DIY Big Girl Beds…Finally

That’s right folks!  We have big girl beds…finally!


The days of my little chicks sleeping on mattresses on the floor are over.  I don’t know who is more excited.  Me or them?  It’s a toss up.  All I do know is I am so happy that the “no bed days” are over.  When we left Nebraska we got rid of their toddler beds because they weren’t in great shape.  We took the mattresses and figured we would just make some new beds when we got a house in AZ.  Well, we got a house.  Then twin mattresses.  Then wood for beds.  And that’s where it stopped.  For months.  Then last week I somehow got this energy and motivation and took my butt to the garage and got to work.  And you know what?  Five hours later I had two cute little beds.  Yes, you read that right.  Five hours!  What the crap took me so long to get out there and do it??  I have no idea but it doesn’t matter.  All that matters is we had beds!  I spend the next 2 days sanding, wood filling, sanding, wood filling, sanding…you get the point.  Friday I got them painted and Saturday got them all set up.  The kids were so excited they decided to have a sleep over Saturday night.


So I snapped some pictures along the way to share with you peeps but for the full instructions go visit Ana White.  I followed her instructions almost exactly.  The only thing I switched up was the height of the headboards and footboards.  I made them a little bit shorter so I could get all 4 pieces out of one sheet of plywood.  Have the store cut down your plywood and things will go really fast!  Start by cutting your headers to size.  One on board you want to draw your curve.  I used a skim board to get my curve.  Just play around with different stuff until you have a shape you want.


I did half of the board and then traced it onto a piece of cardboard to use as a template for the other half of the board.  Once you have the whole thing cut out you can use it to trace the shape for the other header, or in my case the other 3.


Once I had all 4 cut out, I calmped them together and sanded them all together to try and get the shapes as close as possible.


Once this step is done the rest of the build will fly by.  Use glue and a nail gun to put the bottom 1×6 trim onto your plywood.


On Ana’s directions it has pocket hole screws going from the plywood and the headers into the legs.  I decided to first attach the header to my plywood and then attach them to the legs.


This is what you should have once you are done with the headboard and footboard.


For some reason I don’t have pictures of the next couple of steps.  So, you are just going to attach the 1×6 siderails flush to the bottom of the pieces you already have built.  Once you have that done attach your legs to the bottom.  This is when I painted it.  I sanded them down and filled the pocket holes on the footboards and any other places that needed to be filled with wood filler and then sanded again.  Just repeat this process over and over until it’s to your liking.  A few coats of primer and paint later they were ready to move inside.  Once they were in their room I added the 2×2 cleats.


I put five screws on each side.  Just screw your slats onto your cleats and you’re all done.


I love them so much!  It finally looks like a sweet little girl room in there.  Now I need to get rid of those horrible flames but that probably won’t be until spring or summer.  I decided to go with white bedding and beds because they are so young.  The things they like are constantly changing so I think it will be fun to just switch out decor and maybe some pillows to keep up with their interests.  And I love how the beds look with their dresser. I have a few projects in mind to help bring some of the blue of the dresser over to that side of their room to tie it all together.  But for now we just hung some sweet heart garland for a little touch of color.  We found the garland over at MayDesigns.  I’ll be back tomorrow with some more pictures of the garland but until then stop on over to their blog to print off your own garland.


Here are a few more pictures that I just can’t get enough of!  I can’t wait to get that room painted and get a few more projects done.  Luckily, I’ve felt really motivated lately so they might actually happen haha.

DSC_01671 DSC_0190

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  1. Anita says:

    I absolutely love your beds! And it looks like they are the right height for my girls. Would you mind sharing the height you modified head and footboard panels? And also, did you use 2x2s or 2x3s. I plan on using 2x3s because that is what i have in the scrap pile. Great work! You have inspired me to get these done now.

    • Stephanie Raper says:

      Hey Anita! Sorry I some how missed your comment. Yeah the 2×3’s will work no problem…I love working out of my scrap pile. I will get the measurements for you tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!!

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