DIY Floating Shelves

Hey guys!  How was your weekend?  Hopefully you got to do something fun!  We’ve been busy around here catching up on some projects.  I want to share these floating shelves with you that I got done.


I’m in love!  Unfortunately, they were for somebody else!  But now I will definitely need to add them to my mile long to do list because I love how they looked in my kitchen.  Like everything else I build I kind of didn’t want to give them up haha!  But I took some pictures so hopefully you guys can build some of these bad boys for yourselves.

These were pretty simple to build but I definitely recommend having your plywood cut down for you at the store.  For some reason I cannot cut a straight line with a circular saw so these two shelves wasted a lot of plywood.  Lesson learned people!  You can go here to Ana White to get the plans but I’ll share my step by step pictures with you guys so you can see how they are done.

The first step for these is the frame.  I cut the two long pieces and marked off where I was going to screw the studs into.  Make sure you counter sink your screws because you don’t want them sticking out.  The shelf sleeve fits very snug so you want the screws to be flush with the wood.  I glued and screwed the studs first and then the end pieces.   Here’s some pictures…

photo-8- photo-9-

Once that is done set it aside and assemble your sleeve.  I did mine with pocket holes.


Now you just need to attach your two pieces of plywood.  I glued them and then tacked them down with 1″ brad nails.  Now the building is finished!  Sand and either prime and paint or stain.

To attach these you screw the frame into studs using 3″ screws.  Then slide your sleeve on and sit back and admire your awesomeness 😉

DSC02466 DSC02473

Aren’t they pretty?!  I want some for my kitchen and maybe above the tv.  Maybe in another year or two I will get to it haha.  You should all definitely go and make some of these though!  Hit up the hardware store this weekend and get your supplies and you can have these cuties on your wall in no time!  Thanks for stopping by and if you like them go ahead and pin them!  Oh, and follow me so you can be the first to know when I put up more awesome projects!


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  1. Sarah DR says:

    I removed the floating shelves in our kitchen because it has termites already, and I am really looking for the easiest yet nice floating shelf design. I am glad I saw your tutorial and I love it so much.

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