Get to Know Our Home-Living Room

Hello people!  Who wants to finish off their Monday with the start of my new series “Get to Know Our Home”??  I told ya’ll I would be back Monday to kick off the new series and here I am!  It might be almost 9pm but better late then never…right??  Now let’s get this party started!


The first room I’m going to share with you lovely people is our new living room.  After living in military housing for the last 4 years and having boring white walls for the 5 years before that (hubby hates painted walls…what a weirdo!) I must say I am loving our new house!  I’m not gonna lie, the paint is not what I would have picked but it’s better then dirty white.  Am I right??  If it was my house I would probably go with more of a gray color but this will definitely do!  And I love the floors!  Oh and the baseboards.  Love the baseboards!  They are big and white and look so good against the wall color.  I’m a very happy girl!

Now onto some pictures and some ideas!  When you walk into our front door you go through a little entry way and look right into the living room.  Right not it all looks okay.  The problem is we had white walls and very light carpet in our last house.  All of our old stuff doesn’t look so great in the new house.  Between the tan walls, wood floors, brown couches, beige curtains, and all the dark stained projects I’ve done we are swimming in a sea of boring!

I think new curtains will help that problem out a little and will be a fun way to bring some color or patterns into the space.  I haven’t decided yet what I want though.  I will probably just go to the fabric store and find some fabric I love and make my own.  I’ll be sure to make a post about them if I do.  I also need something more substantial above the couch.  I was thinking about maybe 2 rows of either 3 or 4 frames but I haven’t decided if I’m in love with that idea yet.


Another thing that will make a big difference is a large area rug.  Who knows when/if this will happen though because it’s a big chunk of money and I’m not sure my husband and I will be able to agree on one.  We have VERY different style views and I’m not sure he will be as willing to say yes to me for something as pricey as a huge rug as he does with the smaller things I want for our home.  Boooo haha.


Another small project will be figuring out something for above the tv.  I was thinking about some floating shelves that I can throw some pictures and fun stuff on.  It would also be a great place to be able to display decorations for the different holidays.  I must be prepared for Thanksgiving and Christmas so I best get on that lol.  I also need to trade out the photo blocks for something a little bigger to help fill that space a little more.  I would love to build a new entertainment center but for some strange reason the hubs loves the one we have now so I guess I’ll let him have that little piece of happiness 😉


The next thing on the list is building a desk for the computer.  I actually showed the picture of the desk that I want in this post.  Go ahead and check it out if you haven’t already.  That will actually be one of the first things on the build list once I have a place to build furniture.  Right now the computer is sitting up on the bar between the living room and the kitchen.  It sucks.  I’ve actually been standing here putting this whole bloggy blog post together.  Did I mention it sucks?  Definitely at the top of the list!


Like the picture says…the computer must go but the kid can stay.  She’s pretty cute.  I think I’ll keep her around.


So there you have it folks.  That’s our new living room.  I love it but it needs a lot of prettying up!  Hopefully I will get to start building soon so I can begin showing you guys some progress but for now here is one last view.  This is the view from STANDING by the computer…did I mention it sucks?  Oh, I did?  Okay then.


So what should I post about next?  I was thinking about the playroom or the kitchen.  I’ll let you peeps decide!  Until then I hope you have a good few days and I will see you all back here Friday blogging about which ever room you guys decide!  Nighty night!



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