DIY Vintage Wood Truck

Such a cute DIY!  It's a bookshelf that you can use for decor!

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Hey guys!  It’s officially the last month of 2017.  Seriously, how did that happen?!?!  I don’t know.  It some how sneaks up on me every year.  At the end of each summer I get this great plan in my head to start knocking out my Christmas list.  The first of December rolls around and I’m like well crap, I did it again!  25 days until Christmas and I have exactly 0 presents.  Well not this year my friends!!  Today I am proud to say that I actually have 2 presents!!  Can I get a woot woot!!  One of them is my favorite type of presents…DIY!

If you are a DIY fan I think it’s a safe guess that you probably know Ana White.  Each year Ana and Jaime from do a series called The Handmade Holidays.  This series is my jam, y’all!!  Last year I made this crib mattress sectional from the series and I have blogged about this American Girl doll closet.  I even made these cute little wooden cars.  And by made I mean cut them out and then forgot them in the closet…wheel-less…for literally years haha.  Maybe I’ll end up finishing them one year.  Big big maybe haha.  But let’s not focus on what I didn’t finish.  Let’s focus on what I did finish!  You can get the free plans from Ana’s site but I’ll share some pictures of the build.  Are you ready?  Let’s get started.

Step 1:

Cut out all of your pieces.  When I build furniture I cut as I go just in case anything gets a little bit off but this time I did it all to begin with and it worked out fine.

Such a cute DIY!  It's a bookshelf that you can use for decor!

Step 2:

Once all of your pieces are cut you will want to cut out the cab pieces using your jigsaw.  I used a few other pieces of wood to get my spacing how I wanted it.

Such a cute DIY!  It's a bookshelf that you can use for decor!

Such a cute DIY!  It's a bookshelf that you can use for decor!

Such a cute DIY!  It's a bookshelf that you can use for decor!

Such a cute DIY!  It's a bookshelf that you can use for decor!

Once you get it all drawn out clamp your piece to your work bench and cut it out.

Such a cute DIY!  It's a bookshelf that you can use for decor!

Step 3:

Once you have the first side cut you’ll want to sand it.

Such a cute DIY!  It's a bookshelf that you can use for decor!

Once you get it sanded you can use it as a template for the second piece.

Such a cute DIY!  It's a bookshelf that you can use for decor!

Such a cute DIY!  It's a bookshelf that you can use for decor!

Step 4:

At this point I went ahead and sanded everything.  With all the small pieces it’s much easier to do it before assembly.  Also, I was doing paint and stain so it just made more sense.  I stained the bed sides with Minwax Special Walnut.  For the rest of the truck I used some black chalk paint.  I sanded that down with my Ryobi corner cat sander.

Such a cute DIY!  It's a bookshelf that you can use for decor!

I really wanted an old worn out antique look to the truck so distressing it was a great choice.  Also, it will make me not want to cry when my son does something to ruin the paint 5 minutes after I give it to him haha.  I used Amy Howard Dark Wax on the whole thing once the paint was dry.

Such a cute DIY!  It's a bookshelf that you can use for decor!

It took it from looking okay (and feeling gross!  I hate the feeling of chalk paint haha) to looking great and feeling like I want to rub it on my face.  Is that weird?  Mmmmkay, let’s move on than…

Such a cute DIY!  It's a bookshelf that you can use for decor!

Step 5:

Now that you have the worst part over (who else loathes sanding??) it’s time to assemble this bad boy!  Ana’s blog has the order and spacing you need to put it all together. I used some DAP glue and my Ryobi Nailer to assemble the whole thing.  When you have the truck assembled it’s time to add the wheels.  I have some Weaber Lumber and thought it would be perfect for the wheels!  I used a 2.5″ hole saw to cut out the wheels.  The plan calls for bigger wheels but I had the hole saw on hand so this was easy and I’m L-A-Z-Y!


Such a cute DIY!  It's a bookshelf that you can use for decor!

Such a cute DIY!  It's a bookshelf that you can use for decor!

Step 6:

Once you’re done cutting them out just give them a little sanding around the edges with a sanding sponge then glue and nail them to the truck.  Now you’re dunzo!

Such a cute DIY!  It's a bookshelf that you can use for decor!

I absolutely LOVE how this turned out.  I can’t wait to see it in my kiddo’s room with all of his favorite Lightning McQueen books haha.  And I honestly think I will be making another one for myself for Christmas decorations next year.  So, what are you building this year?  I have a few more items on my to do list.  Let’s hope I get finished before Christmas!  Thanks for stopping by and if you like it I would love for you to pin this cutie!





20 Fall Farmhouse Finds Under $20

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Hello lovelies!  It’s October which means everyone is already busting out their fall décor!  I did a post here called 20 Farmhouse Finds Under $20 and you guys seemed to have loved it!  Since you seemed to like some affordable farmhouse ideas I’ve decided to do it again but this time a Fall version!  Because everyone loves Fall, amiright?!  Here in AZ it’s a time to cool off to the 80s and 90s.  It’s lovely haha.  Anyways, hope y’all find some fun goodies to add to your décor!  Remember, just click on the picture and it’ll take you straight to that item on Amazon!

