Let’s Talk Safety

Good morning!  Today I’m back with a little more serious post than normal.  Remember all the way back 24 hours ago when I showed you this beauty?


Well, if you remember I said that this was for my girls.  My girls are 3.  And 3 year olds are pretty small.  They are definitely no match for this big, old, very heavy dresser!  That’s where a handy furniture strap comes in.


You should be able to get these at any home improvement store I would think.  I bought mine at Menards for $7.99.  It was ridiculously easy to install!  All I needed was this kit, a drill, and a drill bit.  Make sure you read the instructions on the one you buy to find out the most effective way to use it!!  Mine was a few simple steps.  Locate a stud on the wall and using your drill bit make some pilot holes.  I just knocked on the wall and listened to find out where the studs were.  Thanks dad for telling me how useless stud finders are!!  You will know when you are making your pilot holes if you actually hit a stud.  Then I attached the wall piece.


I made sure to admire the wall flames at this point.  Next, I needed to attach the dresser piece, first making pilot holes and then attaching it.  Where I attached mine is a nice solid piece of wood but if you don’t have anywhere you can attach it on the back mine said you can make a hole in the back.  You would put the piece through the hole and attach it the underside of the top of the dresser.  Remember, to just read your directions for the best way to use yours.


Follow the directions for finishing up the last steps.  Here is a picture of mine from the side and also from the top once it is all finished.

DSC02406-001 DSC02407-001

I gave mine a few tugs to make sure that it’s not going anywhere.  If it was going to break I would much rather it happen when I was pulling on it then when it was a little 27lb body doing it.  Now, I can sleep sound at night knowing that if my little monkeys decide the try and climb up this that it won’t come tumbling down on them.  See those blankets down there?  I was using them to help me slide this baby out of their room the first few nights we had it before I got it all strapped in.  I’m a worrier like that guys!  But in a case like this, being a worrier is a good thing.  The $8 and 10 minutes I have invested into this could possibly save my kids lives.  It’s crazy not to do it.

*****Please realize that this post is in NO WAY me telling you the correct or right way to anchor your furniture.  You are completely responsible for making sure you follow the directions that come with the anchor you buy and installing yours correctly.  This post is simply to remind you of the importance of not putting any furniture where your little ones could possibly tip it on to themselves.  I really encourage you guys to go and read this woman’s post about losing her daughter when her dresser tipped over on her.  When I first read this post back when she wrote it, I literally sat at my computer bawling my eyes out.  Please take the time to go here and read why this is so very important.  Her blog is called Love, Light, Laughter, and Chocolate.  It is really one of the most emotional things I have ever read and her story needs to be told.

Thanks for taking time to read this post.  I hope if you haven’t already it has encouraged you to go out and buy some furniture anchors.  Have a great day!!


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