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Hey guys!  How is your week going?  Remember back here when I told you guys I had a garage project to share with you?  Well, I snapped some pictures of the finished project the other day and I’m here to share them with you today!  I’m so excited about this project!!  I know you can’t take the suspense anymore…right?  Before I show you though let me tell you this.  The before picture is sooooo embarrassing!  But you guys deserve to know the truth!  And the after looks so much more impressive when you’ve seen the sad state our garage was in to start with. Don’t believe me?  Sheck it out for yourselves!

PicMonkey Collage-002

Isn’t it amazing?  We had the worst garage ever.  Seriously it was bad!  We really were only able to use half of our garage because the other half was just piles of junk and unpacked totes.  With just $100 and a few afternoons we were able to reclaim (or claim for the first time ever?) our garage.  It would not take a few afternoons if you actually bought all of the stuff you needed the first time haha.  We got the materials from Lowe’s.  We got 20 of these 2×4’s and 2 of these sheets of plywood.  Have them cut it down for you and you will be all set to build.  Ours was made to fit our space but I’ll give you a run down of how we did things.

We built our shelves first.  Take two 8ft 2x4s and screw 13.5″ 2x4s into the ends and into the middle.  I would definitely put in another brace or two if you will be putting anything heavy on them.


I don’t know why this picture is so blurry but you get the gist.  Now tack your plywood onto the top.

DSC02531 DSC02532

Now you have a shelf.  Woot!  Repeat 5 more times.  When you are done it’s time to put them all together.  Cut 6 2×4’s at 6ft high.  We then cut scraps and nailed them onto the legs to help hold the shelves in place while we got everything screwed in.  The size of the scraps isn’t important just be sure you mark where you want your shelf and put the tops of the scraps all even with each other.


We found some stuff to set the bottom shelf on to help hold it while we attached it to all 4 legs.


The shelf was put flush with the outside of the outside legs but only half way on the inside legs.  We did it this way because we only put one leg on the front and one on the back of the middle of the shelving unit.  Here’s a picture so you can get a better idea of what I’m talking about.

DSC02579 DSC02580

At this point we cleared everything to one spot in the garage and pushed the shelf over to the side we planned on putting it then added the other half.


Once it was all built we screwed the frames of each half into each other and pushed it all against the wall.  We didn’t brace ours into the wall.  It feels pretty sturdy but if you are building one I would definitely recommend anchoring it to the wall somehow.

DSC02582 DSC02584

Now load the puppy up and enjoy your newly organized garage!

DSC02625 DSC02626 DSC02628

Now I can be much more productive when I’m working out in the garage.  We did some organizing on the Stephanie side of the garage but we moved a huge pile of wood over there so once I get that cleared out I’ll show you guys that.  Hope you guys liked it and I hope it was a little garage inspiration.  If it was please please Pin the crap out of it!  And make sure to follow me so you don’t miss any posts!  Hope you guy’s have a great rest of the week.



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