Twenty Fall Farmhouse Finds under $20!!

Happy Fall Y’all Tin Sign-For less than $9 you can get this sweet sign!  It would look great hung on a wreath or on your table setting!

6x6 Tin Happy Fall Yall sign



“Hello Fall” Flour Sack Towel-My husband doesn’t understand why we have kitchen towels we aren’t allowed to use.  This beauty definitely fits the bill!  Hello Fall Flower Sack Towel

Pumpkin Farm Pillow Cover-I absolutely love pillow covers!  They’re such a great way to switch up décor from season to season.  You can get some pillow inserts here.Pick Your Own Pumpkin Farm Pillow Cover

Rustic Fall Signs-Who doesn’t love wood signs these days.  Add a bit of fall charm with one of these cute fall signs!

Fall Wood Signs

Knit Pumpkins-I absolutely adore these sweet knit pumpkins!  Add some soft texture to your décor this season with these little cuties!

Knit Fall Pumpkins.jpg

Painted Mason Jars-You can pick the colors that best go with your décor when you order from this handmade shop!

Painted Mason Jars.jpg

Pumpkin Spice Latte Candle-Confession time: I’ve never had a PSL.  I know.  Don’t hate me!  I love the packaging on this candle though and I bet it smells amazing!

Pumpkin Spice Latte Candle

Fall Felt Ball Garland-This is the little bit extra you need for your fall décor!

Fall Felt Ball Garland.jpg

Morning Pumpkin Pillow-I know I already have a pillow cover on the list but when I came across this pillow I knew it had to be on the list!

morning pumpkin pillow.jpg

Fall Tassel Garland-This would look great draped over a mantle or even a chalkboard!

Fall Tassle Garland.jpg

Burlap Fall Sign-I love this burlap sign!  I love the texture burlap adds to any Farmhouse décor!

Burlap Fall Sign.jpg

Thankful Vinyl Wall Decal-If you are a DIYer this is for you!  Order a few and have a fun craft night with your friends!  You can get premade signs here.

Thankful DIY Vinyl .jpg

Gingerbread Bath Bomb-Okay, I know this one isn’t décor but I still had to include it.  I can almost smell it just looking at the gorgeous photo!

Gingerbread Bath Bomb

Leaves are Falling Coffee Mug-I’m a sucker for cute coffee mugs so this one was a no brainer!

Leaves Are Falling Coffee Mug.jpg

Ivory Knit Pumpkins-I know I already have knit pumpkins on my list but I know there are a lot of you that don’t like much color in your farmhouse décor so I wanted to add the ivory pumpkins as well!

Ivory Knit Pumpkins.jpg

Fall Hand Stamped Spoon-All you need to do is take a quick browse through Instagram these days to see how much people love hand stamped spoons.  I love this one so much!

Fall Hand Stamped Spoon.jpg

Fall Barn Print-I love the fall colors and the barn in this beautiful print.  Do yourself a favor and go check out the other prints offered!  They are seriously stunning!  I want her to just take ALL my money!

Fall Barn Print.jpg

Decorative Rattan Balls-These would look great mixed in with some white pumpkins inside of a dough bowl!  You can find dough bowls here.

Decorative Balls.jpg

White Ramekins-Around my house Fall means soup!  I love to make French onion soup and serve it in ramekins with lots of bubbling cheese on top!  Holy yum!  These one’s would look great even when they aren’t in use!



Rae Dunn Inspired Wood Sign-Closing out the list today is this sweet Rae Dunn inspired wood sign!

Rae Dunn Inspired Sign.jpg

Well guys, there you have it!  20 Fall Farmhouse Finds all under $20!!  What was your favorite?  And do you think I should do another Christmas themed list soon?

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DIY Photo Canvases-Amy Howard Copy Cat

You can DIY inexpensive photo canvases at home using Amy Howard Copy Cat!!  There is even a YouTube tutorial!

Hey guys!!  Guess whaaaaaat?!?!  This girl started a YouTube channel!  Woot woot!!  So, this is something that I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time.  I have been hesitant because, let’s be honest, who wants to listen to me and watch me make things?  BUT, I decided to just jump in and do it anyways!  So, you may or may not go watch but I really hope that you do!

My first video is a tutorial using a really cool Amy Howard product called Copy Cat.  So, this stuff is kind of like Mod Podge but not exactly.  Instead of gluing the picture on you are transferring it.  The bottle cost about $25 but goes a long way.  I did 4 canvases and used about a third of the bottle.  Pair that with some canvases from Walmart and you have a super inexpensive way to recreate those great canvases that all the amazing bloggers are rocking in their gallery walls!

You can DIY inexpensive photo canvases at home using Amy Howard Copy Cat!!  There is even a YouTube tutorial!

Here is the run down on how this magic works!  I took a few pictures but in the excitement of making my first video I forgot the photograph some steps.  Doh!  Guess you’ll just have to go watch the video to see it in action haha.

