Let’s Build A Dresser!

Hey, hey, heyyyyy!  I’m back!!  Did you miss me?  Well I missed you guys 🙂  So I told you guys here that there was a little sneak peek of another post and I’m back here to show you what it is.  Are you ready?  Well here it is!


Not excited about the sneak peek?  Wanna see the whole thing?  Well you’re in luck because your wish is my command!  Here she is, folks.


Isn’t she pretty?  Oh, don’t be alarmed.  I promise you her drawers go in all the way.  I’m good like that 😉  I’ll show you guys some progress pics but I’m sure by now you know the drill.  First you need a link to the plans which are from the ever amazing Ana White.  Just click-a-roo right here.  Now that you have plans I’ll show you my pictures.

So, I was pretty intimated to be taking on this project.  The dresser…easy as pie!  The drawers…eeeeeeek!  It was my first time ever doing drawers but don’t worry boys and girls, it turned out to be pretty easy after a little practice.  But first you need to build the frame.  Cut your boards and go to town with Kreggy aka your kreg jig.  Don’t have one you say?  Well, GO GET ONE!  For realsies, it’s love at first sight!


Once you have that done go ahead and glue and nail trim pieces onto the out side of the dresser and attach the sides to the legs.

DSC01991 DSC01992

Now here is the part that I suck.  I didn’t take pictures!!  I know, what the heck?!  But luckily I did a little instagraming along the way.  Hop on over to see the pictures of the dresser built and with drawers without drawer faces.  Here’s the link.  While you’re there you should definitely follow me.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

I would love to give you guys some advice on installing drawers but I don’t think I’m experienced enough just yet.  But I did find this handy little tutorial on Shanty-2-Chic (once I was done, of course!) so you can read through this to learn more about installing them.  Now that you know how to put your drawers in I’ll tell you the easy way I put on the drawer faces.  It’s really simple.  Just lay your dresser down on it’s back.  Put the face down onto the drawer and use tile spacers to evenly space the face onto the drawer.  Use a nail gun to tack on the face then take the drawers out and screw the face on from the inside.  Put it all back together and your done!

Now comes the crappy part again…sanding.  Ugh, I hate sanding!!  Once you’re done with that torture prime and paint.  Throw on some adorable knobs and fill your lovely dresser up!  Here is the dresser all finished up in it’s new home.


Don’t you love the knobs?!  Pretty!  I am thinking about doing a boy version of this to go in my kiddos dirt bike room.


I’m thinking grey with 2 dirt bike knobs on the top drawer and some simple knobs on the bottom 3 drawers.  I have an idea for DIYing some toy dirt bikes to make knobs.  Let’s hope it works out like it does in my head.  Maybe paint the dirt bikes the blue of his bed?  I think so!   Hopefully this will happen someday.  Maybe this winter.  We shall see!

Thanks for stopping by and I will be back one more time this week with a quick easy project for you guys.  Hope you have a great day!


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