Closet for an American Girl Doll

Hey folks!  I’m back tonight to show you guys how I built the cute American Girl closet I showed you the other day!


Eeeek, it looks so cute all filled up!  And it was pretty easy to build.  You can find the plans here on Ana White but I have a few pictures of my build to share with you peeps.  First, get your two sides, top, and bottom cut.  Before I put mine together I used my Kreg Jig to put the toe kick on the bottom.  Just use a piece of scrap wood to line it up.

DSC02508 DSC02509

Now you are ready to put your closet together.  When you are putting it together be sure you are staying perfectly square.  If you aren’t square your doors aren’t going to line up right.  Once that’s done add your shelf.  I used a piece of scrap again as a spacer.


Now we’re ready for doors people!  I didn’t take any pictures.  I was doing it alone and it’s a little tricky to line up.  I’m sure there is an easier way to do it.  Maybe I should look into this?  Anyways, when you get your doors on add your handles and your hardware for your closet rod.  I cut cardboard to make templates for my handles and for the closet rod holder.


It’s all finished up!  Now fill that sucker up with adorable things!  Here is an overload of pictures of the one I made.  I may have had to much fun with this.

DSC02565 DSC02567 DSC02570

And one more of the bed and closet together just for fun


Thanks for checking these out.  I hope the little girl who gets them loves them as much as I loved making them!  Now go make some of your own!


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