Items Needed

  • Amy Howard Copy Cat
  • Photo Canvas (2 pack from Walmart-$5.98)
  • Picture (Printed on copy paper.  Inkjet is preferred)
  • Small Cup
  • Foam Brush
  • Old t-shirt
  • Water

You can DIY inexpensive photo canvases at home using Amy Howard Copy Cat!!  There is even a YouTube tutorial!

Step 1:

Cut down your picture.  If you are able to print to the edge on your computer you can skip this step.

You can DIY inexpensive photo canvases at home using Amy Howard Copy Cat!!  There is even a YouTube tutorial!

Step 2:

Tape off the edges.  This step is also optional.

You can DIY inexpensive photo canvases at home using Amy Howard Copy Cat!!  There is even a YouTube tutorial!

Step 3:

This part is where I forgot to take pictures.  Whomp whomp!  I guess you’ll just have to watch the video to see the rest but I will tell you what to do.  Using your foam brush, generously apply the Copy Cat to the canvas.  You don’t want to go lightly here, trust me!  Apply a generous and even layer.

Step 4:

Apply more Copy Cat to the picture.  You are going to apply it directly to the printed image so remember that your picture will be reversed when it’s done.

Step 5:

Put the picture (Copy Cat side) onto the canvas.  Using an old gift card smooth the paper and push the image into the canvas.

Step 6:

Wait 2-24 hours and then, using a damp old tshirt, buff the image until all of the paper comes off.

That’s it!  You’re all done!  I love how mine came out sort of antique looking.  A few tips before you get started though…

  • If you want a nice vibrant image try an ink jet printer.  My printer does not print great pictures at all so I wasn’t expecting to much.
  • Don’t be cheap with the Copy Cat.  Seriously, just don’t haha.
  • Lightly buff your image.  This isn’t the time to get all crazy guys!  Don’t take your frustration out on your beautiful photo canvas!

You can DIY inexpensive photo canvases at home using Amy Howard Copy Cat!!  There is even a YouTube tutorial!You can DIY inexpensive photo canvases at home using Amy Howard Copy Cat!!  There is even a YouTube tutorial!

I decided I wanted to do something fun around the border so I decided to use Amy Howard’s Variegated Copper Leafing!  I think it gives it such a fun touch!  I will be posting a blog post and video showing how to do that later on this week so stay tuned!

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Maple Bacon Jam

This delicious Maple Bacon Jam is the perfect football or weekend treat!

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Hey y’all!!  Hope you all had an amazing summer!  It’s the beginning of fall break around here but still soooooo hot!  I may have been pretending that it’s cold around here though and doing things like making pot roast in the crock pot so as not to heat up the house haha.  Hopefully it’s cooler in your part of the world!

So, I have a confession to make.  I’m OBSESSED with those videos that are all over Facebook now where they quickly make a recipe that usually looks like it’s super simple and about 10 billion calories.  One of the sites I really love is Delish.  This morning  I was scrolling through my feed and this recipe video starts so of course I stop to watch it.  It started with bacon.  How could I not watch?!?!  Well, turns out they were making Bacon Jam.  I pinned a recipe for bacon jam about 100 years ago and was reminded of it when this video came on so I literally went to the store and got the ingredients before I took my babes to school.  I did change the recipe up a little bit from Delish.  They used apple cider vinegar and chili powder.  That’s the joy of cooking at home.  You can change up recipes to fit your own flavor preferences!  Anywho, the pictures you are about to see may (definitely will) make you want to run out to the store as well.  You’re welcome!


  • 1lb of bacon
  • 1 large onion
  • 1tsp minced garlic
  • 1/3c balsamic vinegar
  • 1/4c maple syrup
  • 1/2c brown sugar
  • sriracha

Step 1:

Chop bacon and add to a cold pan.  Turn heat onto medium and cook until brown and crispy and delicious.  Or to whatever doneness you prefer, I guess.  Remove bacon to a paper towel lined plate.  I used my Pioneer Woman Cast Iron Dutch Oven.  Love it!!

This delicious Maple Bacon Jam is the perfect football or weekend treat!

Step 2:

Add onion into the dutch oven with 2TBS of the bacon grease.  Once the onions start to brown turn the heat down and let them do their thang!  You want them caramelized and delicious.

This delicious Maple Bacon Jam is the perfect football or weekend treat!

Step 3:

Add garlic and cook for about 30 seconds until fragrant.  Add bacon back into the pan.

This delicious Maple Bacon Jam is the perfect football or weekend treat!

Step 4:

Add balsamic vinegar.  Step back and don’t breath in.  Seriously.  Have you ever added vinegar to a hot pan?  It’s not pleasant!  Stir that together and then add in the syrup, brown sugar, and some sriracha if you want it to have a little kick.

This delicious Maple Bacon Jam is the perfect football or weekend treat!

Step 5:

Reduce heat to low and simmer for about 10 minutes.

This delicious Maple Bacon Jam is the perfect football or weekend treat!

