Big Girl Art

Hey guys!!  Wanna know a secret?  Okay, so it’s really not a secret but it is exciting!  I have joined the Silhouette world!  That’s right…I finally got my hands on a Silhouette and I am IN LOVE!!  If you don’t have one go get one right now.  I’ll wait!

Okay, are you  back?  Good.  Now let’s put that bad boy to use and make some adorable little girl art.  You guys know I have been working on a big girl room.  I repainted this beautiful dresser, hung up some pretty sheer white curtains, bought the bedding, and their mattresses will be here in a few days.  Still on my to do list is build the beds, paint the walls, and get up some art.  Well I got a nice little start on their art in the last couple of weeks.  I would like to do a few more things but I’m not sure what yet.  But, in the mean time I think it’s looking pretty cute!


And no, I haven’t painted yet.  The awesome flames are still there.  I just edited them out so I could see what it will look like once they’re gone haha.

I love how all of these came out and the best part is that it was ridiculously inexpensive!  I mostly used things I already had.  This was a plain wooden picture frame that I got from a hobby store years ago and decoupaged some pretty scrapbook paper onto.  Look at those little dolls!  Aren’t they just the cutest?!

The alphabet was made using PicMonkey.  I just started with a cute background and used the “backspacer” font to type out the ABC’s.  I made the letters gray and then changed the A to purple and the I to pink so my girls initials were both done in their favorite color.  I just printed it onto white card stock.  And I didn’t do some weird photo shop trickery to the frame.  It’s just really warped haha


The butterflies were made with the Silhouette.   I found a butterfly I liked in the Silhouette store then duplicated it and made the duplicate a little larger.  Then I cut them out on two different kinds of paper and glued them together.  Once they were finished I glued them onto the gray chevron paper and stuck some little brads through for decoration.  Then you just fold out the wings to make it 3 dimensional.  So easy!

DSC02443 DSC02444

The last one is my favorite!  I did this with the Silhouette as well.  I found some cute dress shapes I liked and bought them from the Silhouette store.  I cut out the same dress on 3 different pieces of paper.  The next part was ridiculously easy, and probably free if you’re a coffee drinker!  I took a coffee filter and cut it into quarters.  I used my glue pen and glued one quarter of a coffee filter onto each dress.

DSC02369 DSC02371 DSC02372 DSC02373

I used some pretty scrapbook paper, glued some twine onto it, glued some really cute clothespins onto that, and then hung the dresses.  I love it and so do my girls!  The best part was I had all of this stuff already so it was free to me but even if you had to buy everything it would still be really inexpensive!


Here’s a picture from a different angle so you can see how the dresses fluff up


So far I’m very happy with the progress!  Don’t forget to follow me and if you like any of this I have added a handy little Pin feature so you can pin things straight from the picture!  You know you wanna 😉

Do you have a Silhouette?  If you had made any Silhouette project lately I would love to see them!!  Hope y’all have a great day!


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