Farmhouse Bed…DIY Style!

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Make a Farmhouse bed yourself!  Step by step pictures on building a farmhouse bed using Ana White plans.Hey peeps!  How was your weekend?  Hope you were able to do something fun and handy!  I did a little project with my kidlets that I’ll share with you guys sometime this week!  But on to today’s post.

I’m both excited and not excited about today’s post.  I’ll be showing you guys a DIY farmhouse bed!  This bed to be exact…DSC02044

Isn’t she pretty??  The only reason I’m not excited to show you guys this today is because I don’t have any pictures of it all beautiful in it’s new home.  I know, sad face 🙁  But you can still see just how pretty she is so let’s get on to some build pictures.
This bed is ridiculously easy to make.  You can get the shopping and cut list here, from my girl crush, Ana!  I’ve got a lot of pictures of the process for you guys though. Let’s get through this quickly, shall we?
First cut trim pieces and glue and nail them onto the panels.  Set the panels on some scraps of 1x to use as a spacer and use pocket holes to attach the panels to the legs.

After that, attach a 2×4 to the top.  I countersunk my screws using the bit you see below.

Next up is a 2×6 on top of the 2×4.

Once you get to this point, glue and nail the trim pieces on to the plain side of the panel.  Do this for the headboard and foot board.  Next you are going to attach them.  The side rails are 1x10s.  Attach them with pocket holes making sure everything is nice and square and level.


Once your side rails are on you will need to put 2×4’s all the way around to make a place to screw your mattress slats into.


Use a spacer to put down your slats which are made out of 2x2s.


Now you are done with the build!  Next fill all holes, sand the crap out of it, prime, and paint!  Or you can be like me and talk your hubby (or wife!) into letting you buy a paint sprayer then have them paint the bed for you.  It’s called outsourcing people!  Before you know it you have a gorgeous new beautiful bed!  Here she is all painted up and pretty.

Make a Farmhouse bed yourself!  Step by step pictures on building a farmhouse bed using Ana White plans.
After the bed was all finished up I decided it need some 1/4″ ply to go over the slats.  I was worried about the new owner of this bed (a 4 year old girl) crawling under her new bed and putting her head through the slats.  I screwed the ply into place because I was also worried about her still sticking her head through and getting it stuck with the plywood and mattress holding her head down.  My kids have turned me into a bit of a freak.  I’ve learned to never underestimate the powers that little ones have to turn anything into a dangerous contraption haha.
So there you have it guys!  A nice sturdy bed that will last for years!  If you decide to make your own just hop on over to Ana’s website for the shopping list and get started!  I will be back this week with a few more posts.  There’s a sneak peek in these pictures of one of those posts 😉  Hope you guys have a great night!!

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  1. Kylie Helm says:

    Holy, freaking camoly I can’t believe you MADE THAT! It’s amazing, Stephanie! I absolutely love it. So stylish, and it makes it 100 times more awesome that you made it yourself! So cool!!

    Excited to follow and see what else you create!

    Xo Kylie

    (P.s…I thought i’d let you know that you’re a “no reply blogger” which basically just means I can’t respond to your super nice comments through email! It’s so easy to fix if you just hop over in your settings and add your email address.)

  2. MS Do says:

    You’re awesome! This is EXACTLY the bed that I’ve been wanting to build for myself. I’ve priced it at $300 and knew I could make it much cheaper.

    • says:

      Thank you so much! It’s been so long that I don’t remember how much it cost. My best guess would be about $100? Sorry that’s not much help!

    • says:

      Hi Patty! I believe it’s about 50″ tall? Maybe taller. It’s been a long time. It’s actually a twin.

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