The hardest part is trying to resist eating it while it’s still hot enough to burn your face off!

This delicious Maple Bacon Jam is the perfect football or weekend treat!


I had mine with crostinis.  They’re super simple and delicious.  Just brush with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Then put them under the broiler until they start to brown and boom!  Deliciousness!  Spread a little bit of creamy Brie on the crostini and spoon on some of that delicious jam.  Even though I can practically feel my hips growing it is still one of the best things I have snacked on!

This delicious Maple Bacon Jam is the perfect football or weekend treat!

So, there you have it!  Maple Bacon Jam!  Pin it and try it this weekend!  If you do I would love for you to post it social media, tag me, and let me know what you think!  What’s your favorite snack recipe?  I need more to try.  Gotta work on this winter bod haha.  Anyways, thanks for stopping by!



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Faux Farmhouse Tile Ottoman Tray

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Amy Howard One Step Paint-Chalk Paint Farmhouse Tile Ottoman Tray Makeover

Hey guys!!  Long time, no see!  How has it been going?  It’s been Ca-RA-Zyyyyy around these parts.  We have had so much going on!  If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw the pictures of one of the things going on around here!  If not, feast your eyes on my gorgeous bathroom…





It’s okay to be jealous.  Not everybody is lucky enough to have a pass through from their shower into their bedroom!  This beautiful mess is brought to you by the letter W.  As in, water.  Water that has been leaking through the grout in the shower on the floor causing a fun thing called mold!  Not fun, guys.  Not fun.  But it’s okay!  It’s getting taken care of and I’ve been able to take my mind off of it by doing some other fun projects!  So, let’s move on to those instead of thinking about this disaster, shall we?

So, if you follow home décor blogs or IG feeds you may have come across people lately with their gorgeous farmhouse tiles.  You know the ones.  Beautiful patterns in neutral tones.  Well, I’m quite obsessed.  Unfortunately, the mister isn’t a huge fan of things like that.  I really wanted it though so I decided it would be fun to does something with those babies as my inspiration.  Enter my nasty ottoman tray.  It hasn’t always been nasty but 3 kids coloring and eating on a white tray for the past three years doesn’t really work well.

This project was a great way to relax while the kiddos were at school one day.  So, to start I painted the inside of the tray with Amy Howard One Step Paint in Linen.  It’s the perfect creamy color.  Not to white, not to beige.  Juuuust right!

Amy Howard One Step Paint-Chalk Paint Farmhouse Tile Ottoman Tray Makeover

While that was drying, I cut a stencil out on my Silhouette.  I started with a design I bought in the Design store and cropped, removed some details, and added a few until I had the perfect pattern.  I had to use a few different sheets so I lined them up and put painters tape anywhere that needed it.

Amy Howard One Step Paint-Chalk Paint Farmhouse Tile Ottoman Tray Makeover

Once it was on I mixed some Amy Howard “Lady Singing The Blues” with some black chalk paint to make it a nice dark navy.  I put on two coats using a cheap foam brush.  Once you’re done go ahead and remove the stencil.  Once it’s dry use some painters tape the protect the inside of the tray while you paint the outside.  I used my Ryobi drill to remove my cup handles.

Amy Howard One Step Paint-Chalk Paint Farmhouse Tile Ottoman Tray Makeover

Give the whole frame two coats of the same paint you mixed for the “tile design”

Amy Howard One Step Paint-Chalk Paint Farmhouse Tile Ottoman Tray Makeover

Once you’re done, remove the tape and add your handles back on.  Now fill that pretty ottoman tray up and admire your handy work!


Amy Howard One Step Paint-Chalk Paint Farmhouse Tile Ottoman Tray Makeover

Amy Howard One Step Paint-Chalk Paint Farmhouse Tile Ottoman Tray Makeover

I obviously love pops of blue and green mixed in my décor so this is just perfect!  A little bit of neutral fun!  So, what do you guys think?  Do you love ottoman trays or are you like my husband and not understand why we “need” one?  Also, have you tried Amy Howard One Step Paint?  I’m obsessed, yall!  I am just finishing my newest project using the One Step Paint and I can’t wait to show it!  It’s beautiful!!  Anyways, thanks so much for stopping by!  See ya soon!



20 Farmhouse Finds Under $20

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20 Farmhouse Deals Under $20!!!

Hey, hey, my dears!  I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!  We had a great day with family, friends, a huge waterslide, and TONS of food!  Celebrating America’s birthday and all of our military personnel who allow us to live in such an amazing country is one of my favorite things!  What do you do to celebrate?  Do you stay home and cookout with the family or maybe go to the fireworks show?  Maybe you’re in bed before fireworks even start, or is that just me?  Either way I hope you had an amazing day and are enjoying your short work week.

