Growth Charts

Hey guys!  Are you having a good new year so far?  I am!  I’m feeling extra productive.  If you follow me on Instragram (you really should, just click the link on the side!) than you know I even went on a 4 mile hike yesterday with my dad and one of my brothers!  I’m definitely feeling it today haha.  I’ve also been working on a few new projects that I’m pretty pumped about!  I have decided to dive into the world of wooden growth charts.  It’s proving to be such a fun way to get my creativity going.  I only have one to show you today but I will be back (tomorrow?) with another one that I’m loving!  Also, I have a little sign that I’m pretty in love with too.  And pssst, they are all going to be going up on my Etsy page.

So remember way back when, when I did this little dresser re-do for my chicklets?  Well I love the color and I’m pretty in love with quatrefoil so I decided to take that route.  Here she is all finished up…

Isn’t she a beauty?  Besides my terrible picture taking skills?  I’ve decided my goal this year is to learn how to take beautiful pictures…so let’s hope that works out haha.
So the sign definitely took some time.  I started with a 1×8 cut down to 48″ then sanded the crap out of it!  Then 2 coats of primer, a coat of paint, and some stenciling and she was ready for some numbers.  I initially tried to use some contact paper cut out from my Silhouette to use as a stencil but it didn’t work out.  The stencil cut beautifully but it was so large and detailed that I had a ton of trouble getting it on and lined up exactly where I wanted it.  Luckily, I had a stencil I had bought a while ago so I used that but it took forever.  It is only about 10″ so I had to stencil, remove, let dry, and then start over again.  Maybe there is a better way?  I know this is going to ruin my crafting street cred but I’ve never used a stencil before!  Any tips are appreciated!  Once it was dry I used my stencil dabber and made circles at each foot mark and let that dry.  Then I used a sharpie to add all of the lines and the numbers.
I think it came out pretty good and I must say it looks pretty great in my girls room!
If you look on their dresser that’s another project that I did that I’m loving!  It says “Never let them dull your sparkle”.  Awww, cute!  Anyways, here is another picture of the growth chart and a little sneak peek at the other one I’m working on right now!
DSC02729 DSC02740
Thanks for stopping by and remember, I love promoting DIY but if you don’t want to do the work hop on over to my Etsy page and snag this baby!  And check back because I’ll definitely be adding more soon.
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  1. Marcy Knopf says:

    I plan on making one of these this year too…hopefully sooner then later! I LOVE the stenciling & color you chose (instead of just plain wood & ruler lines) Thanks so much for linking up to the PINcentive Blog Hop! PIN’D! =) Marcy @ day2day SuperMom

    • Elisa says:

      My initial reoaitcn was awesome!’ It doesn’t look like a DIY project at all. It can pass as an original merchandise of the Hunger Games franchise. Your tutorial has actually got me into thinking the shirt prints I want. This is great! On the top of my list is a shirt with a big paw print in front. 😀 Do you think it will look as good as that with glitters?-

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