Get to Know Our Home-Playroom

Hello!!!  I’m back!  Do you guys remember me?  Probably not because I’m a sucky blogger and haven’t been here for a few weeks even though I was only supposed to be gone a few days.  Sorry folks!  I’ve come to the conclusion that I might be able to be a good blogger in two years when my girls start school.  Let’s just keep it real though and say that even then it’s going to be iffy!  But I’m here now so let’s have some picture sharing time shall we?

You guys said that my next GTKOH post should be our playroom so here goes!  So, when you come into our house and go through the entry and living room you come to the den entrance which we are using as our playroom.  Here’s what it looks like coming into the room.


I’ll give you a second to oooh and aaah.  Are you done?  Okay, let’s move on!  As you can tell we really need to decorate in here but here are a few more pics of some of the stuff we love in the kitchen.

My kids love this little chalkboard.  I just used some Martha Stewart chalkboard paint on a scrap piece of plywood.  It was hanging with Velcro strips in our old house and easily came on and off the wall so they could draw.  Now it has found it’s home above their stove.


This is just a piece of fishing line I hung up with two nails.  It’s a simple way to switch out the 50 new coloring pages a day 😉


All 3 of my kids loooove to cook so of course they need lots of ingredients.  Anyone in the mood for a whole plastic chicken?

Every kitchen needs a clock!  By the way, it’s always 1:20 in this kitchen haha.

One the wall to the right (looking into the room) is just a boring window but to the left is my girl’s dollhouse bookcase.  This was a birthday present I made for them for their third birthday.  The storage comes in very handy!


It’s a perfect place to display our Lego houses that we build!  For this one my girls decided to put two Lego girls out front.  They said one is me and one is our friend Joyelle that we had to leave in Omaha.  Super sad about leaving her but this is almost as good as having her with us haha.


So that’s the “good” of the playroom.  Now let’s move on to the “bad” and the “ugly” mmmkay?  This built in just doesn’t go with the room.  If it was my house I would take it out or even just paint it white but since it’s not mine that’s not an option.  I guess I could at least clean up and organize the space a bit!

DSC02146 DSC02148

I’ll let you guys know what I decide to do over in the ugly corner but it probably won’t happen for about 10 years!  Right now I have a ton going on.  My mom and I have been building a huge desk that I will hopefully be sharing pictures with you guys this weekend.  Also, my brother’s wife is expecting a baby boy next month so that means there is a baby shower to plan and presents to make.  I’m soooo excited because I will finally have a nephew!  Right now my boy is the only one in the family.  He’s surrounded by sisters and girl cousins so he needs a boy 🙂  I also made some cute printables that I will share with you guys tomorrow.  I just need to figure out how to post them so that you guys can save them to your computers if you so desire!  I made some really cute baby ones but those will have to wait!  I can’t show you those until after the baby shower.  Plus Halloween is coming up next months so I need to make costumes.  Oh, I also got a desk!!  I just got it yesterday.  I plan on painting it so you guys will see that when it’s done but for now I have somewhere to sit while I use the computer.  Yay!!!  So now you can see why it takes me so long to write a new post.  I get tired just thinking about all the stuff I have to do haha.

And if you are interest here are the links for the fridge, sink, stove, table, high chairs, and dollhouse bookcase.

Well guys, I’m off to do some errands with the kiddos.  Yay for errands in 100°+ weather.  Who’s jealous???  Okay, bye till tomorrow peeps!



  1. Anonymous says:

    hi just a thought you could stick decorator paper on the ugly shelves using a little double sided tape so it can be removed or contact?

  2. Jeremy says:

    Oct25 KellyOk I made this for my son and he at the table having so much fun with this, I did have to ctaree ledges for all the ramps as the marbles kept falling off track once that was done it was PERFECT. Thanks so much for this wonderful idea, its a snowy day here and now he has something to hold his interestReply

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