In honor of the short week I want to help you guys lounge around and hopefully give you something good to read while you get through the rest of the week!  Okay, maybe the words won’t be all that interesting but I hope you enjoy these great farmhouse finds that I’m going to share with you!  Everything I’m going to share is from Amazon for you guessed it, under $20!  To make this list even sweeter, everything I’m sharing with you has a 4 star or higher rating.  I think it’s safe to say I’m pretty much addicted to Amazon as I’m sure a ton of you are.  Hopefully you have your Prime membership so you can snag yourself free 2 day shipping.  In this house it definitely ends up paying for itself.  So, now let’s get onto the list.

Tin Farmhouse Sign- What’s a farmhouse with a sign telling everyone it’s a farm house?  AmIRIGHT?

Tin Farmhouse Sign

Artificial Flocked Lavender Bundle– If I could jump through the screen and snag these I totally would!  I even have the perfect farmhouse pitcher to put these babies in a little further down on the list!

Artificial Lavender Bundles Farmhouse Decor

Burlap and Lace Table Runner- Burlap and Lace.  Need I say more?  This would look beautiful down the middle of your farmhouse table or even a coffee table or buffet table!

Burlap and Lace Table Runner Farmhouse Decor

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser- A mason jar soap dish is a staple in any farmhouse kitchen.  To make things even better…this one is rust proof.  Take my word for it, that’s awesome!  Don’t ask me how I know that you DON’T want one that is not rust proof.

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Floral “Home Sweet Home” Pillow Cover- Add a little pop of color to the neutral color palette that usually is farmhouse décor with this sweet pillow cover.


Neutral Check Pattern Linen Pillow Cover- This color is the perfect neutral that will go with pretty much anything!

Neutral Linen Pillow Cover Farmhouse Decor

2 Tier Chicken Wire Spice Rack- Farmhouse organization is never a bad thing!  Keep your spices handy with this wall mounted spice rack.

Vintage Style Chicken Wire Spice Rack Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

White Farmhouse Pitcher- Lavender bundles meet farmhouse pitcher.  I told you I had the perfect container for those gorgeous lavender bundles I showed you!


Farmhouse Grain Stripe Tea Towels- Another farmhouse staple are tea towels.  These grain sack tea towels are a steal!  They come in a pack of, wait for it, 12!!

Grain Sack Tea Towels Farmhouse Kitchen Decor


Wire Berry Baskets- Berry baskets aren’t just for berries.  Use these for your fruits, veggies, towels, toilet paper in the bathroom…your imagination is the limit with these cuties.

Wire Berry Baskets Farmhouse Decor

Cow Art Print- What is a farm without a cow?  These little sweetie has such a cute story behind it!  Click on her to find out why her first two weeks of life were so eventful!

Cow Art Print Farmhouse Decor

Galvanized Metal Planter Set- Put some faux greenery in these galvanized tins or make yourself a kitchen counter herb garden.  Galvanized metal is so huge right now and at less than $18 this set is a steal.

Galvanized Metal Planter Set Farmhouse Decor

Vintage Style Edison Light Bulbs- I have to be honest.  I’m a sucker for vintage Edison bulbs.  These ones are dimmable and come in a pack of four!

Vintage Style Edison Bulbs

Metal and Glass Soap Dish- What is it about old aged metal that just screams farmhouse?  Don’t limit these great soap dish to just holding soap.  It would be a great place to corral all the keys and loose change that come into your house.

Metal and Glass Soap Dish Farmhouse Decor

Farmhouse Utensil Holder- This is basically another must have for any farmhouse kitchen.  I love the gorgeous detail on this one!

Farmhouse Kitchen Utensil Holder

Spigot Soap Dish- Apparently, I have a thing for soap.  I do have a pretty extreme hand washing habit so maybe that’s why I kept choosing all these places to keep the soap!

Vintage Style Faucet Soap Dish Farmhouse Decor

Bronze Double Hooks- Whether you use these in the mudroom, laundry room, or maybe a bathroom they are sure to add tons of farmhouse charm.  And I was shocked that these come in a pack of 5 for less than $20!!!

Set of 5 Metal Double Coat Hooks Farmhouse Decor

Artificial Potted Benn Grass- Faux greenery.  It’s the only green stuff that stays alive in this house haha.

Artificial Greenery Farmhouse Decor

Striped Neutral Pillow Cover- I guess I also have a thing for pillow covers!  They check all my boxes for décor so it makes sense.  These are neutral so go with anything, are easy to change out, and are so inexpensive!

Neutral Striped Pillow Cover Farmhouse Decor

Mini Scented Boxwood Wreath- I really love these mini boxwood wreaths.  Put them up on cabinet doors, put an empty frame around them on a gallery wall, or maybe hang them over a chalkboard or antique window.  There are so many ways to display them that you might need to buy a few so you’re not temped to move the same one all over your house.

Mini Boxwood Wreath


Well guys, there you have it.  20 great farmhouse finds all under $20!  You can’t beat that.  So, what’s your go to farmhouse must have?  Like a lot of people right now I love all things farmhouse and dream of ship lap and a big wrap around porch!  Hopefully some of these things will help bring a little bit of that yummy farm goodness into your homes!  Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope see ya soon!


