Giving In To My Chalkboard Addiction

Hello and happy Saturday!  I was hoping to do this post yesterday but that didn’t happen so I’m here with you all on a Saturday.  Don’t get used to it.  Just kidding!  I am more than happy to spend my weekend with y’all!  So this is a quick post to show you a project I did with the kidlets.  This project really doesn’t need any step by step instructions so get ready for a boat load of after pics 🙂

So do you guys remember seeing the play kitchen I made my kiddos last Christmas?  I never showed you how I made it but I have showed you pictures.  Didn’t see that?  Well go look, what are you waiting for??  Or you can just look at the picture below cause I’ll show you again…


I never finished this bad boy.  I know, naughty mom!  I never put an oven door on it.  Or magnetic catches to keep the fridge doors from going in to far.  I also have been planning on changing out the door handles but again…hasn’t happened!  But I did finally get something done to it that I’ve been wanting to do since it was built.  That fridge needed a chalkboard and here it is!!


It was really simple.  Tape off the area that you want the chalkboard, then prime it, and paint it.  It’s so simple.  I like to use Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3.  Here is the link if you want to pick some up for yourself.  We got a quart of this Disney Chalkboard paint from Walmart.  Ten bucks!  Not bad, right?  Especially since we barely made a dent in the can.  Put on two coats and you’re all finished.  The can says to wait a week before writing on it but I wrote on it the same day.  Yep, I’m a rebel!  Let’s hope it doesn’t end up biting me in the butt!  Now that you know what to do let’s get on to some finished pictures!  Here this pretty girl is all finished up!

DSC02280 DSC02288

Look at that menu.  It’s a little kids dream menu I tell ya.  I mean, what else could be on the menu of such a sweet little kitchen?  Of course, it has to be all sweet, yummy, goodness!  And to say goodbye to you guys I’ll leave you with some more pictures!   This time some action shots!

DSC02297 DSC02302
I’ll leave you today with two things.  First, look at the leftie action going on!  And second, I know you are all loving their hair!  Let me know if you want the name to their hair dresser!  Oh wait, one more thing.  When they were done the girlie on the right asked me if I would like to see her artist AKA her picture. Well heck yes I would, kid!!  I must say I can already tell this is going to provide lots and lots of entertainment.  Score!

Hope you guys have a great weekend everybody!


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