We’re Home!

Hey everyone!  Well, it’s official.  We moved to AZ!!!  I’m so excited…I mean, look at these pictures of all the stuff I’ve been missing out on the last 4 years!

Gorgeous sunsets…


Amazing lightning shows…


Haboobs (which is just a funny name for huge dust storm)…


And these little chickies, who have jumped right into being Arizonians.


My brother took all of these photos…pretty good, huh?  I’m going to put his skills to use for a little photo shoot I have in mind for my girls.  Maybe we can even get my little man involved but that’s a big maybe.  The kid hates having his picture taken. I think there is a good chance he is wanted by the FBI or something!

And the best part is we have a home!  Unfortunately, it’s a rental but hopefully in about a year or two we will look for a home to buy so I can get into some of the really fun DIY I want to try out.  I really need to paint some cabinets, put in flooring, and paint a house the colors I want!  But it due time people.  For now I’m just super excited about living at home again and I really do love our new home…no more military housing for us!

I have not had any time or space to start building furniture yet so I have nothing to share with you guys but I have decided to do a little “Get to know our home” series.  Starting Monday I will show you guys the different rooms in our home and what I am planning for each space.  Until then, here are some photos of stuff that I am dieing to build!  We just might see some of these become a reality in the next few months 🙂

First up is this fun industrial style table.  I love, love, love this!  I think I may need this for my back patio.  This was designed by Haldane Martin for Truth Coffee.  You can go here to look at the rest of the coffee shop.  It’s pretty amazing!

I’m also in need of a new desk.  Right now our computer is sitting on the bar in the kitchen because our old desk doesn’t fit in the living room.  I’ve been loving this desk for a long time now so I think I may need to make it.  This is a Shanty 2 Chic build and the plans are here on, you guessed it, Ana White.
The last thing we are really needing is some new big girl beds for my big girls!  I am really liking this beauty from Pottery Barn.  I love how girly and classic it is.  This is definitely a bed that can grow with them.
I have some ideas in my head about what I want for their room but we will go more into detail during the “Get to know our home” series 🙂  First on the list though is getting rid of the flames that go around their entire room…intrigued yet?  Haha
Hope you all have a great weekend and make sure you come back Monday!  Until then I will be out back swimming and soaking up all the Vitamin D that I have been missing the last 4 years.  See you peeps soon 🙂

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