Amy Howard One Step Paint-Nightstand Makeover

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Amy Howard One Step Paint Night Stand Makeover

Hello, sweet friends!  Hope you are enjoying your summer so far.  It’s already hot hot hot here in AZ so I took advantage and did a little project indoors.  In my bedroom haha.  Let me tell you, it was NERVE WRACKING!!  I was worried I would get paint on my carpet but alas, everything worked out perfect and my not so new night stands now have a fresh pretty coat of paint.  All is right again in the world!  So, before we get onto the night stands let me tell you a little story.

Last month I was doing one of my favorite relaxing activities…scrolling Instagram looking at all the gorgeous pictures y’all are always posting.  I happened to get a message from Amy Howard Home.  Ummmmm, exciting right?!?!  While I read through the message I was so excited.  They said that they love my Instagram and wanted to know if I would have any interest in being an affiliate blogger.  Well, of course I would!  It’s Amy Howard!  I would be crazy to turn down such an amazing opportunity!  So they sent me some products and I got to work.  Here’s the thing…they gave me the products for free but I would never tell you guys something that isn’t true so all the opinions here are all my honest feelings.  I’ve also included a link that you can use to go and purchase some of these yummy goodies for yourself.  I do get a little bit of money from any purchases made through the link but you DO NOT get charged any more than you would if you just typed Amy Howard into your search bar.  Now that we have gotten that fun story out of the way we can get started with what you’re here for…a good furniture makeover!

Amy Howard One Step Paint Night Stand Makeover

So, I have been married for 13 years.  We got these night stands from Target right after we got married.  They’ve lived in one apartment and five houses in three different states and let me tell you, it showed!  They’ve been very well abused.  In all honesty, I will probably get rid of them someday just because I want something wider and taller.  They are just to small but they will do for now.  Here is the embarrassing before.

Amy Howard One Step Paint Night Stand Makeover

Do you need a closer look?


Sad, right?  My favorite part is a tie between the chunk missing in the corner or the missing handle.

So, to get started I had to fill those dang holes.  To do that I grabbed some trusty Dap Plastic Wood.  It’s awesome you guys.  It goes on pink and changes color when it dries.

Amy Howard One Step Paint Night Stand Makeover

They were kind enough to send some to me and don’t tell anyone, but you guys will be getting the chance to win some along with a bunch of other great prizes coming soon!  But, let’s get back on track!

To fill the holes I first put some masking tape on the inside of the drawer covering the holes.  Once that was done I used my finger and an old credit card to fill the hole and scrape away most of the excess.



While the drawers dried I got started on the night stands.  So the amazing thing about the One Step Paint is you don’t have to sand down your furniture.  You just need to clean it down really well using some Simple Green.  Once it’s all wiped down with the Simple Green I took a damp rag and went back over it to get the cleaner off.  Now it’s time to paint.  So here is where I think I went a little wrong.  I don’t think I used the correct brush.  I used a round brush instead of a flat brush.  Next time I’m going to use the flat brush and see if there is a difference.  With that being said, I’m not unhappy with the finish at all.  I actually kind of like it but it’s not baby butt smooth.  If you really want a smooth finish you can always purchase the Amy Howard paint sprayer.  Spraying paint always produces a much smoother finish than brushing it on does.  So after the first coat I was pretty happy with it.

Amy Howard One Step Paint Night Stand Makeover

Mostly!  On the inside it wasn’t covering well.  I got a little bit nervous but I decided to just let it dry and than continue on with a second coat.


Scary right?  My guess is I didn’t rinse the cleaner off right there well enough.  But that’s just a guess.  The good news is with the second coat it looked MUCH better!  I ended up doing two coats on the whole thing but 3 coats on the inside sides.  Remember, this is One Step paint.  Not one coat.  Let your paint dry for about 30 minutes between coats and do not sand between the coats.  After 2 coats you can be done!  This paint does NOT need to be sealed but I chose to for two reasons.  I was wanting to achieve a really dark blue and I loved how the Dark Antique Wax helped me achieve exactly the color I was hoping for.  Also, I bring drinks into bed with me at night and I wanted to make sure the paint was protected from any moisture that might come off of my glass.  So, to wax your piece you will wait until it’s dry which will take about 30 minutes.  Once it’s dry you will use a round brush to apply the wax.  Rub the brush in the wax and offload it onto a piece of cardboard.  All that means is to brush it onto a piece of cardboard so you only have a light even coat of wax on your brush.  Brush it on the whole piece and wait about 30 more minutes and then buff it with a lint free rag.  And waalaa!  You’re all done.  Put them back where they go and decorate them!


Here is a close up.  Like I said, I’m pretty sure the brush I used wasn’t the correct one but I kind of think the paint brush marks are kind of cool because I went one way and then the other way.  It sort of looks intentional.


I love how fresh they look compared to the sad state they were in before!

FullSizeRender (3)

FullSizeRender (4)

If they were just a little beefier they would be perfect!  I still haven’t decided if I’m going to put new handles on them.  For now I’m happy with them!

So, here is a breakdown of the products I used to achieve these beauties.  These are affiliate links but they won’t cost you any extra!

