Operation: Find the Floor

So, I said I was going to show you guys another quickie project today but I decided to show you some stuff I have going on instead.  This all started out when I decided we needed to give this room back to it’s rightful owner…


BTW, this room is all DIY baby!  The bed, frames, and entertainment center peaking out from inside are were all built by your’s truly!  Well I did need help with the bed.  Take my word for it, that is not a one woman job!  You can get the plans to the bed and entertainment center here on Ana White.  The bed I pretty much stuck to the plans except the rails on the top but I switched up the entertainment center.  I adjusted the size to fit inside the bed.  Hello, tiny man cave!  See those stairs on the left?  Well they open up for storage.  That is where every single toy in this house lived.  And my girls loved to take Every. Single. Toy. out everyday!  Well for those of you who don’t know my son, he does not like things to be messy!  So, I decided I need to help him reclaim his room.  I mean come on…the kid likes cars and dirtbikes.  Not dolls and tutus.

We don’t have much room in our house so I decided the only place to move all the girlie things would be into the craft/crap room.  That was going to take a lot of work though because I couldn’t even walk in that room.  I definitely couldn’t craft in there!  So one day me and my little Cheez-it eating fairy got to work and emptied out this scary room.  Good thing we did it together.  I’m afraid if she went in there alone I may have never found her again!


Imagine that mess spread across the WHOLE room!  Scary, huh?  Luckily, we both got out alive.  And after shuffling some furniture around this is what we ended up with…


Ooooh.  Aaaaah.  Okay really I know it’s not that exciting but here are some more pictures showing you guys what I have planned for this little girl cave.

Some ty DSC01680 DSC01683 DSC01684

So this is what I will be working on here and there for the next few weeks.  I’ll be sure to update you all on the progress and fill you in on everything I’m doing.  And I will eventually be making some curtains and a dresser for the dirt bike room so I’ll show you all that too when it’s done!

BTW, if you are interested in building any of the furniture you see here go check out Ana White’s site.  The bed, entertainment center, picture frames, kitchen, high chairs, table/chairs, and doll house are all her plans.  Think I’m obsess with her much??


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am so proud of you, and to think this all started years ago when you were much younger and making Christmas decorations!!! I love the girls new play room and can’t wait to see it all finished. I sure wish you were back home so we could build things together!

  2. Stephanie Raper says:

    Mom, are you anonymous? haha
    Jeannie I don’t know where I will do stuff but they can’t be trusted with stuff in their room so it was worth the sacrifice! If they have anything in their room during bedtime they will destroy the room by morning. I had to take their dresser our because they would literally take every single thing out every nap or bed time haha.

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