A Bench for My Babes

Welcome back peeps!  This post is brought to all you lovely people because of my daughters so if you like what you see be sure to thank them.  You see, my daughters have been bugging me to make them a bench for about a month now.  And when I say bugging me, what I really mean is, they ask me every single day if I made them a bench yet.  Not to weird, right?  Well, they just turned three last month.  I never knew 3 year olds could be so into furniture haha.

So it all started off with this baby…


I built this bench for somebody else and during the 1 hour that it was in my house while I took pictures of it they some how fell in love.  And I mean in love people!  When I took it out to the car one of my girls screamed and cried like I was taking away all her favorite toys.  It was craziness.  After that they asked me every day when they woke up if I had made them a bench yet.  Then they would ask about 10 more times through out the day.  So, being the awesome mom I am, I made this baby one night after they went to bed.


It’s a little different from the first but I don’t think they mind.  The plans are of course from Ana White.  You can find them here.  If you check out her’s you will see that I changed mine up a bit.  The biggest difference are the cross supports.  I will probably add them later on so I will be sure to show you guys when I do.  I also didn’t like the pieces sticking out through the legs so I chose to keep it all flush.  The bench will most likely end up going out onto my front porch.  I need to put some poly over it that is okay for outside use before I put it out there.  Once it warms up I have a little do to list for my front porch:
1- Bench
2- Rug
3- Outdoor Pillows
4- Side Table
5- Build a Planter
Woo hoo!  I’ve crossed out one of five haha.  I will be sure to keep you all up to date on the progress but in the mean time here are a few more pics of my girls’ new bench.


This is the view from the landing of my stairs.  I’m not sure what I should put on that big expanse of wall where the bench is right now.  Any ideas??


Pssssst…check out that little cutie in the corner!  I think I may be in love 🙂


So there you have it.  To recap, if you really really want a bench bug your mom.  I say only ask her 10 times a day.  It’s enough to get the job done without turning her into a crazy lady.  Oh and BTW, I don’t have any pics of the build because this was another piece that I made before committing to this blog thing.  But be sure to go check out Ana’s site for the build instructions.  From now on though I will be sure to have step by step photos for you guys.  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be back later this week!


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