I’m so excited to show you the other projects I have lined up including one using Amy Howard’s beautiful Pallet Wall In A Box!  Check back soon to see some of the great projects I have lined up!  In the mean time, what are you working on?  I would love to see it!  Use the #SimplyLovelyShare on Instagram!  Thanks for stopping by!





Coffee Mug Holder


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Hey guys!!  Hope y’all have been well!  This week my kids schools are celebrating Teacher Appreciation week and we LOVE their teachers so we get super excited about it!  When this week rolls around I like to think about what I can give their teachers that is different than everything else they are getting.  Now I know it’s a little late to use this idea for a teacher appreciation gift but honestly, it’s great for any coffee lover (or yourself, duh) in your life!  And it’s a perfect way to clean up that scrap wood pile in the garage!  So, let’s get to it!

I have been eyeing the mug holder that Shanty 2 Chic posted since forever!  I’ve been wanting to make one for myself so I decided to make two. Of course they have great step by step instructions on their site that you should check out but I took some photos along the way anyways!

Step 1:


Cut your base pieces. My 1×8 measured 7.25″ so I did the bottom piece 7.25×7.25 and the other piece 6.25×6.25. Also, I wanted mine a bit taller so I cut my 2x2s to 12.5″


Step 2:

Before I put these together I sanded the crap out of them!  Once they are all nice and smooth, clean them and then it’s time to assemble!  Take the smaller piece and glue it to the bigger piece.  I used a bunch of glue on this step and then added some weight to them while they dried.  Once those are dry glue the bottom of the 2×2 and set it there for a little while to dry.  I just centered it by looking at it.



Step 3:

Flip the whole thing upside down and add a screw to hold it all together.  I used a 3″ screw.


Now it’s all done being built!  Finish it however you would like and add the hooks.  I went with Special Walnut for the stain and I love how it came out.  I got the oil rubbed bronze hooks from Walmart.  They were about $6 for a pack of 6.


I’m really in love with the way it came out!  And check out that canvas sign!  I will be posting about how I made that soon!  Here it all is put together for their teacher.


She loved it!!  So, tell you like to make gifts or would you rather purchase them?  And would you rather get a handmade gift or something that somebody bought?  I’m definitely all about the making!

Thanks so much for stopping by and please come back to get the deets on that cute canvas coffee sign!



Crib Mattress Sectional Sofa

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DIY Kids Crib Mattress Sectional Sofa

Hey guys!!  Long time no see!  Unfortunately it’s because I haven’t been doing much in the garage.  I go through phases were I’m just to dang lazy to go out and work!  Luckily, it looks like that phase is over…at least until next time haha.  So, I’m so excited to show you guys my latest build!  I actually started it…wait for it…4 months ago!  It was a Christmas present for my little buddy.  Can we say huge momma fail?  Yep, I failed him big time!  Luckily he got tons of other presents so he didn’t even care!  But now it’s done and him (and his sisters) love it!  And guess what?  You can easily make one too!  Like always, it’s an Ana White plan that you can find here and you can see more photos over here at That’s My Letter!  I took pictures of building the frame but for some reason didn’t take pictures while building the arms.  Whoops.  You can easily get the step by step from Ana’s plans though.  So, now that you have the back story let’s get to building this little cutie, shall we?

To start, you are going to build the legs.  This is easy when you use a Kreg Jig.  I have this one!  To make it easy to line everything up I laid the front legs on top of the back legs and drew a line so I know exactly where to put the side apron.



Couch Legs

Now that you have your legs together you will put them together using the front and back aprons.  This part goes much easier if you have the Kreg Right Angle Clamp but of course you can make do without if you don’t have one!



Yay!!  now you have a couch frame!


You can either do it just like this or build two of them if you want a sectional.  I built two.  If you do two you will need to build at least one of the arm assemblies.  Sorry,  like I said I don’t have any pictures of that but they’re really easy to do following the plans.  I decided to do another arm assembly for one side of the couch.  Since it’s for my son’s room I thought it would look better and not take up as much room if there was only an arm on one side.

Now is time for finishing it!  Give it a good sanding.  I used my Ryobi Corner Cat Sander.  I really need to get the battery option!  Once it’s nice and smooth you can either paint or stain it.  Now just add 2×2 cleats to the front and back aprons of each couch.  You will want them to be 3/4″ down from the tops because you will add 1x3s cut down as the supports.  You can get a better idea of what I’m talking about by checking out this post that I made when I built a toddler bed.  All done!  Now just style that baby up and hang out with your kiddos!!



All smiles!!  This is why I build, you guys!  I love to make those little faces smile!  Thanks so much for stopping by and if you build one of your own please share it with me!!




