked just fine.  That’s it guys!  We taped them up to the beds and they are surprisingly still up there and none of them have been ripped yet.  It’s a real shocker!  Aren’t these patterns adorable?


I love them!  Definitely go check out May Designs and print off a set of your own!  Well, thanks for stopping by guys!  Have a great night!


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