Quick and Easy Picture Ledges

Hey y’all!  Did you have a great week?  Like I said back in the Autism post here, I am back with a little quick project for you all.  I said two this week so a post Saturday night and another Sunday night is me keeping my word, right?  I think it is haha.  So let’s get on with this people!

So, the last few weeks I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t gotten many new things done.  I have been busy refinishing my dining room table and building some chairs to go with it.  And spending lots of time with these people…


I did get a few picture ledges built for a customer though so I thought I would show you all how to do them.  They are, of course, Ana White plans.  It’s true guys, I’m completely obsessed with her!  These ledges are amazingly simple and a perfect starter project.  A friend of mine actually just started off with these.  She made some beautiful ledges for her bathroom!

You can make the ledges as long as you would like.  You can also make them as deep as you want but I wouldn’t recommend going to deep because there isn’t much to support them.  The deepest shelves I have made with these plans were 6″ and I honestly was not super comfortable with them because I was afraid of them being to heavy once they were filled up.  If you do decide to make some of these don’t come blaming me if your shelves were to heavy and they came crashing down in the middle of the night along with a chunk of drywall haha.

So to build these frames all you will need is 3 pieces of wood cut to the same length.  I would just measure the area you are putting them and build them to fit the space.  The best part of DIY is making everything look like it was made just for it’s new home.  For these shelves I used 1×3’s for the back and bottom and a 1×2 for the front.


The assembly of these could not be simpler.  I use 2″ self tapping screws and just screw the back into the bottom.  Be sure to use glue and make sure you are keeping in mind what sides of the wood you want to be seen.  If one side is pretty and the other not so much just face the bad side to the back and you won’t ever have to see it!


I would recommend putting screws about every 6″ or so.  Next step is adding the front.  I believe in Ana White’s plans you screw the front on but I just use my nail gun and attach the fronts using glue and some finish nails.

Now you have some ledges!  I sand them down a bit making sure to get any rough edges then either prime and paint or stain.  Keep in mind that stain will not work over glue so be sure you are wiping any glue that squeezes out off of your project.  To attach them I use 3″ self tapping screws and screw right through the backs being extra careful that I am drilling into the center of studs.  Now decorate!

Here are the shelves I was building for a customer.  She is using these for a book display in her baby’s nursery.  Such a cute idea!  Oh and look at that bench!  If you missed it you can read the post about it here 😉


Here are some shelves I have made for my house.  I love how versatile they are.  And I also love that I can change out pictures so easily!

329182_3317342538665_680108405_o DSC00684 DSC01023

Hope you all decide to make some of these easy little ledges.  They are so simple but are a great way to fill up a wall.  Hope you all have a great night and I will be back tomorrow with the pictures of my new dining room!  If you don’t already, be sure to follow me on Facebook.  You can get a little sneak of the table!



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