Simply Lovely Lumber Is On The Move!!

Hey friends!!  So I just wanted to make a quick post to fill you in on some changes going on.  I know I’ve been MIA but I promise I’m not just being a crappy blogger 😉  I have finished a beautiful bed and dresser that I will be showing you guys but it’ll be a while before I do it because…drum roll please…….we are moving back to AZ!!!  We have our house pretty much all packed up now we are just waiting on the military to tell us when we leave.  I will most likely not be blogging for about a month or two while we make our journey back home, find a place to live, and get all settled in.  But when we do I can promise you I will have lots of furniture to show you all.  I mean after all I do “have to” make furniture for our new house!  I will see you all soon and don’t forget me while I’m gone haha.


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