“18 Doll Bed

Hey boys and girls!!  Are you guys ready for Christmas?  I can tell you who’s not…it’s this girl!!  But today a family friend got to check a few things off of her Christmas list.  It was these two crazy cute pieces of doll furniture made by yours truly.


I know I’m a little biased but aren’t they adorable?!  And a little shout out to my niece Morgan for letting me borrow her dolls and accessories.  You are the best Bo Bo Muffin!!  It’s not weird at all when a 30 year old woman calls her niece to see if she can play with her dolls haha.

So, back to the furniture.  I had so much fun making these.  Especially sewing the bedding.  This is the first time I’ve had any quality time with my sewing machine since moving back to AZ.  Unacceptable, I tell ya!  I took a billion pictures so I’m going to break this into 3 posts.  Today I’m sharing some pictures of the bed with you and my little tutorial on the mattress.  Not many pictures there but it’s easy.  Tomorrow I’ll be back showing you how I did the canopy, blanket, and pillow.  And Thursday I’ll be back with the closet.  But now let’s get back to that gorg little bed.


You know this is an Ana White plan already.  Like I even need to tell you guys that!  But here is a link to the plan.  I didn’t take any pictures of the build because her plan is easy to follow.  The only two tips I have are to make your head board and foot board flush with the inside of the legs so you can screw the frame into them and add an extra support.  Here is a picture of the bed without anything on it.  Boring!  Haha


Now onto the mattress.  It says you can either use cardboard or a piece of plywood.  I choose to use cardboard, foam, and fabric and do it sort of like upholstering something.  So I cut a piece of sturdy cardboard to fit.  I had some foam left over from when a friend and I made a headboard for her little girl.  It worked perfect for this project.  Put your cardboard onto your foam and trace it out then cut it.


I used permanent spray glue to attach it to the cardboard.  Now put your ironed fabric face down and put the “mattress” on top of it.  I used spray glue again to hold it in place.  Now very neatly wrap the fabric around.  I used spray glue and hot glue to keep it in place.


All finished!  Flip it over and this is what it should look like…


If you did it correctly it should fit nice and snug into the bed.  Surprisingly, I did it right the first time!  I know guys.  I’m shocked!!  Doing things right the first time is usually not my thing.

DSC02546 DSC02547

Doesn’t it look good?  I must say, I loved doing this!  It was so much fun and I can’t wait to do it again.  I have two special girls in mind who will be getting some of these beds for Christmas!  I hope you will try them out, too!  And remember I will be back tomorrow showing you how I did the rest of the bedding and the canopy.  Come back and check it out!  I’ll leave you with one more picture for the night 😉



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