Simply Lovely Lumber, Table for 4…

Or 6.  Or 8.  Or even 12 if you want to squeeze a folding chair on each side.  I am so excited to be posting about this baby.  Isn’t she a beauty??


This table has been my nightmare.  Not because it was hard but because I lost motivation many times along the way.  Let’s go on a little journey shall we?  It all started when we left North Dakota a year and a half ago.  We threw out our table because it was old and the glass top broke and I, of course, decided I would just build a new one when we got to Nebraska.  Well that didn’t happen right away because I was to busy building this bad boy…


Finally, in about February or March of last year I decided to make my table and get rid of our sad little folding table and chairs that were filling in for a real table.  Soooo, I made the table and then waited forever to build the chairs and bench.  You see this was the first time I lost motivation.  I wasn’t happy with the way the table came out so I lost all my steam.  But I was having family come out in June so decided to build the bench and 3 chairs.  Again, not happy with them so I lost motivation for the second time.  Next thing you know its Christmas time and I get super busy with presents.  Don’t believe me that I was busy?  Here’s what my Christmas build list looked like:

1.  Table and chairs for my girls
2.  Table and chairs for a friends daughter.
3.  2 doll high chairs.
4.  3 piece play kitchen.
5.  Entertainment center to go in the play house under the bed aka the man cave.

I’m tired just thinking about it.  Maybe I should start getting busy on this years Christmas list so I’m not killing myself with a ridiculously long list again!  But moving on…once Christmas was finally over I got busy building things for other people but have no fear…I eventually got back into the table and chairs!  I took the top off the table and took it into the garage.  I sanded down the table, bench, and chairs.  I also built 3 more chairs then stained everything in my favorite, kona.  It’s so gorgeous guys!  And it goes a long way!  I have used the same can for the table, 6 chairs, and 2 benches and I still have only used half of the can.  After staining I applied 3 coats of poly to protect everything.  But enough about the color let’s get into some pictures!

Here’s a picture without the chairs or the bench so you can see what the table actually looks like.  I really love the look of it.


I think we will keep just the 3 chairs and the bench around it most of the time unless we have guests but here is a little looksy at what it looks like when it is set for 6.  Or 7 if there are kiddos sitting at the bench.


But wait there’s more!  Having more guests than that?  I’ve got just what you need!  How about a few more chairs?!

This bad boy will comfortably seat 8 but it can seat up to 12.  It’s a little tight but it can work.  This thing is pretty massive.  My family even tells me that it is big enough to be the Jersey Shore Sunday night dinner table.  I’ve never watched the show but I hear that’s pretty big 😉  Actually when my family was here we had “Jersey Shore Sunday dinner” every night.  We even got names.  I think I was J Woww and my girls were the duck phone but this is a completely different topic haha.  We were able to fit 11 people around the table to eat while they were here so I would call this a success as far as getting family together for a meal goes!
I am so in love with this thing it is ridiculous!  The one problem I do have are the little cracks on the table top where the boards are joined together.  I used my favorite tool ever the Kreg Jig to assemble the top which worked out great like always.  The problem is the top is made from 2×8’s which have rounded edges so no matter how tight the boards are to each other there is still a little crack.  Here’s a close up so you can see what I’m talking about.

It was the biggest problem I had with the table the first time around but I got some place mats and they seem to be doing a great job of keeping the mess contained so far.

If you are interested in building a table yourself here are the plans I used from Ana White.  This is the link for the table and this is for the chairs.  Or course I can’t leave well enough alone so I changed things up a bit!  I made my table square to fit my space better.  The dimensions for my table top are 58″x58″.  I also changed up the chairs a little bit but I will be back Wednesday night with a post all about building the chairs.  You won’t want to miss it haha!

So did you guys do any DIY’ing this weekend?  I am going to take a few nights off then I am starting on a bed and a dresser which I’ll be sure to show you when they are finished.  And if you haven’t already check out my Facebook page to see how you can enter a contest going on right now!  The winnings are $500 worth of Visa gift cards!!!  You definitely do not want to miss out!  See ya later this week!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Steph- Gorgeous table and chairs! Congrats on their completion.
    Finishing projects is my biggest problem- many many started though. I have a question about the finish you mentioned Kona. Is that the Varathane Brand stain?? I love the finish on your table and I’m currently struggling with the finish I put on a medicine cabinet and mirror I made for our bathroom. I don’t like it and haven’t touched it in a couple weeks. I’ll try anything to get re-inspired. Again, great job!!!

  2. Christine says:

    Absolutely WOW WOW WOW and WOW!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality! I’m looking forward to seeing your next creation tomorrow evening!

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