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Hey there!  I’m back tonight with a few pics of the chairs I built to go with this amazing table!!!  Okay maybe amazing is taking it a bit to far but you have to admit, it is pretty!  But enough about the table, let’s get onto these beauties…


The picture is pretty bad but I didn’t want to wait to post.  I’ll come back with some better pictures if the sun ever decides to return to Nebraska!

I used Ana White’s plans for the Modern Angle Chairs.  You can get the plans and step by step instructions here but I thought I would show you guys some pictures of the assembly, the changes I made, and give you a few tips I learned along the way.  Before we get into the pictures I would like to apologize.  These pictures are also pretty horrible!  My nice bright 300w bulb burnt out and I had to replace it with a different, not at all bright, bulb.  But you still get the idea.  It just might not be as pretty to look at but I didn’t think you guys would mind!

First thing you want to do after you get all your wood cut out is go through and mark your boards.  If you are using a Kreg Jig (You should definitely get one!!) you want to mark little X’s where you need to drill all your pocket holes.  I also look over the boards and decide what sides I want to be the fronts/backs and tops/bottoms.  If one side of your board is ugly just put the ugly side facing in.


Once you have all your pocket holes drilled you can start assembly.  I started by building all the fronts and backs.  Just attach the front/back stretchers to the legs.  Before I build them I like to take my front legs and put them on the back legs to mark where my stretcher will be.  I mark both the front and the inside so when attaching the stretchers I know right were to put them.  This part is really easy.  I use a 3/8″ scrap piece of wood to inset the stretcher to prevent splitting the 2×2 boards.  Just clamp everything down and screw it together.  Be sure you are keeping everything square and using glue.


Once that’s done you can set them aside and assemble the tops of the chair backs.  I used the 3/8″ scrap again and just screwed through the outside of the leg into the rails countersinking my screws and using glue.  Somehow I forgot to take pictures of this step.  Once those are assembled you can attach them to the back leg assemblies.  Once they are finished you are ready to attach the front legs to the back legs using the side stretchers.  Same deal as before.


I don’t have any pictures of the next part but I basically just cut 1×3’s down to 18 ” and starting at the back legs keeping the slat flush against the legs I glued and nailed it down into the stretchers and front legs.  I built the whole seat this way making sure the slats where staying lined up perfectly as I glued and nailed them down.  After that I went back and added a 1×2 in between the legs flush with the first 1×3 I nailed down to the back stretcher.  I definitely made it sound confusing but its not haha.  If you don’t want slats you can follow Ana’s plans and notch out a project panel for the seat.  Also, in the plan she has corner braces under the seat.  I didn’t put them in mine and I haven’t had any problems so far.

Once your chairs and finished it’s time to fill the holes and sand them down.  I just mix saw dust, glue, and a little ebony stain to use as wood filler when I’m staining something with my Kona stain.  I don’t know that I need to use the ebony stain but since it’s what I used the first time and it worked out okay I decided to just stick with it.  This is what the wood filler looks like before it’s sanded.


Pretty ug, huh?  Don’t worry it’ll look good once you sand it down and stain it.  I notice the holes but I honestly don’t think I would notice it if they belonged to someone else.  Now just sand them, clean them really well, apply wood conditioner, stain, then poly.

I was debating whether I should paint the chairs or stain them.  I think I’m happy with my choice to stain them.  I might eventually decide to paint them but I don’t see that happening any time soon.  For now I’m just enjoying having this lovely set!  Sometimes I catch myself just staring into my dining room haha.  But it’s so much more than that.  I love love love sitting around the table eating dinner with my husband and kiddies.  Listening to my kids tell us stories and trying to make each other laugh while we eat is 1000% better then sitting on the couch watching TV.

This has definitely been one of my favorite projects.  Now it’s time to decide what the next project will be!  Do y’all have any projects going on?  With summer (hopefully) coming soon I know I will be getting a lot more done. Until then I will just spending time enjoying this one with my family!  Hope you all great weekend and get some family time and projects in.  I’ll see you soon!!



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