Christmas Round-Up

Hello!  Are you guy’s all set for the holidays?  We aren’t!  We FINALLY got our Christmas tree up last week and finished all of our decorating this weekend though.  I am so excited to get it all finished up.  I even got some Christmas shopping done online.  Let’s hope everything gets delivered in time haha.  I thought it might be fun to do a little recap to try and give you guys some ideas if you are still not done with your shopping.  You have 1 weekend left before the big day.  Plenty of time to get out and build something!  I’ll put links to each project at the bottom of this post.  Happy building!


Here are some of the kiddo things I’ve made.  Is your little girl getting a new doll this year?  Well she’s going to need a bed and a closet!  And who couldn’t use a step stool?  Maybe stencil a name or favorite character on the top to make it extra special?  The doll house bookcase is awesome because it’s beautiful, fun, and provides storage.  It would be pretty awesome painted as a firehouse for a little boy.  And what kid wouldn’t feel cool with their very own entertainment center?  I built this one last Christmas for my kiddo.  The great thing about building your own stuff is making it whatever dimensions and colors you like.  I changed the plans on our entertainment center to fit underneath his bed.  Tiny man cave=coolest thing ever!


Another great idea is a complete DIY play kitchen.  Get those imaginations going!  I made all of this last Christmas for my girls but my son loves to get in there and play with the kitchen too.  Actually last night he made me Hot Wheels soup.  Delicious!!


If you’re feeling extra ambitious you can go big but this would most likely require you to work most nights until Christmas.  The hard work would definitely be worth it though.  Could you imagine going back to school and telling all your friends that your mom or dad MADE you a new bed for Christmas?!  Especially a playhouse loft bed with your very own set of stairs?  I’m telling you, it would be worth all the work!

I hope this helped to give you a guys a little inspiration.  And if you aren’t like me and you finished all your shopping already maybe start planning on a birthday or just because.  Hopefully I will be back before Christmas with some more posts but no promises.  Me and the hubs did finish up a project in the garage that I will be telling you guys about soon.  I don’t want to tell you what it is now but it is pretty great!  Make sure you don’t miss when I post it by following me whatever way you want 😉

Before I go here are links to all the projects.

1.  Mini Media Wall
2.  Doll Bed
3.  Doll Closet
4.  Step Stools
5.  Doll House Bookcase
6.  DIY Kitchen
7.  Fridge Chalkboard
8.  Table and Chairs
9.  Doll High Chairs
10. Farmhouse Bed
11. Dresser
12. Console Table
13. Dresser Makeover
14. Playhouse Loft Bed

See ya soon!


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