7 Must Have Tools For New Woodworkers

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Hey guys!  Long time, no see!  In true Stephanie form I have been MIA from the blog for quite some time now!  What can I say…life!  I’m sure you can all understand that.  I have a few projects in the works but in the mean time I thought it would be fun to do a little post for anyone thinking about getting into woodworking.  I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite tools I use.  I’m putting them in the order I purchased all of mine but this list is in no way ordered by what I like the most.  I love my tools like I love my kiddos…all equally haha.  Let’s get this party started, shall we?  (P.S. Just click on the pictures to be taken to affiliate links where you can purchase everything I’ve mentioned!)

7 Must Have Tools For Anyone Wanting To Begin Woodworking!


CORDLESS DRILL-I have two drills.  I use them both all of the time.  One is perfectly fine but if you are able to have two it’s a great time saver!  I have both a DeWalt and a Ryobi.  The DeWalt is a little more powerful but more expensive.  The Ryobi is great for the home DIYer because it’s a great price point and gets the job done.


ryobi drill

CIRCULAR SAW-I must admit.  I sort of hate working with this.  Maybe it’s because I can’t cut a straight line to save my life?  Who knows!  The thing is, if you are interested in building this is a great option for your first project.  The first thing I made was a table and chairs for my kids.  For my first project I didn’t want to invest in expensive tools like a compound miter saw.  Let’s be honest…what if I hated wood working?  That would be a huge waste.  The circular saw is great because it’s not very expensive.  I don’t even know what brand I have but I am really wanting this Ryobi cordless circular saw.  The idea of not having to work around the cord is what gets me!

ryobi circular

KREG JIG-Once you’ve done your first smaller project and figure out that wood working is Ah-MA-Zing, you will want this baby!  At first I bought the R3 but quickly invested in the K4.  There are newer options out now (mine is 6 years old) including the big daddy of them all, the Kreg Foreman.  That’s my dream tool!  Now that you’re an avid woodworker, walk don’t run, to the store to get yourself a Kreg Jig!


COMPOUND MITER SAW-Say goodbye to the days of cutting everything with the circular saw!  Notice I said everything because you’re still going to need that dang thing anytime you need to cut sheet goods.  Whomp whomp!  But now, when you’re cutting smaller pieces you can use this guy.  I started off with a knockoff brand that got me through for a good 7 years.  I was redonkulously lucky last year when my dad’s cousin said she had a saw that she wanted to give me.  Enter my new Dewalt 10″ Sliding Compound Miter saw!!!  Do you need this particular saw?  Heck no but if someone is giving you one DON’T TURN IT DOWN haha.  For a more budget friendly option you can always go with the Ryobi version.  I haven’t had one yet but I love my Ryobi tools so I’m sure it’s great!

dewalt miterryobi miter saw

SAW BLADES-Something to remember is your saw blades dull over time.  I know I have heard that you can take them places to get them sharpened but if you don’t want to do that I definitely recommend Diablo.  Cutting with a new Diablo blade is like putting a hot knife through butta!


SANDER-Sanding is one of my least favorite things to do!  Having an electric sander makes things much more bearable though.  I have several different types of sanders.  I have an orbital sander, square sander, Ryobi corner cat sander, and a Ryobi belt sander.  All of mind are corded.  I would suggest getting a battery powered sander though.  I hate dealing with the cord.  I really need to upgrade my corner cat sander to the Ryobi One Plus Corner Cat Finish Sander.  If you’re reading this Ryobi, please feel free to send me everything on my wish list…I won’t be mad haha!


BRAD NAILER-You can go two ways on this one.  You can go get yourself a new air compressor and a pneumatic nailer which is what I used until about 1.5 years ago.  There’s nothing wrong with this but it’s not as easy as a battery operated one especially if your air compressor is a giant like mine is!  If you already have an air compressor you can just take your happy little self down to the nearest Harbor Freight (or order through the Amazon link) like I did and get this guy from Central Pneumatic.  If your budget is larger I would suggest the Ryobi One Plus AirStrike.  I love mine!  I can move all around the garage/driveway and even take it inside to use without having to lug around the compressor.  It’s a bit of an investment though so start saving now!

ryobi nailer

nail gun

SAFETY EQUIPMENT-I know this is number 8 on a list of 7 must have tools.  Well, that’s because I don’t really consider this as tools but they are super important so I wanted to make sure to include them.  Eye/ear protection and a dust mask are musts!!  Also, if you are a woman a ponytail is great but if you are like me and have very long hair I would suggest a bun.  I always thought a ponytail was sufficient until I saw a video of a lady who’s pony got caught by her drill and ripped her scalp right off her head.  Seriously, BE CAREFUL!  You’re not saving yourself any money by DIYing if you end up having to pay a bill to the ER because you weren’t being safe!

Well guys, those are some of the things I always recommend to people who are looking to start woodworking.  Of course don’t limit yourself to these things but they’re a great starting place.  And before you know it you will have a tool wish list that’s a mile long with an equally long to build list!  If you’re looking for some projects here are a few easier project below that I’ve made.  Good luck and happy building!!

large_2fd0badf-a099-4e92-bbd7-fcad0d74391fIMG_3981IMG_3906pallet riser4

If you decide to give out any projects I would love for you to tag me on social media using the hashtag #simplylovelylumber.  Happy building!!